Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that one of the best and most proven marketing strategies is blogging. And since Shopify offers you a blogging engine when you open a shop there, you shouldn’t waste that opportunity. Here are the ten most stunning examples of Shopify blog posts we found inspiring:

1. Partake Foods

shopify blog post example

Selling specialty food for kids with allergies, Partake Foods has an engaging and educational blog. It has recipes, a food allergy guide, and many other exciting and truly helpful information. The overall design of the blog is superb, from the simple layout to the amazing imagery.

Their products are featured in the images and are designed to be appealing and enticing. If you’re looking for a way to promote your offerings without sounding salesy, take a cue from Partake Foods’ Shopify blog posts.

2. Death Wish Coffee 

shopify blog post example

One glance at Death Wish Coffee’s website, and you’ll know the brand is a master of thinking outside of the box. The website’s design has fun yet strange vibes, bordering on being dark and mysterious but witty. It’s a mishmash of emotions but works well for the brand, especially their blogs.

Of course, you’ll find them blogging about coffee and anything related to the brew. But their quirky side also has them writing about pop culture. This is a great way to attract similar-minded beings while promoting their products.

3. Gymshark Central

shopify blog post example

With an estimated 180,000 monthly blog traffic, you know Gymshark is doing something every entrepreneur should do. This fitness apparel store has a blog that’s filled with informational articles. It publishes articles about fitness and training and the occasional post about its sales.

Gymshark’s blog posts have an impressive design, much like the website. It has images and videos to show viewers what they’re talking about. The easy-to-follow GIFs make the blog articles even more helpful.

4. PRESS Healthfoods’ The Squeeze Magazine

shopify blog post example

Specializing in cold-pressed juices, PRESS Healthfoods has a blog they aptly call The Squeeze Magazine. If you want to know how to connect to your audience, this is the way to do it. The blog regularly publishes articles on health, nutrition, sustainability, and other lifestyle-related topics.

The articles are well-written, the images are clear and crisp, and they cover a variety of interesting topics. They also feature industry leaders and experts in interviews, making the blog even more informative and entertaining.

5. The Luxy Hair Blog

With over 700 blog posts, you know that content marketing is working for Luxy, a hair extension Shopify store. They publish articles that are informational, inspirational, and downright entertaining. This makes it an excellent way to promote their hair care products and accessories.

Luxy Hair Blog has more than 800,000 visitors a month, a remarkable achievement many can’t come close to. So, if you’re aiming for more website traffic, this is the Shopify blog to copy. 

6. Terre Bleu’s The Lavender Journal

A website for a lavender farm in Canada, Terre Bleu, has a blog they call The Lavender Journal. It features articles about Lavender, DIY projects, recipes, and other wellness topics. The blog posts have direct links to their products, which makes it convenient for their fans to follow their projects and recipes.

Looking at each blog post, you’ll instantly feel the brand’s dedication to its craft. Their attention to great writing, appealing images, and the sharing of helpful information makes us want to do blogs this way.

7. Recipes by Flourist

A Shopify store that sells chemical-free flour, Flourist has a blog that every baker will love. It features recipes for baking, cooking, and guides to flour, pastry, beans, and whole grains, among others. The blog pages are easy to navigate and have plenty of white space, making them refreshing to the eyes.

The colors, layout, images, and overall design of the blogs are tasteful and uncomplicated. It makes for a good read that’s also informative and entertaining. This is what we mean when we say promoting a product without being salesy.

8. The Farmer’s Dog

Dog owners know that any information about their pets’ nutrition is always valued. The Farmer’s Dog, a Shopify store that provides pet food service and products, understands this. This is why they started their blog cleverly titled Digest.

It publishes articles that cover topics about nutrition, behaviors, guides, and many more. Just a quick browse through these blog posts will convince you to try their food and service. It also gives you insight into your pet that will leave you entertained and in awe.

9. ALEX AND ANI Blog – The Wire 

While their products are already engaging, ALEX + ANI makes it more so by adding history and trivia to them through their blog, The Wire. Take this example of their Shopify blog post about the history and meaning of the sunflower. Not only will you get to know something fascinating, but you also get to see the beautiful jewelry they feature.

The Wire also employs many SEO techniques that you can learn from. They have the usual how-to articles, listicles, and gift guides that are sure to help their website rank higher in search engines.

10. The Posterior by Tushy

This Shopify blog post example is from Tushy, a company that sells products all related to the butt. The blog is ingeniously named The Posterior. It features articles that cover a wide range of topics, all helpful and entertaining.

The articles use wit and humor, which makes them more entertaining and engaging. They are short, but the tone of voice and quirky words they use (bummary, butt sadness, dead butt syndrome, etc.) make them a fun read.

Final Thoughts

With over 4.1 million active websites, 5.6 million online stores, and 2.1 million active daily users, Shopify is a busy platform. Getting seen on it can be a real challenge. As shown in the above examples of Shopify blog posts, it pays to be creative and unique.

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