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You Won’t Lose Focus On These Impressive Photography Logos

March 26, 2020, by

photographer holding camera

Do you have an eye for photography? Do you know what it takes to concoct eye-catching photo compositions? Or how about setting up the best lighting and angle for jaw-dropping photos? 

If you have a knack for photography, making money out of it might already be in your arsenal. Before you get too excited about building your website, make your photography logo a depiction of your artwork. 

An excellent logo for photography businesses tells a lot about an artist’s style. In this article, we handpick 15 of the best photography logos. Plus, we’ll tell you why we think these photography logo examples deserve to be on this list.

logo for photography business

Typography logos are becoming a hit for businesses. As long as the right typefaces and composition are looked into, it can work like a charm.’s logo might be simple. However, the color contrast and font sizes make the logo pop. Even though it doesn’t have a vertical spacing, the layout ties this logo into one unit. Plus, it has a no-frills approach, which makes it easy for clients to remember the website.


logo for photography business

ArtChick is a photography service that showcases drama and vulnerability in its subjects. The fun play on typography and abstract symbol is what makes this photography logo a top contender. The chick icon with eye-popping red accents and a slightly slanted “C” gives the look personality. 


logo for photography business

A good business emblem should carry the right colors to represent a brand’s identity. Vital’s logo is a bright orange color palette, with a soft gradient that makes it visually friendly. Orange represents invigorating energy. However, not balancing it with neutral colors might make the logo overwhelming. For a photography service that captures special moments on camera, the color, along with the typeface, is fitting. 

Euro Foto

logo for photography business

For a logo to work, it must have scalability. And Euro Foto has adapted to its growing success. Utilizing typography aesthetics, the brand aims to express its journey. From starting with only photographic materials and services to focusing on retail, the logo is an excellent representation. It’s straightforward, simple, and yet, still catches attention due to its heavy text.


logo for photography business

For a drone photography business like Dronegenuity, nothing could best represent your branding than the equipment itself. Their logo, which features a simple drone illustration on a turquoise background, has notable symmetry. The circle is also reminiscent of a wheel, which symbolizes movement — like that of a drone in action. 

Marnie Rose Agency 

logo for photography business

Marnie Rose Agency specializes in lifestyle, food, and interior photography. Its logo boasts a square shape, which implies reliability and stability. The typeface is also nestled comfortably within the four corners, with the text “Marnie Rose” emphasized. Overall, this logo works because it shows versatility, primarily when used in various marketing mediums.


logo for photography business

Touted as one of the first vacation photography services, this Canadian-based business takes traveling to a whole new level. By connecting travelers to over 300+ photographers to capture their special moments, the company shows this connectivity in its logo. The script font style, coupled with a genial light blue color, reflects its brand concept. Additionally, the logo appeals to its target market. 

Chelsea Cara Photography

logo for photography business

While a photo logo can flaunt a photographer’s style at the outset, the right typography can equally do the same. And here’s one that displays excellent cursive and block font styles weaved into one synergistic unit. Uniqueness is one element in good logo design, and this example undeniably wins in that department. 

Claudia Dons Photography

logo for photography business

Clarity and simplicity are also two essential components when creating a logo for photography businesses. However, that doesn’t make your logo insipid. As long as you choose the symbols carefully, your logo can speak for your artwork more than you know it. Claudia Dons Photography has a simple ultra-lightweight font style. But what makes it stand out is how the text is separated by the ‘focus’ symbol on a camera lens. Overall, the entity is compact and memorable. 

Cameron Thomsen Photography

logo for photography business

Here’s another example of a simple yet effective logo that works. Cameron Thomsen Photography’s acronym is sprawled inside a rectangular box against a white background. The clean look portrays how the photographer’s simple passion for travel is her inspiration for her photography business. 

Paul Raats

logo for photography business

For sports enthusiasts, it might be worth checking out Paul Raats’ portfolio. He captures athletes’ emotions while in a fast and dynamic movement. One of the elements of logo design is relevance, and Paul Raats knows how to make his stand out. The shutter symbol that opens and closes in a fraction of a second implies the artist uses fast cameras. The icon also doubles as an eye, which represents the artist’s love for photography.

Zoo Studio

logo for photography business

Zoo Studio specializes in animal art photography. The company boasts letting your pets’ unique personalities shine in their high-quality photos. Their logo, which has a two-combination typeface and pet illustrations, doesn’t strive for attention. Instead, it’s a subtle and efficient way to express their fervor in depicting a pet and owner’s bond through images. 


logo for photography business

Compared to the previously mentioned pet photography service, BARKography approaches logo design in a whimsical kind of way. The color contrast in typography and the dog illustrations resonate with its audience — avid dog lovers. 

Paul Nicklen

logo for photography business

As a National Geographic assignment photographer, Paul Nicklen lets his audience live vicariously through his photos. He captures the most jaw-dropping creatures in their natural habitat and the most extremely wild conditions. His logo is unique and memorable. It dons a cursive “P” that represents his first name initial and connects to a line pattern. Lastly, the pattern shapes into what seems like a mountain summit and ocean ripples, apt for his photography style.

Shoot My Travel 

logo for photography business

Shoot My Travel’s logo is a fun take on logo design. A brilliant idea of integrating the letter Os as the camera’s lens gives this photography logo memorability. The light blue color is also warm and inviting, catering to those who travel, and prefer a carefree lifestyle.

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