20 Effective Finance Logo Designs

Celeste Zosimo By Celeste Zosimo, 08/07/19

When you think of the finance industry, money, power, security, and stability are the first things that come to mind. Marketing strategies for your financial institution should instill trust, strength, and confidence in your customers. This is the reason designing for a finance company requires careful planning.

For finance logo designs, simplicity is the key. Needless to say, it has to encompass all the virtues mentioned above to make it appealing and work for your overall brand. Here are 20 finance logo designs that are effective in getting that message across.


1. Bank of America

bank of america fintech company

This bank carries the name of the country and it’s only natural that its logo would include patriotism. The logo is a stylized version of the flag and uses red, white, and blue as its colors. It signifies stability that its namesake is known for.


2. Merrill Lynch

merrill lynch fintech company

Dealing mainly with investments and insurance, Merrill Lynch has a bull for its logo. Its stance is what a bull does when about to charge which perfectly illustrates how the company is moving forward. The strength and aggressiveness are strongly visible.


3. Everspire

everspire fintech company

In Native American traditions, the whale is a powerful symbol of awareness and wisdom, something that Everspire’s logo has achieved beautifully with its use of a whale icon. An investment company, their logo inspires confidence and stability that is suited for their business.


4. Prudential

prudential fintech company

Another investment company, Prudential uses a steep mountain face as its logo, reinforcing their claim that they are as solid as a rock. And their years in the industry and the millions who have done business with them prove that they are right.


5. Captain Cash

captain cash fintech company

Captain Cash is an online cash loan company in Canada and what makes their finance logo stand out is the fact that they used fun and laughter in it. This gives them the feeling of dealing with humans even if their services are online. It also gets rid of the intimidating feeling mostly associated with taking out a loan.


6. Avant Capital Partners

avant capital fintech company

The Avant Capital Partners logo uses geometric shapes that give the impression of modernity in a streamlined manner that looks crisp and clean. Most financial institutions nowadays have services online and this image of a building reflects the time when the company started.


7. Deutsche Bank

With only a square and a slash inside it, Deutsche Bank’s logo is simplicity at its best. The idea in its design was to create a logo that can be used globally regardless of script and language. Its minimalism has made the company recognized as one of the leading financial institutions in the world.


8. Barclays

barclays fintech company

Barclays has an eagle for its logo to connote being on top of their game. Rightly so, they are one of the most respected companies in their industry. It is also strategically shaped like a shield to illustrate protection, strength, and security.


9. Mastercard

mastercard fintech company

The Mastercard logo used to have the company name included in it. Today, the company has dropped the name altogether and the interlocking red and yellow circles logo is still recognizable all over the globe. This may be due to a shift in their business model. The bottom line is, this finance logo is one of the most memorable logos in the industry.


10. Liberty Mutual

liberty mutual fintech company

Synonymous with freedom and patriotism, the Statue of Liberty is used by Liberty Mutual for their logo. One of the biggest insurance companies in the US, their logo is a very effective way of sending their message of trust and confidence in doing business with them.


11. SunTrust Bank

suntrust fintech company

Using the rays of the sun as its logo, it perfectly captures the spirit of SunTrust Bank. In Christianity, the sun symbolizes strength, force, energy, vitality, and many other positive virtues that are suitable for this banking institution. The rays are depicted in different lengths to add movement and appeal.


12. KeyBank

keybank fintech company

The key in KeyBank’s logo is simply a literal interpretation of the company’s name. Their motto is ‘Achieve anything.’ This is the key element to be successful in dealing with the finance market.


13. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

jpmorgan chase fintech company

The largest bank in the US, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. uses typography as its logo and it works very well in letting everyone know that they are straightforward, reliable, and transparent. Not much fuss there, just the kind of image they want to project.


14. Standard Chartered Bank

standard chartered fintech company

Two intertwined bands of blue and green compose Standard Chartered Bank’s logo which denotes trust and partnership that they aim to provide their clients. The blue band represents the S while the green represents the C.


15. Credit Suisse

credit suisse fintech company

This Switzerland based company uses two superimposed geometric shapes reminiscent of a ship’s sail to effectively illustrate its forward-moving objectives. The design is clean and clear and gives the impression of advancement in technology, yet commemorates its long history of service.


16. Charles Schwab

charles schwab fintech company

When the right fonts are used, text-only logos work very well in conveying the company’s values. In the case of Charles Schwab, the first name is in lowercase letters that seem less serious than the last name that is in all caps. Furthermore, they project the seriousness of their business but showcases a lighter side as well.


17. The Bank of New York Mellon

bny fintech company

The Bank of New York Mellon logo is an arrow-shaped figure that is divided into three parts that the bank claims to reflect their core values of expertise, partnerships, and performance. Even the colors they used signify their sophistication and power clearly.


18. Wells Fargo

wells fargo fintech company

Wells Fargo updated its classic name logo and added an image of a stagecoach that clearly shows its long history of service to the finance industry. The new finance logo is part of a plan to reinvent themselves and give the company’s fresh face, and it’s working quite well.


19. ING

ING fintech company

Logos often use the lion imagery to signify strength, courage, and force. ING projects their image through their logo with a lion icon to show that they are built on solid ground. The company hails from the Netherlands and the lion is the country’s national symbol.


20. Raiffeisen Bank

raiffeisen fintech company

To symbolize the company’s strength by providing protection and security, their logo uses an image of the gable cross used traditionally on the roofs of European houses. Moreover, the gable cross was used as protection from all dangers.