The Different Types Of Outdoor Advertising You Need To Know

Ginny Nguyen By Ginny Nguyen, 11/08/18

There are many forms of advertising that you need to know. The different types of advertisements include: digital, newspaper, television, magazine, and most importantly, outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising is an effective way to market a brand. Studies show that on average, people spend about 20 hours per week in a vehicle and approximately travel more than 200 miles a week. Due to the amount of people being exposed to outdoor influence, marketing outside is the best way to get a message across. Outdoor advertising is a reliable method to reach your target audience and gain fast attention. Competition is high with outdoor advertising, so stand out with good graphic design. Good graphic design gains a lot of attention and good consumer responses. So, invest in graphic design work in order to stand out.

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These are the different types of outdoor advertising you need to know:

Billboard Advertising

outdoor advertising

Billboards are giant posters displayed in popular locations. These giant posters have some form of advertisement for large crowds. About 71% of consumers have admitted to looking at the messages on roadside billboards. This shows that creating billboards is increasingly beneficial to sales conversion. There are more than one type of billboards. So, here are the types of Billboards:



outdoor advertising

These are the billboards that you will expect to see on the roadside. This form of outdoor advertising targets those who are in their vehicle. For the times that you sit and wait at a stop light, you are exposed to some form of outdoor advertising. About 68% of consumers make their shopping decisions while in the car sometimes. This form of marketing is not meant to be aggressive and directly in your face. It is subtle and more welcoming to consumers.



outdoor advertising

Billboards do not directly have to be in printed form. The graphics and advertisement style can also be seen on busses, trucks, or other mobile vehicles. Mobile billboards are becoming a more popular type of outdoor advertising. It’s playful, harmless and cost effective. When you are driving on the road, you may lose some attention to the road if you see a unique car. The purpose of mobile billboards is to capture your attention when you least expect it. Mobile billboards can target anyone as long as they drive around. Different areas, people, etc.



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One of the most popular sightings of digital billboards is in New York City – Times Square. The digital billboards display hundreds of different advertisements. Marketers are still continuing to bid for a spot in the square. This is one of the most beneficial forms of outdoor advertising.


Lamp Post

outdoor advertising

A lamp post banner is typically noticeable by street lighting at night. This banner style forces people to pay attention to the sign at night. Typically, a lamppost banner is placed on the street or parking lot. This outdoor advertising banner is hard to avoid.  



outdoor advertising

To target commuters, create a bridge banner for rush hour times. These banners are on small bridges in busy highways. This style of outdoor advertising is not seen often unless you drive a lot. If you want to incorporate this marketing technique, you have to base it on your location and surrounding areas in order to fit this in. Not every highway or busy road has a bridge that is intersecting them. Choose an outdoor advertising idea that can be used often.


Guerilla Advertising

As expected from the name, guerilla advertising is the more unconventional way to marketing. Guerilla advertising has a shock factor. To engage in this marketing technique, you simply take an existing item in public and then you add onto the environment. Be careful on how you go about the campaign because it can be viewed as vandalizing public property.

This form of outdoor advertising is cost effective and emphasizes on a marketer’s creativity and drive for innovation. If you want to market on a budget, then guerilla marketing is a fun and new way to create ads. It may not be for everyone, since its a more intense method to market.


Point of Sale Displays

checkout counter

These products are lure in impulsive buyers. You can see products at cashier counters. It may often look like an efficient and harmless last minute purchase. This is one of the most simple way to advertise a product with the least minimum amount of marketing efforts.

Simply, request permission from a store to include your product at the cash register. Point of sale displays are limited to tangible products only. It can’t be a product that is too excessive or big. It has to simple but interesting enough to evoke a shopaholic’s impulse to have one final purchase. It’s the more subtle way to market a product.


Transit Advertising

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Commuters, tourists, and people living within cities frequently use public transportation. Within the commuting period, everyone on that bus, train, or any other forms of transit are vulnerable to the content within the vehicle. This is a famous type of outdoor advertising – typically seen on trains.

About 24% of consumers said that they have visited a business after being exposed to an outdoor advertisement. Also, passengers go to many different locations because train transportation make frequent stops. So, it makes it easier for consumers to shop and run errands along the way home. About 38% of consumers tend to stop at the store while on their way home.


Retail Advertising

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In order to keep a shopper continuing to shop – advertise more. There is no better place than a mall to advertise products. Consumers are already in the mentality to shop, so take advantage of the situation. Shopping centers are crowded with marketing materials for specific products only. If you want to market clothing, home materials, or any other form of consumer products (purchases that people make regularly), then retail advertising is for you. Mall displays are a more common form of outdoor advertising. Some examples are posters, store fronts, and more.