Often viewed as being conservative and traditional, the finance industry can be one of the most difficult to design for. Crafting a finance company logo requires careful thought and planning, a considerable amount of research, and high levels of skills and experience.

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Here are 25 finance logo designs that are effective in getting their messages across. 

1. Bank of America

bank of america fintech company

Bank of America carries the name of the country it comes from, so it’s only natural that its logo would include patriotism. The logo is a stylized version of the flag and uses red, white, and blue as its colors. It uses its logo to establish itself as a bank to represent the United States. 

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2. Merrill Lynch

merrill lynch fintech company

Merrill Lynch uses a bull for its logo to help showcase its dominance. As a company dealing with investments and insurance, they want to showcase its strength and aggressiveness in the industry.

3. Everspire

everspire fintech company

In Native American traditions, the whale is a powerful symbol of awareness and wisdom, something that Everspire’s logo has achieved beautifully with its use of a whale icon. An investment company, their logo inspires confidence and stability that is suited for their business.

4. Prudential

prudential fintech company

Another investment company, Prudential, uses a steep mountain face as its logo, reinforcing its claim that they are as solid as a rock. And their years in the industry and the millions who have done business with them prove that they are right.

5. Captain Cash

captain cash fintech company

Captain Cash is an online cash loan company in Canada and what makes its finance logo stand out is the fact that it used fun and laughter in it. By using an optimistic-appearing human in its logo, Captain Cash comes off as a personable brand. Their goal is to remove the intimidating feeling of taking out a loan. 

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6. Avant Capital Partners

avant capital fintech company

The Avant Capital Partners logo uses geometric shapes that give the impression of modernity in a streamlined manner that looks crisp and clean. Most financial institutions nowadays have services online, and this image of a building reflects the time when the company started. 

7. Deutsche Bank

finance company logo example

Deutsche Bank’s logo is simplicity at its best. With only a square and a slash inside it, it’s one of the cleanest logos on this list. The idea in its design was to create a logo that can be used globally regardless of script and language. Its minimalism has made the company recognized as one of the leading financial institutions in the world. 

8. Barclays

barclays fintech company

Barclay uses an eagle in its logo to associate itself with everything the bird represents. It conveys power and flying higher than its competition. They are one of the most respected companies in the industry. It is also strategically shaped like a shield to illustrate protection, strength, and security. 

9. Mastercard

mastercard fintech company

Thanks to the association, MasterCard dropped its name from its logo because the branding is so recognized worldwide. This may be due to a shift in their business model. This finance logo is one of the most memorable and well-known in the industry. MasterCard’s logo sticks to its roots while also looking to the future. It follows some finance business trends, sticking with simplicity. 

10. Liberty Mutual

liberty mutual fintech company

Synonymous with freedom and patriotism, the Statue of Liberty has almost always been associated with Liberty Mutual. As one of the biggest insurance companies in the US, their logo is a very effective way of sending their message of trust and confidence in doing business with them.

11. Truist Bank

finance company logo example

Formerly known as SunTrust Bank, Truist Bank’s logo is a stylized blue letter “T” that appears to be formed by intersecting lines, with the word “Truist” in lowercase letters written underneath. The design is intended to symbolize the coming together of the two banks and the intersection of their respective strengths to create a new, unified entity.

12. KeyBank

keybank fintech company

The key in KeyBank’s logo is simply a literal interpretation of the company’s name. Their motto is ‘Achieve anything,’  and it can be hard to come up with a catchy motto that matches your financial ideas. This is the key element to being successful in dealing with the finance market.

13. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

jpmorgan chase fintech company

The largest bank in the US, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. uses typography as its logo, and it works very well in letting everyone know that they are straightforward, reliable, and transparent. Besides this logo, Chase itself uses a similar logo, using four of the same shape to create uniformity. 

14. Standard Chartered Bank

standard chartered fintech company

Two intertwined bands of blue and green compose Standard Chartered Bank’s logo, which denotes the trust and partnership that they aim to provide their clients. The blue band represents the S, while the green represents the C.

15. Credit Suisse

credit suisse fintech company

The Switzerland-based company Credit Suisse uses two superimposed geometric shapes reminiscent of a ship’s sail to effectively illustrate its forward-moving objectives. The design is clean and clear and gives the impression of advancement in technology, yet commemorates its long history of service.

16. Charles Schwab

charles schwab fintech company

Text-only logos have become very popular in the last few years. Charles Schwab has typically used a text-only logo before it became widely popular. In this context, they come off as both serious and lighthearted. The font isn’t overwhelming, and the bright blue is a friendly color.

17. The Bank of New York Mellon

bny fintech company

The Bank of New York Mellon shortens its name in its logo. It’s a great way to showcase your name in a way consumers will remember. They use an arrow, going well with their core values. By splitting the arrow and color-coding it, it comes off more as both a representation of their values and professionalism. The colors are neutral and sophisticated as well. 

18. Wells Fargo

finance company logo example

Wells Fargo updated its classic name logo and added an image of a stagecoach that clearly shows its long history of service to the finance industry. The new finance logo is part of a plan to reinvent itself and give the company’s fresh face, and it’s working quite well.

19. ING

ING fintech company

Logos often use lion imagery to signify strength, courage, and force. ING projects its image through its logo with a lion icon to show that they are built on solid ground. The company hails from the Netherlands and the lion is the country’s national symbol.

20. Raiffeisen Bank

raiffeisen fintech company

You want a strong company logo. Raiffeisen Bank gets straight to the point, using tools in their direct logo. The gable cross is a great way to show strength in your company, and it doesn’t take away the purpose of the bank. 

21. Apple Pay

apple pay logo

Apple recently entered the finance market with Apple Pay. Just like other online-only credit cards, the company decided to try this approach. When it comes to its logo, it does a fantastic job of showcasing its part of the Apple brand but serves a wider purpose than just technology. But just adding Pay to the end, tells you its intention as a finance logo.

22. PayPal

pay pal logo controversy

PayPal‘s logo hasn’t changed drastically over the years, but you don’t need a logo to undergo major changes. For PayPal, they enjoy its colors and style with the P. They’ve adopted the modern trend of simplifying their existing branding, which in this case works effectively. It’s narrowed down to three colors, and together it screams PayPal.

23. Ally

ally logo bank

Ally is an online-only bank, latching onto the modernism that many new fintech industry businesses use. As a result, they only use one color, with their name as their logo. Its clean, almost feminine vibe is one that can appeal to any consumer looking for banking like this company.

24. Chime

chime green logo

Chime‘s name matches its fun logo. Just like other newer finance companies, they use only their name as their finance logo. Instead of just using a regular font, they use a font with a fun swirl in the m to showcase their relaxed nature. They used a custom logo design to ensure their logo was more than just the word chime.

25. Simple

simple bank logo

Although closed in May 2021, Simple still made it to this list of the best finance logos. Its design matched its name that offered a straightforward way of banking when it was in operation.

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