RushOrderTees Thrives During the Pandemic with Penji’s Design Power

A fellow Philadelphia native, RushOrderTees has blossomed into one of the most trusted places to get apparel and merchandise online for companies ranging from local to global. The Printfly brand has helped over 500,000 brands show their spirit, including the Philadelphia 76ers.








We’ve built an incredible ecosystem that an internal employee has been working on for years, but since the pandemic, we decided to scale back a bit, but increase the workload with Penji. We currently have five designers on retainer and these five alone are producing 2200% more than our previous team.”

Matt from Rush Order Tees

Branding to Help Others

To reach more customers with their creative services, RushOrderTees sought branding that conveyed a desire to help and an ability to meet any client’s needs while establishing brand trust.

Meeting the Challenge of COVID-19

When the pandemic forced many businesses to scale back, RushOrderTees sought to maintain production and stay ahead of competition.

Giving Clients a Personal Touch

Offering services to help improve clients’ graphic designs, creating a more active and helpful relationship between RushOrderTees and their customers.


Penji created landing pages, email graphics, and digital ads with an emphasis on service and improved, sleeker branding.

RushOrderTees increased their investment in Penji to offset the challenges created by COVID-19, enabling them to speed up production.

Using the Brand Folders tool, RushOrderTees keeps track of clients while designers ensure that each project is a perfect fit.

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RushOrderTees upgraded to a total of 5 Penji designers, creating dozens of tasks for the brand on a monthly basis.

Graphic design production increased 2200% compared to their previous design team.

Company saved $130k on design while increasing their audience reach 40% during the height of the pandemic.


tasks on a monthly basis


increase in production


increased audience reach

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