Over 60% of B2B marketers say email marketing has greatly contributed to their overall sales. With this in mind, email marketing is still worth investing in if businesses want to reach their audience and increase their sales. And if it’s a strategy you’re considering for 2023, you can start by using email branding templates and send them over to subscribers ASAP. 

But what should you remember when designing branded emails, and where to find email branding templates?

How Do You Add Branding Assets to Your Emails?

You can add branding assets to your emails using an email marketing software. Most of these email marketing tools offer free templates when you sign up. Even though they’re free, you can expect high-quality designs. You can upload your logo and integrate brand colors and text into the email design.

Plus, they make it easy for anyone to design emails with their branding assets through drag-and-drop editors. But if you don’t like any of their templates, you can always start from scratch.

If your email is connected to your Google Workspace, you can use the layout tool. This is where you can customize the email you’re sending to your subscribers or leads.

Five Examples of Branded Emails

Before you design emails, here are some branded email examples to check out! All email previews in this section are from Really Good Emails.

1. Airbnb – Welcome Email

website homepage

Once you get a new subscriber, a welcome email should be the first thing you send right after they sign up. With welcome emails, you can acquaint them with more about what your business is offering. Or, you can introduce them to what your business does, like this email from Airbnb.

Once they open the first email, ensure that you have the logo at the top and a big header text welcoming your customers to your email campaigns and promotions. Their email uses a simple layout, showing the homes of Airbnb hosts and the experiences that renters are looking for. Plus, the text and layout style is reminiscent of the Airbnb website, making branding consistent across different digital channels.

2. Grammarly – Promotional Email

website homepage

Many businesses send promotional emails to get people hyped for their discounts or send subscribers exclusive deals. And you should send promotional emails from time to time, especially if you want to get more website visitors and sales.

In this example for Grammarly, you’ll see the logo at the top. But to make the email compelling, the discount was placed at the top of the email. And to make your branding stand out, look at the color of the call-to-action button used by Grammarly. It’s the same color as the logo, ensuring branding consistency.

3. Apple – Product Launch

website homepage

Product launch emails are ideal for companies that release new products yearly. It’s even more special in an email because subscribers get an exclusive first look at them too.

You can expect Apple to keep its branding anywhere. Their digital and printed materials have a distinctly clean and minimalist look that you’ll recognize. Plus, even with a plain background, they add color to it through the colored wallpaper on their featured devices.

4. Adobe Stock – Holidays

website homepage

Don’t miss out on reaching your customers during the holidays with an email. Tell them there’s a sale, or remind them to come back to your site by reminding them of what you can offer.

Here’s the email design for Adobe Stock. You’ll know immediately that it’s Christmas-themed because of the green motif. Even if that’s the case, they added their logo to the email and made sure to use their typeface and other design elements to make the email unique to their brand.

5. Lego – Abandoned Cart

website homepage

Remind customers to visit your website with an abandoned cart email. They might remember they left something in their cart OR let them know there was a price drop for the item in their cart.

Check out this example from Lego. One striking element in this email design is the color, which is the recognizable yellow motif you’ll see in their toys. Even without the Lego logo, you’ll know this is an email from the toy brand.

Where Can You Get Email Branding Templates for Free?

1. Campaign Monitor

website homepage

Campaign Monitor is a well-known site for email marketing. You don’t need an account when you want to design an email. They have 100+ templates to choose from, and you can select a template for whatever purpose or occasion. Plus, they ensure that these templates are responsive, optimizing the design on any device.

2. Stripo

website homepage

If you want more design options for your emails, Stripo has 1100+ email branding templates ready for editing and use anytime. Like Campaign Monitor, you can choose a template depending on whatever purpose or occasion. One advantage Stripo has when you use their editor is you can see how the email would look on the desktop or mobile.

3. Beefree

website homepage

Beefree is another source of email templates. Even without an account, you can try their drag-and-drop editor before subscribing to them. On their editor, you can switch between devices to see how emails would look on the desktop or mobile. Professional graphic designers have created responsive email designs. Plus, you can find up to 1200+ templates for your emails.

4. Chamaileon

website homepage

You can find more email branding templates on Chamaileon. They have almost 200 templates you can edit. Their designs are simpler than most, but you can still tailor them to your brand by adding your logo and customizing it with your fonts and colors.

5. Unlayer

website homepage

In Unlayer, you can find free and premium-licensed email templates. You can browse through their collection of emails, depending on the occasion, usage, and industry. Like the other sites listed here, Unlayer has an editor you can use even without signing up for the service.

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