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15 YouTube Banner Ideas That Guarantee Views

/ April 11, 2019

Some entrepreneurs might think that video content is all that matters when using YouTube for marketing. Though the quality of video is truly the king on YouTube, other elements of a channel can also pose significant effects to a brand’s growth on social media.

Graphic Design for Clicks and Channel Optimization

Before viewers get to enjoy the content of your video, they first need to be interested enough to click and play it. In this sense, being able to maximize the potential of graphic design is important. A good design, along with a compelling title, would give the viewer that last push to actually check out the video.

This makes video thumbnails an important part of increasing views and attracting a cold audience or those who are not yet familiar with the videos that you do. But once someone clicks on the video and starts enjoying it, another graphic element needs to perform well in order to sustain attention and interest – the YouTube Banner.

The Importance of YouTube Banner

When someone is impressed by your video, chances are, that viewer will click on your profile to see more videos from you. That very instance is a significant and crucial moment for any brand – it’s a chance to make a good impression and encourage the viewer to subscribe to the channel.

Needless to say, it’s important to correctly set up the channel’s banner since it’s the first thing that viewers see when they check out the page. Here are some examples of channels that maximize the use of a YouTube banner in communicating their brand identity and encouraging viewers to invest more attention and interest.

1. McDonald’s

YouTube banner

McDonald’s knows the power of social media and makes the most out of its YouTube channel to market its brand to customers. And rightly so, the channel’s banner often displays images about ongoing promotions or new products – almost like a banner advertisement. The banner also features clickable links to the fast-food chain’s website and other social media accounts.

2. Verizon

YouTube banner

Verizon’s banner offers a fresh visual that communicates its identity of “enhancing the ability of humans, businesses, and society to do more new and do more good.” What’s great about the banner image is that it looks natural and not manipulated to fit the size requirements of a banner.


YouTube banner

Coca-Cola’s banner displays an image of its current campaign about diversity and inclusive societies, dubbed Together is Beautiful. The banner, just like the marketing collaterals for the campaign, offers a monochrome color palette that minimizes distraction and encourages audiences to focus on its message. Check out this article on how color in graphic design can influence customers.

4. Netflix

YouTube banner

With over eight million YouTube subscribers, Netflix knows that its YouTube viewers are all potential clients – after all, these viewers are already online and ready to watch content. Netflix maximizes the function of its banner by marketing its newest shows and offerings.

5. Starbucks Coffee

YouTube banner

Starbucks Coffee’s YouTube banner uses the power of a stylized product image to express its identity as a coffee expert. A fresh palette of minty green and white offers a fresh background to the iconic Starbucks cups showing swirls of coffee and cream.

6. Target

YouTube banner

Target knows how simplicity and loyalty to its design concept could make for the best images online. Consistent with its logo of red and white circles, the banner communicates an identity that could immediately be associated with the brand. Read this article about things you need to think about before your logo consultation.

7. Apple

YouTube banner

Apple’s banner banks on its current marketing message of protecting the privacy of its users. The image is clear, concise, simple, and most of all, direct to the point. Instead of the usual links to social media accounts, the banner’s link directs to a landing page discussing how the brand’s products were designed for user privacy.

8. Game of Thrones

YouTube banner

The marketing arm of Game of Thrones knows fairly well that fans are likely to head to their YouTube account while waiting for the next season to air. The channel’s YouTube banner is quite simple. It eliminates distractions to viewers who are on the channel to watch teasers and other videos related to the show.

9. Louis Vuitton

YouTube banner

Louis Vuitton’s YouTube banner is an epitome of simple classiness – a blue sky and a whimsical touch of white clouds with a foreground of what appears to be ivory scaffolding. At the center is its seasonal hashtag: #LVFW19, which stands for Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2019. Check out this article about using graphic design to add brand value.   

10. Beyonce

YouTube banner

Beyonce has 18 million followers on YouTube, which means, her social media team really knows what they’re doing! Her channel banner displays a simple image of her 2016 album, Lemonade.

11. Bloomingdale’s

YouTube banner

Bloomingdale’s is known to be a brand that targets high-end customers. As a result, they have money to spare for luxury apparel and accessories. The channel’s banner displays a classic and elegant black and white photo of its store during its early years.

12. Airbnb

YouTube banner

Airbnb’s brand is anchored a lot on client testimonials all over the world. Its YouTube channel banner is a good reflection of this, expressing diversity and promising stories about its community of hosts and travelers.

13. Khalid

YouTube banner

Khalid’s channel banner is a simple image of his sophomore album, Free Spirit. It could be noted that his Twitter link seems to take center stage on the banner. This makes sense since Khalid’s fans mostly consist of the younger market.

14. CNN

YouTube banner

CNN prides itself as a reputable news agency with a number of well-known hard-hitting journalists. Its YouTube banner showing a collage of its most notable personalities reaffirms its brand identity as a go-to source for reliable news and information.

15. Dudeperfect

YouTube banner

Dudeperfect’s banner reflects the two most important things it offers viewers – sports and comedy. The Texas-based entertainment group’s branding is clearly working for them. With over 40 million subscribers, the group’s channel has ranked as one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube.  

Updated April 11, 2019

About the author

Carla is a freelance writer and television producer. She is also the founder of Inspired Space, a blog and eCommerce shop for freelancers and passion pursuers.

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