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Earn monthly residual
income effortlessly

Easily earn passive residual income by becoming an
affiliate and referring your friends to Penji

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Earning potential with Penji
Benefits of being an affiliate

High commission

Earn 10 - 20% monthly commission for every referral for the lifetime of that client.

Benefits of being an affiliate

Easy to enroll

Simply fill out an application today and see if you qualify for our affiliate program.

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Benefits of being an affiliate

Easy to manage

Easy-to-use dashboard so you can manage your referrals and track your progress seamlessly.

Benefits of being an affiliate

No fees

Our affiliate program is 100% free to enroll and earn.

Unlimited earning potential

Earn 10 - 20% every month for every referral with no earning cap. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Tools for success

We’ve included various marketing tools to ensure your success.

Built-in analytics

Easy-to-use platform so you can easily manage and track your referrals, earnings, and analytics.

Easy payout

We’ve made it easy for you to receive your earnings. Just one click to transfer funds to an account of your choice.

Passive monthly income

Earn when someone signs up. And continue earning for the duration of their stay.

Earning potential with Penji

“It’s a great company to work with. They’re reputable, they take care of anyone I send their way, all of my referrals thank me for introducing them to Penji, and I get a pretty nice check each month just for referring friends to a business that I actually use.”

Penji affiliate partner,

$1200 - $1500/month

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