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How Penji works

Create design projects

Create as many design projects as you want on our platform. We'll choose the best designer for the job.

Drafts & revisions

Get your design back between 24 - 48 hrs. Submit as many revisions as you want until you're happy.

Complete & download

Download all the design and source files instantly once you're satisfied. No need to wait for someone to email files to you.


Flat monthly rate

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15 day money-back guarantee

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

A designer for any job and every job

Whether it’s a new logo, marketing materials, advertisements, or website/app design,
there's always a qualified designer for the job.

spritz Membership benefits

Unlimited design projects

Submit and queue up as many design projects as you want on our platform.

Unlimited revisions

Not happy yet with your design? Submit as many revisions as you want until you're satisfied.

Fast turnaround

Get your designs back between 24 - 48 hours.

Human support

Dedicated support to ensure you have a smooth and pleasant experience.

Team collaboration

Get more done together. Invite your team members and clients.

Ownership of files

Have 100% ownership of all original source files created for your project.

More than just a
design company

Penji began as a grass-root initiative to support
recovering communities. Today, we're continuing our
mission by assisting nonprofits and organizations
serving students, immigrants, and mothers in need.

Submit your design requests today.
Get it back tomorrow.

Fast turnaround. Fully managed. No complicated hiring. What's not to love?

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Thank you to the thousands of customers who have allowed us to be
a part of their teams and be a part of their success stories

“Truth be told, we’re not graphic designers. We focus on the learning material and we let Penji take the lead on the graphic design”

Kim Ramirez

Melissa Thompson

Lloyd Freeman

Tammy Slaughter

Dan Rhoton


Frequently asked questions


Pro and Team plans will always have at least ONE designer assigned to provide daily design output. Agency plan will always have at least TWO designers assigned for double the output.

It simply means we don't charge you hourly or per project. You're billed a flat monthly rate regardless of how many design projects you submit.

Create as many design projects as you want and we'll assign the best available designers to get started right away. Once that design is complete, we'll move onto the next one in your queue - same day.

All plans come with unlimited general graphic design capabilities that includes:

  1. Branding: Logos, pitch decks
  2. Digital: Banners, digital ads, social media content
  3. Marketing: Infographics, sales sheet, flyers & posters, business cards
  4. Merch sellers: T-shirts, pop sockets, promotional materials
  5. Print: Books & magazines, packaging & labels, stationaries
  6. And more...

Team and Agency plans gets everything above in addition to complex design capabilities such as:

  1. Custom illustrations
  2. Web design
  3. App design
  4. infographics

Click HERE to see a complete list of our design capabilities.

Our turn-around time depends on the project and the number of revisions. Usually, it’s between 24 – 48 hours for most projects. More complex design project such as a website/app, landing page, pitch decks, infographics, and multi-page booklets will require more time.

Our platform lets you communicate directly with our designers and also leave revisions on submitted designs. Not every design will be perfect on the first try. That's why every plan comes with unlimited revisions. We'll keep refining until the design matches your vision.

If we still can't get it right after multiple attempts, we'll reassign your project to another designer who's style may be better aligned with your taste.

A brand is a folder containing information and assets for anyone or anything that you need designs for regularly. Create a brand for clients, products, or use it to categorize and organize your design projects.

Yes, in fact, we built a feature call "Brands" specifically to help you manage multiple businesses. A brand is a folder containing information and assets for anyone or anything that you need designs for regularly. Create a brand for clients, products, multiple businesses, or use it to categorize and organize your design projects.

Not at all, you are enrolled on a month to month membership and can cancel anytime – hassle-free.

No hidden fees. The package price is exactly what you pay monthly. All taxes and fees are included in that price.

If you're not satisfied with Penji within 15-days of signing up, you're eligible for a full refund. Please send us an email, talk to your account manager, or use the customer support widget on your dashboard to request cancellation.

We'll review your request and do our best to help find a solution. And if we fail to improve your experience, we'll issue a full refund.

Don't worry. There are no "catches" or "strings" that would prevent you from canceling or getting your money back within the 15 days. Our #1 goal is to deliver a seamless online design experience for you and your team.

Your questions not listed here? See our complete FAQ section.
Or shoot us a message via Chat.

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