TikTok and Instagram are wildly different platforms. Business owners can use either one with potentially fruitful results – You just have to know what you’re doing.

TikTok vs Instagram: what’s the difference? More importantly, which one is worth your time as a business owner or marketer? While some companies make accounts on every platform for the sake of being visible, this is rarely effective. Having a strategy out of the gate is far better for building a loyal audience.

If you’re trying to decide between TikTok and Instagram, it depends on the type of business and the type of content you plan to post. To develop a social media strategy that gets results, you need to first do two simple things: Know your audience and know what the platforms offer.

What business content works best on Instagram?

tiktok vs instagram

Instagram is obviously a visual platform, but that doesn’t completely set it apart from any of the others. Promoting your brand on Instagram isn’t just about posting images and videos – It’s about artistry. People scrolling through Instagram want to see more than just an average photo or graphic. They can see that on any social media site. Instagram is the home of visual engagement – think professional photographs and beautiful graphics. Essentially, we’re talking about eye candy.

Instagram is perfect for:

  • Food brands
  • Artists and photographers
  • Designers 
  • Boutiques
  • E-commerce 

…basically, anyone with some fancy visuals to show off. This doesn’t mean other businesses can’t use the platform. It just means they might have to get creative to make it worth their while. For example, a writer or an SEO agency may have far fewer visuals to share. Getting an Instagram account just because “you should have one” isn’t a good enough reason. Instead, take the time to make your Instagram visually rich and engaging with every post – have a plan. Otherwise, it might be better to focus on mastering TikTok. 

What business content works best on TikTok?

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If Instagram isn’t your jam, TikTok may be the best place to invest your time. TikTok content is more casual than what you might see from businesses on other social channels. It caters to Gen Z with a quick and engrossing style. If you’re thinking of using this platform, it’ll benefit you to learn about TokTok’s algorithm.

TikTok is great for:

  • Comedy
  • Beauty tutorials
  • Daily routines
  • Product demonstrations 
  • Niche content

…Niche content? While this technically applies to every social platform, TikTok is comically great at representing subcultures. Obsessed with technology? Try Tecktok. Selling a cleaning product? Hop on Cleantok and start posting. If you’re aiming to reach a very specific demographic or psychographic, see if there’s already a place for them on TikTok. 

TikTok vs Instagram for Business: What’s the Difference?

There are several things that set these two platforms apart. The first and most obvious difference is that TikTok features video content only. Instagram features videos and images. 

Overall, TikTok users are online more frequently than Instagram users. This means you may have a higher chance of getting discovered on TikTok. But consider your target demographic. Both platforms have roughly 1 billion users as of 2022, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same type of user. TikTok’s userbase skews younger, with the majority of users under 34. Meanwhile, Instagram is available in more countries worldwide, so those marketing in TikTok-free zones should be aware.

Another thing worth noting is that a follow on TikTok isn’t quite the same as a follow on Instagram. Instagram’s homepage is generally a feed of accounts you’ve followed, but TikTok’s homepage is mostly recommended content. This means there is an extra step to being seen on TikTok (followers must click the Follow tab to see your content).

Both platforms allow clickable links from your profile page, so that’s no issue. But Instagram also has the benefit of several CTA buttons to choose from.

TikTok vs Instagram: Which Is Best for Your Brand?

Spend some time getting clear on what you can realistically offer through social media. Whatever feels forced, it won’t be easy to sustain. And if you’re not excited about it, your audience probably isn’t either.

Do you have lots of video ideas for a Gen Z and Millennial audience? Go with TikTok.

Do you have tons of photos that would drive home the value of your brand? Try Instagram.

Both TikTok and Instagram offer comparable opportunities to build a loyal audience. It’s all about choosing a strategy and matching it to the appropriate platform. At the end of the day, the better choice for your brand is where your ideal customers are. Where can you engage with them easily and directly?