A spa logo reflects your brand’s offer, personality, and image. Therefore, incorporating proper elements is vital to prevent confusing prospects. Spa logos typically don calming colors, nature elements, elegant fonts, iconic symbols, and overall positive imagery. If you need help creating an impactful spa logo, let Penji create your company logo for an affordable one-time fee. Here are some of Penji’s spa logo design examples.

1. The Zen Harmony

When people hear “Zen’, they think of tranquility. Natural elements and a neutral color palette dominate traditional Zen spaces. But what if Zen is used as a wellness spa brand and logo? Here is what it looks like. 

The Zen Harmony spa logo uses a zen garden color palette that exudes a soothing vibe that is perfect for attracting customers who want to unwind, recharge, and relax. Likewise, the infinity logo and creative font style give the design a distinct look.

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2. The Gentle Touch Spa 

spa logo with hands in pink circle

Apart from logos, symbols, and images, typography design is another element that reflects a brand’s personality. The Gentle Touch logo’s serif typeface shows the trustworthiness of the company. The solid gray background, however, complements the logo’s colors and text. 

The hand silhouette illustrates the business goal of providing the best spa and wellness services. It is intricately drawn, conveying a positive impression to its existing and potential clients. 

3. Relax Lily 

Neutral color tones are popular among spa logos. Draw inspiration from the Relax Lily logo design to entice your brand to the millennial and Gen Z market. It is worth knowing that the younger market is the most suitable group for raising awareness about self-care and wellness. 

This modern logo is an excellent example with script typefaces and a subtle emblem design. It features a lily illustration in simple strokes and layouts. Remember to include Relax Lily’s logo when making a mood board for your logo design. 

4. Holistic Freedom 

Holistic therapy refers to non-invasive and personalized treatments complemented with traditional medicine. Based on this definition, the designer made this creative spa logo with fonts, symbols, and colors that radiate ingenuity and inclusiveness. 

The letter H logo shows a profile of a woman with a feather-like headdress. This element indicates that the company leaped to beat its competitors through a powerful brand identity. 

5. Hush Resort 

green spa logo for resort

Create a winning spa and wellness resort logo based on Hush Resort’s refreshing logo design. The playful style and a nature-inspired color palette make the logo visually appealing. The symbol comprises interconnected leaf drawings resembling crowns as a sign of beauty and wellness. 

6. Artful Spa

spa logo with pink crown shape

If you want a logo that reflects a cheerful vibe in your wellness spa, use Artful Spa as an example. The design elements collectively convey happiness and relaxation whenever clients visit Artful Spa. In addition, flexibility in the layout is a crucial component of logo design. After all, it is essential to consider that your logo must be present everywhere. 

Use the logo on all business cards, websites, social media, brochures, promotional items, and other marketing materials for your small business

7. Saunascape

spa logo example for sauna

Straightforward and effortless – that’s what we call this spa logo design idea. This is the simplest among the ten spa logos that Penji’s talented graphic designers created. To make the design more appealing, the designer used a two-toned neutral color accentuated by a smoke icon for the brand mark. So, if you’re into simple logos, this one is a fantastic reference. 

8. Skin Deep Sensation

spa logo with geometric orchid design

Who says that a wordmark logo is plain and boring? We beg to disagree! Wordmark logo can help you launch a successful brand name. Most people remember the name of a company when they see it clearly in the logo. Think about the success of Coca-Cola, FedEx, and Google; they all use the wordmark logotype. This is what this wellness center wants to achieve.

Skin Deep Sensation logo design is a perfect example whether you’re a newcomer or need to upgrade your spa business to a broader market. But it should be short enough to prevent it from cluttering. That’s why the designer neatly arranged the three-word brand name, making it readable and eye-catching. Plus, the muted pink color is also lovely and relaxing.

9. Massage Orchid

spa logo example

The orchid logo can symbolize warmth, luxury, and refinement. It is also seen as a symbol of rare and delicate beauty.  The minimalist Massage Orchid logo represents the qualities of a good massage therapist. Likewise, it is a versatile logo they can use in any marketing material for the company. Aside from that, it can be a perfect artwork to hang on your spa’s reception desk.

10. Aphrodite’s Touch 

spa logo with drawing of woman

To complete the list of spa logos, here is a logo for a brand inspired by the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The logo aims to communicate beauty and self-love, making it an adequate representation of the brand.

The beautiful woman line art inside a circle is the focal point of the design. While it draws the audience’s attention, it does not overpower the brand name written just below the image. As a tip, you should ensure harmony among the key elements to make your logo eye-catching and memorable. 

What Makes a Good Spa Logo

spa logo design with woman side profile

Branding your spa business aims to gain attention from the right clients. Read the tips below to help you develop a good spa logo. 

Choose the Right Type of Spa

If you’re just starting out, specialization is key. Knowing what services you will offer will help designers develop the right design for your logo ideas. 

Research The Business

As a business owner, you must understand the market by researching all its aspects. It would be best if you also knew about your] target customers so the designer can create with them in mind.

Make the Design Simple

Simplicity is not just a human attribute but also applies to a logo design. A logo with one precise shape, a few colors, and fonts significantly impact your potential clients.

Understand Color Theory

Refer to color theory and color psychology when creating a logo design brief for your research of the spa business. Colors evoke emotions. For instance, when we see red color, it stimulates love and passion. Pick a color that best expresses the feelings associated with your spa business.

Use Custom Fonts

penji graphic design for spa

Fonts are essential to design elements. One of the critical tips to incorporate the right fonts is to know your brand personality. The font will quickly reflect your business and connect with your target audience.

Add Imagery

Before considering a designer, you should consider the message you want to express through your products or services. List the terms for your designer explaining how you would like to shape individuals’ views of your spa company. Maybe you will use the words like gorgeous, organic, unique, magnificent, or healthy.

Make it Versatile and Scalable

Another quality of a fantastic spa logo design is that you can use the logo easily anywhere. This is because such a logo is a versatile and scalable design. For example, if you want to make a logo as part of your billboard design, the logo should look proportionate. It should not look disproportionate upon being blown up on billboards. Similarly, if the logo is to be printed on a small promotional gift such as a keychain, the details of the logo should still be visible.

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