Penji Crafts a Unified Brand Experience for Uber

The world’s #1 ridesharing service, Uber has over 150 million active users around the world. Since its founding in 2010, it has expanded to service over 10,000 cities in 70 countries and offer additional services like food and package delivery.




Ride-hailing services




Penji enhances Uber's brand identity and recognition with a well-designed app interface, contributing to a positive user experience and making it easier for customers to request rides and navigate the platform.”

Evan from Uber

Helping Team Meet High Demand

Large enterprises like Uber need a high volume of graphic design and often struggle to supplement their in-house team while retaining brand consistency.

Upgrading User Interface

Making new changes to the Uber app poses a unique challenge as established customers demand a seamless experience.

Internal and External Branding

Creating a distinctive internal brand identity for cross-company announcements and events that remains harmonious with Uber’s globally-recognized image.


Uber tasked Penji designers with developing an internal brand guideline based on existing brand elements.

Penji helped reduce Uber’s internal design workload by effectively turning around daily progress on a wide range of digital projects.

Designers simplified Uber’s iconic app design with new features and experience-improving design that kept the Uber brand intact.

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58% of users reported a more positive experience with the Uber app thanks to design changes.

Uber doubled their design output within 1 month of signing up, freeing in-house designers to devote their energy to significant projects.

Attendance for internal events increased 30% thanks to eye-catching and distinct event graphics that improved the company’s sense of internal harmony.


more positive experience


design output within 1 month of signup


increase in event turnout

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