If you’re looking to project a sense of strength, reliability, and robustness for your brand, a hexagon logo is an excellent choice. It is suitable for many industries, but construction, finance, and engineering will benefit most from it. The shape’s uniform and stable structure embodies unity, teamwork, and coordination, which is perfect for these niches.

If you’re in the process of creating a hexagon logo, Penji can whip up one for you for only $75! Here are some of Penji’s hexagon logo designs that exude nothing but professionalism and authority.

1. Cryptoverse

hexagon logo example

This bright-looking design created for Cryptoverse uses a hexagon disguised as a cube logo. The shadow underneath is excellent in showing its multidimensionality. This gives the logo depth and weight, making it pop out from the page.

The color choice is superb, as the combination of light and dark colors adds contrast. The font is simple yet looks very trendy, and its use of lowercase letters is a welcome addition. It gives a friendly vibe to the typically serious nature of the cryptocurrency world.

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2. The Comb Design Studios

hexagon logo with honeycomb

Using more than one hexagon shape, The Comb Design Studios logo has enough elements in it to make it look impressive. The house shape is quite fitting as the company is home to its design creatives. One of the hexagon shapes has liquid dripping from it to symbolize the oozing talents of its team members.

To balance off the details of this hexagon logo, this design agency chose to use a single background color. Its neutral color choice adds a particular elegance to the brand to show that they mean business. 

3. Hexa Media

orange and yellow hexagon logo

With the letters H and M ingeniously placed in the hexagon, Hexa Media’s logo is an excellent example of a scalable design. You can use the whole logo or the hexagon part only, and it would still be recognizable. It does not have as many details as the above logo, but still catches attention so well.

The dark blue background gives this hexagon logo design an image of reliability, strength, and order. The vibrant colors used for the font give emphasis to the brand name and make it visibly clear. 

4. Savannah Smith Financial Advisor

hexagon logo black and gold

If you want to show off an elegant and classy brand personality, the Savannah Smith Financial Advisor logo is one to take note of. The dark brown background is sophisticated, professional, and ultra-stylish. Designing a logo using a real person for reference means having to study their personality. This way, you can create the most suitable design for the brand.

The font choice fits the brand to a tee, with a great combination of serif and sans serif typefaces. The lighter color also screams elegance and style, which financial brands sometimes lack. 

5. Dazzle Daze Jewelry

blue hexagon logo example

A hexagon logo would be perfect for a jewelry store like Dazzle Daze Jewelry. It is the shape of diamonds and other precious stones when placed in jewelry. This logo uses that to its advantage. It was designed to have that 3D look with some shimmer and shadows.

The different shades of blue give the design a calming and serene personality. It also adds a touch of power and supremacy ideal for a jewelry shop. The font is thin with serifs that add a touch of class.

6. The Hive 25

hexagon logo example

This logo designed for The Hive 25 gives it a youthful exuberance with its multiple colors. This would work well for a bar or restaurant design, or any place where young adults hang out. It is trendy, hip, and edgy, thanks to its clean design, appropriate font, and abundance of white space around it.

When designing a logo, it’s essential to know the company’s target market. This will help in building the best branding identity and image that would get people to remember the brand.

7. Fuse Form Fitness

red and black hexagon logo example

The first thing you’ll notice with the Fuse Form Fitness logo is the dumbbell inside the hexagon. Showing what you are as a company is crucial, especially if you’re new in the business. This logo will introduce you to your prospects quite well. It would look great on posters, flyers, t-shirts, and other advertising materials.  

The red and black color combination also fits the brand considerably well. These two colors are usually associated with energy, power, and strength. The font pairing is also commendable, as it instills a sense of seriousness and mixes it with style.

8. Hexalink Recruitment

blue hexagon logo

This cleverly-designed logo from Hexalink Recruitment deserves its place on this list of the best hexagon logos. The icon consists of a hexagon with a magnifying glass to signify search and a tie to denote an employee. The hexagon shape has rounded edges, giving a soft touch to an otherwise strict and challenging industry.

Again, blue is the primary color of the logo, which we typically associate with trust, dependability, and security. All these elements add up to make this logo suitable for a recruitment company.

9. Cube Tech Solutions

hexagon logo cube

Another cube shape used for a hexagon logo design is this one from Cube Tech Solutions. One look at this logo, and you’ll readily know it’s for a tech company even without the brand name. The icon says it all, but the color and font choice make it appealing and attractive.

While we usually associate the color green with nature, this logo uses it differently. Green can also be used for growth and new beginnings. In this tech company’s case, it conveys taking action.

10. Perfect Portraits Photography

rainbow hexagon logo

Photography almost always deals with colors. And so, this hexagon logo design for Perfect Portraits Photography is very well-befitting. The hexagon was formed using bent lines of varying shades. You can find a black dot in the middle with a highlight that signifies an eye.

The script font adds flair to the logo. This gives the design a charming appeal and completes a logo that expresses a company’s flexibility and taste. Overall, an eye-catching logo design that illustrates the brand’s personality well.

Tips for Designing a Hexagon Logo

Below are a few tips that can help you if you’re planning to create a hexagon logo:

Know Your Competition

hexagon logo

Knowing who your competitors are is crucial to designing a unique logo. Doing so will help you identify market trends and discover opportunities for differentiation. Since hexagon logos are a strong option for branding, it’s best to know that you’re the only one using your design.

Understanding your competition will also provide information on what’s currently resonating with and relevant to your target audience. It will inform you what gaps and opportunities are in the market so you can fill them and help you stand out.

Keep It Simple

Simple logos are more likely to be remembered, hexagon or not. This is because simple designs are easier for people to recall and recognize. It reduces visual distractions and makes it easier for your audience to focus on your brand’s message.

Simple logos also have the power to retain a timeless quality. Your hexagon will be less likely to become outdated when you avoid adding intricate details. This means a fresh and relevant image for a longer time.

Experiment with Different Hexagons

hexagon logo

Hexagons come in different orientations: sharp and rounded corners, regular and irregular, and many others. Take the great opportunity that this variety offers by experimenting until you find the one shape that fits your brand well. Different hexagons give varying personalities to your brand; soft corners give a friendly appeal, while sharp ones provide a sense of precision.

A business owner who knows their brand well will find it easy to adapt their hexagon logo to what fits it. Consider how your audience will perceive your chosen logo design. Your logo is a subtle and powerful way to convey your brand’s message, so pour careful thoughts into making it.

Choose the Right Colors

Selecting colors for your logo isn’t just about using what’s pleasing to the eyes. There is psychology involved in it. You need to carefully study colors to find the ones that will work best for your brand

Colors have the power to evoke emotions. Blue can instill trust, red can convey excitement, and so on. Make sure that the colors you choose align with your brand’s identity and personality.

Use Fonts Wisely

hexagon logo

Another vital component of a logo is typography. While you have the option to use them or not, it pays to know their importance. Font choice plays a significant role in adding visual harmony to your logo design. It also has the capability of projecting your brand’s personality, values, and message clearly.

Fonts also have the capability to make your design easily readable and recognizable. Ensure that your chosen font aligns with your brand’s values, gives it authority, and resonates with your target market.

Incorporate Symbols

To design a truly unique logo, you may want to consider using unique symbols or icons. This is an excellent way to differentiate your hexagon logo from the competition. Symbols can also create a strong connection between your brand and your customers, making it more meaningful and recognizable.

To benefit from this tip, choose symbols or icons relevant to your target market. Most symbols carry inherent meanings or emotions. Select those that will evoke feelings specific to your brand.

Test in Black and White

hexagon logo

A good metric for measuring the effectiveness of your hexagon logo is one done in black and white. Also, this is a great way to make your logo universally legible, whatever platform you place it in. Present your black and white hexagon logo to a test group and determine the best way to design it.

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