In truth, there are myriad ways to support your brand with graphic design. But these 7 are the most common ones brands use to level up their design game. Considering how you can use these different types will help you strategically leverage design to aid marketing efforts, build brand identity, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Branding Packages

branding package examples

When to use it: You may need a branding package when launching a new product or service, rebranding an entire company, or establishing a consistent brand identity across various marketing channels. This package typically includes a logo, color palette, typography guidelines, brand voice, and other visual elements.

Custom Illustration

custom illustration type of design

When to use it: Brands are increasingly using custom illustrations to jazz up their marketing materials, websites, or products. For example, an education app might use custom illustrations to explain complex concepts in a visually engaging way. A food delivery service might use illustrations of their menu items to make their website playful.

Website/App Designs

web/app ui/ux design examples

When to use it: When launching a new website or app (or redesigning an existing one), businesses often invest in professional design services to ensure a user-friendly interface and layout. Web/app designers consider various factors of the user experience (UX), user interface (UI), responsiveness across devices, and overall branding integration.

Advertising Campaigns

ad campaigns designed by Penji

When to use it: Ad campaigns are the bread and butter of any business. This could include various design elements such as print ads, digital banners, social media graphics, video commercials, and more – all designed to communicate a specific message and encourage your target audience to take action.

Packaging Design

When to use it: Packaging design is crucial for brands selling physical products. Companies use packaging to not only protect their products but also to differentiate them from competitors and attract attention on the shelves/in transit. This type of design could involve labels, boxes, bags, or other containers that reflect your brand identity.

Presentation Design

When to use it: Presentations are often used for internal meetings, client pitches, or industry conferences. A company might invest in professional presentation design to ensure their slides are visually engaging, easy to understand, and aligned with their brand. This could involve creating templates, choosing images or graphics, and designing clear layouts for slides.

Animated Graphics

When to use it: Animated graphics can be used in various contexts – social media posts, website hero sections, email campaigns, and digital ads. For example, a clothing brand might use animated graphics to showcase their latest collection on social media. A tech company may use animated infographics to explain a complex product feature on their landing page. These animations capture audience attention and convey a messages in a bold way.

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