“What is the next step to growing my business?”

If you’ve asked yourself this question recently, then you’ve probably invested a lot of time and effort into multiple marketing campaigns. We all know that online ads have and continue to consume large portions of marketing.

But what about DOOH ads?

If you’re wondering what that is, then you’re in luck. While online spaces are a fantastic way to platform your business, there are other avenues to explore. Today, we’ll discuss DOOH advertising, what it is, and why you should utilize it.

What Is DOOH Advertising?

from Bulldog Billboards

Before getting into the complexities and benefits of DOOH advertising, we must go over the definition of OOH advertising itself.

OOH is the acronym for “Out Of Home.” Out-of-home advertising is pretty self-explanatory. It encompasses the traditional marketing strategies seen in public spaces, from billboards to salespeople.

DOOH is a subcategory of OOH advertising, standing for “Digital Out Of Home.” This form of advertising involves the incorporation of digital elements into those traditional posters, transit ads, and mobile billboards.

For example, many static billboards are plastered on highways, buildings, and vehicles. No matter where you are in the world, you’ve probably seen plenty of this type of advertisement.

Now, when thinking of each billboard you’ve walked past daily, imagine them being replaced with a screen. A screen that lights up at the night, contains moving images, and as a result, delivers more engaging content.

This is what DOOH advertising is all about. It takes traditional outdoor ads and evolves them into something more modern and sleek. Let’s explore the 5 main advantages of DOOH, and discover just how much they have to offer your business.

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Advantage 1: Easy To Notice

from OutFront Media

This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of DOOH Advertising. It’s no secret that digital ads can be quite the head-turner. Static posters, wallscapes, and signs will often need extra tricks designed to draw attention.

For instance, you may have seen a creative, extravagant full wrap advertisement plastered on a bus. Or perhaps you’ve stumbled across an instance of wall posting, in which copies of a poster are placed within the same space.

Static advertisements will often go above and beyond with colors, font styles, and imagery. Their purpose is to make their message stick in a viewer’s head.

 Meanwhile, a digital advertisement captures attention simply by existing. While DOOH advertising continues to gain popularity as technology advances, it is still not the most common in public spaces. Therefore, when a person passes by a DOOH ad, they’ll likely give more than one glance.

Advantage 2: The Transfer of Online Content

from Movia

If you’ve already got an online campaign up and running, then you’re in good hands. DOOH advertising offers many of the same features used in online displays. Digital outdoor arrangements can often use the same videos, gifs, and animations. Some will even use sound effects.

Furthermore, DOOH advertisements are completely resistant to ad blockers. You don’t have to worry about people skipping, or cleverly bypassing an ad you’ve worked so hard on. It’s difficult to ignore something that’s right in front of you, and DOOH works to place your message in clear view.

Advantage 3: Easier Access To Marketers

Programmatic advertising is an automatic process of buying, selling, and distributing digital media. Let’s say that a digital billboard goes on sale. Instead of displaying a “place your ad here,” banner, OOH companies can hold online auctions. This allows buyers to seamlessly purchase advertising space, without directly contacting the owner.

Advantage 4: Many Outdoor Advertising Companies Support It

If you happen to be reading this, wondering how to get your digital advertisement in motion, then no worries. Many—if not most—OOH companies work with digital ads as part of their repertoire.

Take Clear Channel Outdoor, for instance. They’ve recently launched a private marketplace, which opened inventory on about 1,000 digital billboards. With the use of programmatic advertising, buyers could purchase these billboards in real-time bidding.

Clear Channel Outdoor, along with other OOH agencies such as Lamar and Outfront, are investing time and money into new technology. They want to innovate and plan for the growing trend of DOOH. 

Advantage 5: It’s Constantly Evolving

from Monster Outdoor

Speaking of growing trends, let’s finally discuss the future of DOOH advertising. In recent years, billboards have been dynamically changing with the world around them.

Time and time again, the marketing world has seen innovation in advertisements. Ones with motion detectors, targeting each viewer that moves past them. Ones with sensors that change their display based on weather. Even ones that release certain smells and sensations.

There are so many directions and possibilities that DOOH advertising can achieve. If you want to be involved in the growing shift towards advanced marketing, then now is the time.