Midjourney and DALL-E are the Top 2 best AI graphic generators available today. Both can generate a set of matching images based on a text prompt. While Midjourney and DALL-E are similar tools, they have significant differences. Here is our product comparison of Midjourney vs DALL-E to help you decide which AI image generator you should use. 

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What Is Midjourney?

Midjourney, the generative AI platform on Discord, enables users to create art or images in seconds. The platform has now gone through several versions, each focusing on increasing prompt accuracy and length, image editing features, and image resolutions. Midjourney can generate photorealistic images, illustrations, fan, and digital art. 

Since the Midjourney is currently in public beta, users can join its Discord group, ask questions, and leave feedback on improving the platform.

Key Features 

  • Stealth Mode: In higher-level subscription plans, users can hide the images they generate from the public. 
  • Commands and Parameters: Mkidjourney users can blend, adjust aspect ratios, stylize, and change quality/resolution with a few clicks.
  • Vary Region tool: This feature allows users to edit and regenerate select pre-existing sections of an image. 

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  •  New iterations of Midjourney are released regularly, with version six released at the end of 2023.
  • Users can earn free GPU hours by rating images in Discord.
  • Various commands and tools are available for editing images.


  • Midjourney’s developer-focused approach may need to be clarified for less tech-savvy users.
  • It is only accessible via Beta in Discord.
  • There are conflicts around the companies regarding legal and copyright issues. 

What Is DALL-E?

Developed by Open AI, DALL-E is one of the leaders in generative AI solutions today. It focuses on text-to-image content generation and works well with ChatGPT prompts. You can use DALL-E through ChatGPT, APIs, and third-party applications like Bing Image Creator. Both DALL-E 2 and DALL-E 3 are currently available to users. 

Key Features

  • Storytelling through ChatGPT: Since DALL-E is available directly through ChatGPT, users can access the tool’s advanced prompting capabilities.
  • Images API: Users can enter prompts to create new images, enhance existing images, and create new variations of existing images
  • Multiple access options: Users can access DALL-E via ChatGPT Plus, Team, Enterprise, or the company’s APIs.


  • OpenAI is committed to safety, privacy, and ethical data sourcing.
  • Simple interface and easy-to-use image generator.
  • Affordable subscription and per-image options are available.


  • Minimal image editing and manipulation tools
  • Users can now not request an image “in the style of” a specific artist in DALL-E 3.
  • Images generated sometimes capture a realistic quality.

Best for Core Features

DALL-E 2, a lower-resolution version of DALL-E, is currently the only one capable of editing images by replacing partial areas and creating variations. DALL-E 3 is more powerful but limited in image editing capabilities, primarily allowing replacement through re-prompting.

DALL-E excels in prompting, accessibility, and collaborative features. DALL-E 3 reads user prompts better and can help imagine more effective prompts through ChatGPT. It’s accessible through apps, paid ChatGPT plans, and APIs. Collaboration is enhanced with DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT Team subscription.

On the other hand, Midjourney offers a wide range of editing tools, commands, and parameters. Users can blend images, adjust aspect ratios, prohibit content types, change aesthetic styles, and upscale images. Advanced features like Pan extend images without altering core content.

Midjourney wins for high-quality and varied images and extensive editing capabilities. However, DALL-E strives to improve its image editing tools and is preferred for other core features like usability.

Best for Ease of Implementation

DALL-E is significantly more straightforward to navigate than Midjourney.

With DALL-E, users have several private and user-friendly options. They can access the image generator through a paid ChatGPT plan, submitting text prompts via the web interface or mobile app. 

Midjourney, while also user-friendly, has limited deployment options. Users can only access it through Discord. This might be challenging for those unfamiliar with Discord. Midjourney requires commands like /describe and /imagine instead of plain text prompts. In addition, content generation is based on a queue system, which might lead to delays. Alternately, users can use /show commands to keep track of requests.

Best for Image Quality

The winner for this round depends on the image you are trying to create. Either Midjourney or DALL-E could win this round, depending on your purpose and how you enter the prompt on each tool.

DALL-E generally closely follows text prompts but may need more critical details, while Midjourney is less thorough but better at matching specified styles. DALL-E excels in photorealistic images, while Midjourney is preferred for illustrations and surrealism. However, along with other competitors, both are improving rapidly in areas like resolution and style options.

Midjourney and DALL-E: Limitations and Weaknesses

Midjourney and DALL-E are both capable and highly creative AI image-generation tools. Both have opportunities to improve as users’ image creation requirements grow. Sadly, these two leading platforms are also prone to limitations and weaknesses for some users and projects. Below are some factors to consider when investing in an alternative AI image generator. 

Who Should Avoid Using Midjourney

  • Users looking for a straightforward AI image generator.
  • Users who want to avoid using Discord or dealing with image generation queues.
  • Users who prefer well-established tools over public betas.
  • Users are concerned about Midjourney’s image selection and training process, especially after recent concerns about copyright infringement.

Who Should Avoid Using DALL-E

  • Users who need professional-quality images, whether illustrations or photorealistic.
  • Users who expect realistic human characters in their generated images.
  • Users want extensive customization and detailed editing tools.
  • Users not interested or unable to provide specific text prompts for desired images.

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