Graphic design is everywhere. Every day, we come across different forms of graphic design without being aware of its value in our everyday lives. Successful entrepreneurs understand its importance. That’s why they go to great lengths to create graphic design that works.

For many business owners, knowing the difference between good and bad graphic design is crucial. If in doubt, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional graphic design team. Penji offers an unlimited graphic design service that’s affordable to help you with all your digital asset requirements.

The Different Types of Graphic Design

To better understand how to use graphic design for your business effectively, you should learn about the different types of graphic design. The areas of specialization call for specific sets of skills to create designs that efficiently deliver your company’s message. Knowing this will help you get the right designers for the job.

Visual Brand Identity

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A valid brand identity is one that separates your business from the competition. It is your company logo, color palettes, typography, and many other elements that define who you are as a brand. It is the style guide that ensures consistency while dictating how people will see your brand personality.

Marketing and Advertising

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Getting the word around about your brand would be incomplete without the help of compelling graphic design. It is the heart of selling your brand to your target audience. Think of all the posters, billboards, and social media ads that you saw and made you check out the products.


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Another essential graphic design type is packaging and labeling designs. You’ll rarely find a product that’s bereft of any package or label. Packaging adds credibility and trustworthiness to a brand aside from providing uniqueness and exclusivity. Package design generates interest and entices consumers to choose it over the others.


book and magazine covers

Newsletters, magazines, catalogs, and books are just some of the examples where you’ll see the use of graphic design in publication. The primary purpose of graphic design is to communicate, and these are the best ways to do it. They say content is king, but great graphic design makes it more impactful.


Environmental graphic design is the discipline that focuses on connecting people to places using architecture, landscape, interior, and industrial design, among others. These are what we commonly see as retail store interiors, signage, murals, public transportation navigation, and many others. Wayfinding, the art involved in helping people identify their location and the direction to go, falls under this category.

Website and User Interface

web design

The advancement in technology has allowed businesses to make sales and provide customer service 24/7 via the digital world. A website is an indispensable component of any business and the channel where customers get through to them using their mobile phones and other devices. This is the reason website design is a must if you want your business to grow and provide an excellent customer experience.

Motion Graphics

As the name suggests, motion graphics are graphic designs that are moving. Across multiple platforms, we frequently see ads, banners, typography, tutorial videos, or even images that are animated simply to catch our attention better. Again, improvements in technology have made motion graphics accessible to many, thus promoting its popularity even further.


cat illustration

Art and illustration used as graphic design come in the form of book covers, infographics, video games, concept art, and so much more. Graphic designers have a different skill set than those who specialize in graphic art and illustration. So it’s important to know the difference between these two.

What Good Graphic Designs Have in Common

Learning to differentiate good graphic design from the bad dramatically helps in getting the best for your business. Much like a recipe for a favorite dish, these are the elements that make an excellent graphic design: 

  • Color
  • Line
  • Texture
  • Size
  • Space
  • Value
  • Shape

A combination of these elements creates a well-designed art to help build your brand, stand out from the competition, and increase awareness. However, what is graphic design without a reliable graphic designer? That brilliant logo or product label we see from established brands have been churned by professionals that live and breathe graphic design. Professional looking results only come from, well, the professionals.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of software and tools available to everyone willing to learn design. But there is no guarantee that the work will come out looking polished. Understanding the different types of graphic design can help your business project an image of authority, validity, and integrity. This can only be achieved by hiring a professional graphic designer.

Good Graphic Design Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Don’t let this information about graphic design overwhelm you. It’s actually pretty simple once you understand what graphic design is and what types you’ll be needing for your business. Also, accept the fact that a $5 logo won’t provide as much value as one that was done by an expert.

Likewise, another factor that makes some business owners think twice about getting help from professional graphic designers is their finances. For many, great graphic design equals tons of expenses. So, if the big-name brands can totally afford the best of the best, what about startups with a limited budget?

How Penji Can Help

Good graphic design need not break the bank. Penji offers unlimited graphic design services that allow small businesses and startups access to high-quality design at a fraction of the cost. For as little as $369 per month, you can have all the graphic design you want—logos, package design, t-shirt designs, and so much more. No contracts, no hourly costs, no surprise fees, just great graphic design from professional and experienced designers.

Penji’s best feature, Scan My Brand, will go over your websites and social media accounts and give you notes on what needs improvements. We’ll help you pinpoint what action needs to be taken, if any, to help create an online presence that leaves a lasting impression.