Coinbase Leverages Penji to Build a Unified Brand Inside and Out

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the US. A favorite among amateur traders, it has 98 million users and a $52.5 billion market cap.


Branding, Motion Design


Web development



In the fiercely competitive and visually-driven market of cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase faces unique challenges in leveraging graphic design not only to attract clients but also to foster a strong internal culture.


We’ve used Penji for all of our corporate announcements, internal events, and company exclusive NFT’s. Penji has been an extension of our team for over a year now and I don’t see ourselves hiring an internal team member again. The team works around the clock to bring unity to Coinbase!

Evan from Coinbase

Creating a Consistent Brand Identity

Balancing professionalism and approachability, leveraging existing external brand elements to create a complementary design ethos.

Meeting Regular and Changing Needs

Responding to growth and an ever-shifting marketplace with timely and prompt designs catered to company events and initiatives.

Crafting Targeted Content for Team Members

Creating visually appealing campaigns that consider the unique culture and diversity of Coinbase’s internal team as well as the broader cryptocurrency industry.


Penji builds on external branding to create an equally strong internal branding across all mediums, including its website, mobile app, marketing materials, and social media.

By understanding Coinbase brand essence, Penji adapts to event-specific demands while maintaining fast turnaround and continuous brand engagement.

Vast team of designers from Penji help Coinbase explore a broad range of content channels, adding visual harmony to the workplace and allowing for ever-changing initiatives.

single-hero-case-study single-hero-case-study single-hero-case-study


Consistent visual branding across internal and external channels led to 15% improvement in employee retention and engagement.

Turnout for events increased 2x thanks to engaging and memorable graphics.

Over 25 additional marketing channels were created using Penji’s extensive library of services.


improvement in employee retention


turnout for events due to graphics


additional marketing channels created

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