Some of the most iconic logos you’ll find are in the fashion industry. Not only do they look great, but they also have fascinating stories behind them. Join us as we learn more about these and how you can get your fashion logo quickly and without breaking the bank.

Luxury Wear Fashion Logos

When it comes to luxury wear, many designers or fashion enthusiasts will speculate on the meaning of their logos. Most luxury wear brands would have the fashion designer’s name which would suffice as the logo. But which among the luxury wear logos have stories to tell?

1. Versace

fashion logo

Versace’s iconic fashion logo has Medusa, the (infamous) Greek mythology figure. Most design or fashion experts suggest that having Medusa on the logo meant they wanted customers to love their fashion pieces. Plus, they didn’t want their customers to “turn back” on them, so to speak. There are some reports that the Medusa head was also a figure present in Versace’s life when they were younger.

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2. Hermès

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If you want to know the story of the Hermes logo, you need to read about its history. The Hermès story started in 1837 with Thierry Hermès. He produced harnesses that met his customer’s needs. Hermès even won an award for it. Its logo pays homage to its roots and has become one of the most recognized fashion logos of all time.

3. Lacoste

fashion logo

On their official website, Lacoste provided an explanation of why their logo is a crocodile. Their founder, Rene Lacoste, was a tennis player in the early 20s. After the Davis Cup match in 1923, a reporter dubbed him “The Alligator,” referring to the bet because of a crocodile suitcase. Those involved were Lacoste and his coach. Then, four years later, the crocodile became the symbol of Lacoste. 

4. Gucci

fashion logo

When it comes to Gucci’s logo, there’s only one person to credit for its design: the founder’s owner, Aldo Gucci. The GG on the logo represents Guccio Gucci, the founder. Many designers or fashion aficionados that the Gucci logo represents elegance and luxury.

5. Ralph Lauren

fashion logo

As one of the most recognizable fashion logos ever, the Ralph Lauren logo brings class and style to the customer. But before it became an icon, Ralph Lauren needed a logo for an advertisement in 1971. In the same year, he decided to use the logo for his first women’s line. He then added the logo on the shirts, which became a huge hit. As for its meaning, Ralph Lauren Australia stated that it symbolizes elegance and reflects an American style.

6. Chanel

fashion logo

According to Highsnobiety, Château de Crémat may have served as the inspiration for the luxury wear brand’s logo. Even Château de Crémat acknowledges the idea that Chanel may have used the logo’s initials based on the vineyard.

As for the interlocking Cs on the logo, the meaning remains unclear. Possibly the most obvious explanation is the two Cs stand for Coco Chanel. Logo My Way theorizes that the two C’s mean Chanel and Capel (Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel – Chanel’s lover). But whatever the two Cs stand for, it remains one of the most iconic fashion logos of all time.

7. Tommy Hilfiger

fashion logo

Many suggest that the Tommy Hilfiger logo also resembles the International Code of Symbols flag for “hotel.” In this case, the H means Hilfiger. Some also make a connection to the nautical style that the brand demonstrates. Plus, since Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand, they might have drawn inspiration from the colors of the American flag.

8. Fendi

fashion logo

The Fendi logo is probably one of the fastest-made logos. An article by Vogue states that Karl Lagerfeld created the famous FF logo in five seconds. To elaborate on the meaning further, it means “Fun Fur.”

Sports and Casual Wear Fashion Logos

As for sports, casual, or outdoor logos, some would draw inspiration from their company’s humble beginnings. Some would use their names and company colors to make a simple or minimalist fashion logo. Here are the seven casual, sportswear, and outdoor fashion logos that have fascinating histories.

9. Nike

fashion logo

We all recognize Nike’s logo, but many mistake it for a checkmark when it’s called a “Swoosh.” Nike co-founder Phil Knight paid the graphic designer Carolyn Davidson $35 to produce a logo for the shoe brand in 1971. According to Oregon Live, Knight wanted to have a logo associated with motion.

10. Adidas

fashion logo

Unlike most brands, Adidas has used the Trefoil logo and the three-stripes version as part of their visual communication. The Trefoil became its new symbol in 1972 when Munich hosted the Olympics. According to Adidas, the Trefoil symbolized performance. But in 1990, they changed the logo to the three-striped version we see today. Creative Bloq reveals that the three stripes version is shaped like a mountain, which symbolizes a challenge.

11. Reebok

fashion logo

Reebok has had its share of logo changes over the years. Its current logo is a nod to the logo that has made them famous over the years. According to Creative Bloq, Karen Reuther, the VP for Creative Direction, mentioned they needed to revert to the old logo with some changes. The brand had to be more unified and tell a consistent story. Plus, it can symbolize forward change as well.

12. Uniqlo

fashion logo

Uniqlo had undergone one major logo change before it landed on the current bright red one. The Brand Architect Group created the first iteration of the square, which had a wine color instead of the bright red. In 2006, Kashiwa Soto transformed the logo into what it looks like today. Not only that, but Kashiwa Soto also produced the Katakana for the brand, which enhanced brand recognition. 

Aside from the changes, Toni Marino speculates that the Uniqlo logo resembles a Japanese seal and uses the colors of the Japanese flag.

13. Lululemon

fashion logo

Before Lululemon updated its website, media sites reported that Lululemon conducted a survey to see which name or logo would fit its brand. Initially, the logo we see was meant for “athletically hip.” However, the name wasn’t a hit, and Lululemon decided to stick with the logo.

14. The North Face

fashion logo

David Alcorn designed the famous The North Face logo in 1971, and its design has been the same ever since. The outdoor brand is known for its “Half Dome” logo, inspired by a monolith in Yosemite.

15. Levi’s

fashion logo

Levi’s customers would know that you can identify the brand with their two horses imagery and the red batwing logo. Based on the history of their logo, the two horses were their logo before. According to the brand, they said that the two horses signified durability, accessibility, and authenticity.

They did have a new logo in 1967, which is the red batwing. As mentioned again by the brand, you can find the red batwing on any Levi’s jeans. They say that the red batwing is a symbol of boldness, timelessness, and youthfulness.

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