CVS Streamlines Digital Pharmacy with On-Demand Design

CVS is a retail pharmacy corporation and one of the 10 largest companies in the US. They employ over 300,000 workers at 9,000+ locations across the country.


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Penji excelled in streamlining COVID-19 communications by crafting clear social distancing guidelines, enhancing user-friendly digital interfaces, and developing captivating advertisements and email campaigns to educate customers about the pandemic.

Patrick from CVS Pharmacy

Enhancing the Digital User Experience

As more customers move online for their pharmacy needs, CVS faces the challenge of creating a digital experience that is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly.

Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a global leader in healthcare, CVS faced a tremendous challenge to keep the public informed on health and safety measures during the height of COVID-19.

Building Loyalty Through Design

CVS’s loyalty program, ExtraCare, offers an opportunity to use graphic design to foster customer loyalty.


Penji simplifies designing intuitive navigation and streamlined processes for ordering prescriptions, scheduling health services, and accessing health information.

Penji customized local and global health initiatives, creating engaging designs to improve reach for informative and educational content on COVID-19 safety.

To foster customer loyalty, Penji personalized design elements based on customer preferences and purchase history can further enhance the sense of belonging and appreciation.

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Revamping the CVS website and mobile app with a focus on user experience and accessibility resulted in a 25% uplift in online engagement.

Introducing a redesigned, visually appealing loyalty card and promotional materials for the ExtraCare program led to a 30% increase in program enrollment.

Streamlining COVID-19 communications, CVS saw 27% increased traffic for landing pages related to health and safety tips, vaccines, and other related subjects.


uplift in online enagagement


increase in program enrollment


increased traffic for landing pages

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