Businesses use presentations to educate, inform, motivate, train, and many others. Consulting companies are no different from any industry, and as such, also benefit from creating a consulting presentation. To learn what a consulting presentation is, let’s look at the best examples from top consulting firms.

How to Create a Consulting Presentation

The consulting industry is a highly competitive field, hence the demand for high-quality output. Creating a consulting presentation is totally different from an ordinary presentation. If you want to learn from the best, look up to consultants as they consider crafting presentations an art form.

Here are the steps you need to take to create a consulting presentation:


A clear, logical, and cohesive structure is paramount to a presentation’s success. Walking someone through point A to point B is challenging enough, persuading and convincing them are different stories. Consultants tell us that the most optimum approach is to do the following:

  • Start with the main point, which is your solution or answer
  • Organize your supporting arguments
  • Order your supporting ideas logically

This allows your audience to assess your logic and reasoning as you go along with your presentation. They won’t have to try and figure out what exactly your point is. Hence, the key here is to give the info without them having to try hard to comprehend it.

Give your presentation structure by dividing it into three parts. These are:

  • An introduction
  • The body
  • A conclusion or recommendations

Knowing these will help you structure your presentation. These will help you determine how many slides you need and what goes into each of those slides. A more comprehensive list would be the following:

  • An executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Your title
  • Sections
  • The body
  • Conclusion
  • An appendix

Create Appealing Visuals

To create credibility for your consulting presentations, you need to use hard evidence. This is what will sell your idea or solution. However, dumping them on all slides just won’t make it. 

What you need is graphic design that can pull in your audiences, highlight your main points, and make the presentation a resounding success. We’ve listed 15 of the best consulting presentations below to serve as inspiration. And if you read until the end of the article, we’ll show you why Penji is an excellent design partner. Watch our demo video here to learn more. 

Points to Remember When Applying Graphics to Your Consulting Presentation

  • When developing your visuals, always keep in mind that the simpler your graphics are, the better. 
  • Avoid the use of distracting colors, illustrations, or font styles
  • Use negative space
  • Don’t overdo the designs, each element you add should have a purpose, otherwise, ditch them
  • Limit your presentation to one message per slide
  • Take note of formatting, sizes, and other details

McKinsey & Company and BCG, the world’s top consulting firms, use the following guidelines in their PPT presentation slides:

  • If possible, ensure that all text within a slide is of the same font size
  • Create margins and make sure that the content doesn’t go outside of these
  • Titles should only be two lines or less and use the same font size
  • And as earlier mentioned, one slide per one point

These are only the key points, there may be more, but a reputable graphic design partner will know. They will utilize their knowledge to ensure that your consulting slides follow these rules.

Fill the Slides with Data

This probably needs no explanation, however, you must have your information organized to place them in the correct order. Think of your presentation as having a story to tell and doing so in a coordinated and appealing way that gets the audience’s attention. 

Use infographics, charts, illustrations, or images to stress a point. This may seem simple, but some abstract concepts and ideas may be hard to relay in a single slide. This is the best time to consult a graphic designer who knows consulting presentations.

Check for Errors

Some people may consider this part boring, yet, it is crucial to your consulting presentation’s success. What you can do here is run through your presentation and check if there are any errors. In some cases, you can ask a colleague to check your work. Any incorrect grammar or wayward icon can diminish the value of your message, so make sure you edit your work before you publish it.

15 Excellent Examples of Consulting Presentations

1. McKinsey & Company

consulting presentation example

This digital globalization presentation from McKinsey & Company, one of the world’s largest in its industry, is a great example. It has beautiful graphics that use a minimum of colors and charts that are easy to read.

2. BCG Consulting

consulting presentation example

Composed of 11 slides, this consulting presentation example from BCG Consulting remains consistent throughout. The presentation is about sustainability which may be the reason for using the color green, which is very appropriate.

3. Deloitte

consulting presentation example

In 2017, Deloitte created this consulting presentation about their Technology, Media, and Telecommunications outlook. This 47-slide long presentation encouraged the audience to participate, which made them engaged and interested.


consulting presentation example

As mentioned above, keep your graphics as simple as possible. This consulting presentation example from KMPG may seem ornate, but it’s only the action title page. The rest of the slides are easily understandable as they are minimalistic in design.

5. PWC

consulting presentation example

Your content is the most crucial part of a presentation. PWC blended fine aesthetics and meaty content with this consulting presentation example. It has actionable recommendations as well as case studies included.

6. McKinsey & Company

consulting presentation example

With clear, actionable plans, data-rich charts, and charming photographs, this example from McKinsey & Company shows its authority well. People look up to them for consulting presentations, and this is proof of it.

7. Deloitte

consulting presentation example

Another Deloitte consulting presentation example uses a minimalistic approach that gets the point across quickly. The image on the title slide is colorful, but the rest of the slides use very few colors.

8. PWC

consulting presentation example

For the World Economic Forum, PWC published this eye-catching consulting presentation. It includes learning points showed in multicolored graphics.

9. Ernst & Young

consulting presentation example

Ernst & Young, another consulting giant, released this presentation template in 2015 for their Business Pulse in 2013. The slides have photos of landscapes that are very pleasing to look at but definitely not distracting to viewers.

10. BCG

consulting presentation example

With each slide carefully planned and executed, this consulting presentation PPT from BCG is genuinely noteworthy. It has done an excellent job of explaining abstract ideas clearly with the graphics and images they used.

11. Ernst & Young

consulting presentation example

The clever use of icons, photos, and other graphics made this consulting presentation from Ernst & Young land on this list. The key points were made clear in the slides using charts, maps, and other design elements.

12. McKinsey & Company

consulting presentation example

On their 50th anniversary, McKinsey & Company released this PowerPoint consulting presentation. As they are the gold standard in creating consulting slides, this one is where you should be getting your inspiration from.

13. Deloitte

consulting presentation example

One of the best consulting presentations we found is this one from Deloitte. It uses a storytelling format with infographics, icons, and is tied down with different shades of green for consistency.

14. BCG

consulting presentation example

This beautiful and easy-to-follow consulting presentation is another one for the books. This was created by BCG, a consulting firm that’s in the high ranks with McKinsey.

15. McKinsey & Company

consulting presentation example

The use of custom illustrations is what made this consulting presentation unique and engaging. The need for texts is reduced, resulting in slides that are easy to follow.

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