There are tons of blogs covering the best Instagram ads, so we’ve curated them down to the best of the best. These Instagram ad examples will provide inspiration to create groundbreaking ads and get the attention you deserve. Better ads will equate to greater brand recognition and increased sales over time. So let’s begin!

Types of Instagram Ads

It’s important to know your options, and with Instagram ads, you have a lot of them:

  • Carousel ads: Carousels allow users to swipe through a series of images or videos, providing a more interactive experience.
  • Collection ads: These ads combine a cover image or video with multiple product images below, enabling users to browse and shop for products.
  • Explore ads: These ads appear in the Explore feed, targeting users based on their interests and giving them the chance to discover new things.
  • Photo ads: This is a simple, single image to promote a product, service, or brand.
  • Shopping ads: These feature product details and pricing, allowing users to click through to make a purchase directly from the ad.
  • Story ads: These appear in the Stories section and can be either photos or videos, designed to engage users in a full-screen, immersive format.
  • Video ads: This is simply video content to deliver messages, similar to photo ads but with motion and sound.
  • Reel ads: Ads that appear in the Reels section showcase short-form video content to engage and entertain users.

Instagram Video Ad Examples

Video is one of the most effective ways to get your point across on Instagram. You can draw your audience in with entertainment & humor, a poignant story, or an enticing offer they just have to click on.

Real Estate Ad

Have you ever been frustrated by poor quality images of an apartment you’re thinking about renting? Of all companies, Zillow knows better than anyone that buyers/renters need clear imagery of a space. They need to be able to imagine themselves in it – and that is exactly what this video ad provides.

Graphic Design Ad

This ad works for one key reason: The main struggles of finding a designer online are highlighted, so the viewer knows right away that Penji gets it. Waiting forever for drafts, paying exorbitant prices, and getting subpar designs are common experiences for business owners and marketers.

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Renter’s Insurance Ad

It’s a simple ad, but it gets the point across brilliantly. The imagery in this Lemonade ad taps into the human desire for security, knowing that all your belongings are safe. On top of that, it clearly states that you could acquire that feeling for the price of a latte. Who wouldn’t consider signing up?

Instagram Carousel Ad Examples

Carousels have exploded in popularity, and they’re sometimes far more effective than a static image. This is because they invite readers into a story, whether it’s shared in a series of text slides or images.

Clothing Store Ad

This particular Lulu’s ad is displayed on Facebook, but the brand is known for using carousel ads on both platforms. Showcasing new arrivals and season-relevant apparel helps the brand drive sales and retarget customers who are on the fence about buying.

Pet Store Ad

And the winner for best Instagram carousel ad goes to……drum roll……Barkbox. This ad employs just the right amount of cleverness and humor to stop your scroll – especially if you’re a dog owner. The brand is also known for its unboxing videos in which owners (or their dogs) open up their surprise monthly subscription box.

Food Delivery Ad

Hello Fresh found an ingenious way to make one of its recipes visual. As the viewer scrolls, their taken through a satisfying visual adventure that could easily get them wondering about what Hello Fresh offers. For healthy eaters, Instagram is the perfect platform to browse mouthwatering dishes, and Hello Fresh takes advantage with vivid imagery of fresh meals.

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