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Our partner’s program is 100% free to join. Start by submitting your application.

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We’ve developed built-in tools for you to easily share and track your affiliate links.

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Earn 10% for every referral. The more you refer and utilize the tools provided, the more monthly income you will earn.

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Track and manage your performance and success through our Partner’s Portal.

Passive monthly income

Earn when someone signs up. And continue earning for the duration of their contract.

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Be a part of a community that’s dedicated to helping small businesses thrive and give jobs and opportunities to students.

Earning potential with Penji

“It’s a great company to work with. They’re reputable, they take care of anyone I send their way, all of my referrals thank me for introducing them to Penji, and I get a pretty nice check each month just for referring friends to a business that I actually use.”

Daniel Wu

Current earning: $2,310 / month

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Penji was built to make your life easier. We got rid of Emails and made your entire experience through our easy-to-use online platform. We made it easy for you to submit design requests, submit revisions, and communicate with your designers.

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