Vyten Rockets Revenue 87% with On-Demand Design

This Nashville-based marketing agency specializes in creating custom-built mobile apps for iOS and Android. They’ve helped thousands of businesses create stylish apps, ranging from local restaurants to national nonprofits.


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We've been working with Penji for several years now. We have a very specific process for our app designs. The team at Penji has a specific task and they do this repeatedly, daily. We have since scaled to 4 designers and replaced our entire internal design team. Because of Penji, we’ve saved thousands per month and even more so yearly. We couldn’t recommend them more.”

Patrick from Vyten

Mobile-Friendly UI Design

Vyten’s app design specialty requires designers with a specific understanding of mobile architecture and how it interacts with branded design.

Maintaining Workflow at Scale

While attracting new clients, Vyten needs to ensure their unique process remains consistent to ensure each job receives the exemplary work it deserves.

Consistent Quality Assurance

Vyten had limited success supplementing their work with freelance designers. They sought out an option that allowed them to retain designers and skip the laborious hiring process.


Penji onboarded Vyten in minutes after a brief demo call, swiftly connecting them with designers well-versed in mobile UI design from our in-house team.

With time, Vyten’s Penji team members integrated themselves into the agency’s existing design workflow, allowing for streamlined daily production on major projects.

Designers used app design best practices to design layouts, pages, branding, and more to accommodate Vyten’s diverse range of customers.

single-hero-case-study single-hero-case-study single-hero-case-study


Vyten added 4 active designers to their team, ensuring high-quality, round-the-clock work that kept customers satisfied.

Clients saw a 4x faster turnaround compared to other app design agencies thanks to Penji’s streamlined delivery process.

The agency saw an 87% increase in new sign-ups within three months of switching their design partnerships to Penji.


active designers to their team


faster turnaround compared to others


increase in new sign -ups

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