The evolution of sports competitions has gotten so progressive over the last few years. The onset of technological advancements and the introduction of cutting-edge computer specifications whipped up a lot of gaming aficionados around the globe.

Going head-to-head with other conventional sports, esport or also known as “electronic sports” has recently gained popularity within the gaming community. Even though competitive video game tournaments date back to the 1980s, the internet has beefed up esports or competitive video gaming today. Plus, channels like Twitch or YouTube have allowed gamers the liberty to live stream their favorite games online for all the world to see.

This digitization has also led gaming enthusiasts to create the best esports logo to be on top of the competition. I’ve put together 20 of the most unique esports logo design ideas for gamers based on the top esports games of 2019.


1. Fortnite

fortnite online game

Although this logo dons a simple font type, the white space is what makes it stand out. It’s simple yet attractive enough to capture onlookers even from afar. For gamers looking to design a team or event logo, this is a great example.


2. Dota 2

dota online game

This logo is probably one of the most famous logos in the gaming space. Sometimes, symbols are enough to represent a brand, and this logo did just that. The logo represents the Dire and Radiant sections of the game’s map, and the diagonal represents the river that separates both.


3. League of Legends

league of legends online game

The beautiful, elegant lines on this popular game’s logo are what sets it apart from the rest. The gold typeface with a bright gradient in the middle adds a nice touch.


4. Overwatch

overwatch online game

At first glance, you know what the logo means. The Overwatch logo is a symbol of peace and hope. And the most important thing is that the logo transcends a message to its audience. When you’re creating a team logo, make one that symbolizes your mission or goal.


5. Apex Legends

apex legends online game

The Apex Legends logo could be the perfect example of a memorable esports logo. Apex means the highest point of something. The ideal negative space against a red background and the triangle-like symbol can settle at the back of gamers’ minds.


6. Starcraft

starcraft online game

This military sci-fi video game uses a font created by Neale Davidson. Care to guess what the font name is? Yup, it’s called Starcraft. Choosing the right font style for your esports team, logo, brand, or tournament is vital to have a huge turnout.


7. Rocket League

rocket league online game

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game, and the logo shows just that — in a very creative way. Although the logo has different elements, they all mesh well beautifully.


8. Call of Duty

call of duty online game

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game inspired by the settings during WWII. Soon after, the game expanded into more modern settings, including outer space. The logo is simple yet scalable. Any gamer can create an esports logo like this and won’t have issues on different gadget sizes where it’s viewed.


9. Rainbow Six Siege

rainbow six siege online game

Another online tactical shooter video game, Rainbow Six Siege dons a unique symbol and overall logo. It consists of the number ‘6’ with a gun in between and a laurel wreath which symbolizes triumph.


10. Arena of Valor

arena of valor online game

This game is an online multiplayer battle area. It boasts a unique but significant typeface which is key to creating an esports logo. The letter “O” resembles that of a bullseye to signify what the game is all about.


11. Counter-Strike

counterstrike online game

One of the first multiplayer shooter video games, Counter-Strike represents all the game details in its logo. This game is all about destroying terrorists, and the image on the logo symbolizes the protagonists — the counter-terrorists.


12. Tekken

tekken online game

Tekken is a Japanese-inspired fighting video game. Whether you’re creating an esports logo for an upcoming tournament to represent yourself or your team, ensure that the logo is scalable to look good wherever it is viewed. One example of logo scalability is Tekken’s. This game was also made into a film, and the logo still looks good even on screens.


13. Team Fortress 2

team fortress online game

Team Fortress is an online multiplayer shooter video played in teams similar to Counter-Strike. When making an esports logo, you want to eliminate unnecessary symbols and integrate the most meaningful ones. This logo has a crosshair in the middle to represent the game’s purpose.


14. Gears of War

gears of war online game

Gears of War involves the warfare between humans and the reptilian hominids called “Locust Horde.” The Crimson Omen symbol on the logo is the warning marked on areas devoured by the plague.


15. Super Smash Brothers

super smash brothers online game

Another Japanese original, Super Smash Bros. is a fighting video game with crossovers by Nintendo. The two intersecting lines represent the many crossovers in the game. The circle with four divisions also represents the game’s four-person multiplayer setting.


16. Hearthstone

hearthstone online game

Inspired by the Warcraft elements, characters, and relics, Hearthstone is an online collectible card game. These Warcraft-inspired games have stayed consistent with their logos with a touch of fantasy-like symbols that resemble spells, power, and magic such as this one.


17. Age of Empires

age of empires online game

With a setting based on the stone and iron ages, the Age of Empires is a historical strategy video game that involves real-time action. The game is all about the Roman Empire and how it expanded over time. Though the logo has a simple appearance, the typeface conveys the foundation of the game.


18. World of Warcraft

WoW online game

WoW is probably one of the most popular RPG games in 2009. The logo is said to represent the “Horde” in the world of Azeroth. Each new game or expansion has its logo, but this one is the most classic WoW logo that gamers remember.


19. Magic: The Gathering Arena

magic the gathering arena online game

The symbol on Magic: The Gathering Arena’s logo has a story behind it. It was when Liliana Vess planeswalks after defeating Garruk Wildspeaker of “The Hunter and The Veil.” The symbol depicts a similar image of Lilliana planeswalking:

lilliana planeswalking online game

Overall, the symbol signifies the planeswalkers’ ability to cross over a multi-universe.


20. Street Fighter

street fighter online game

Choosing the perfect color scheme is essential in creating an esports logo. Street Fighter, a fighting video game, has been transformed into various types of media. From film, animation, to television series and comics, Street Fighter’s logo looks good in any media. Plus, the color combination of red and yellow denotes energy and happiness, exactly how you’ll feel when playing this online video game.