Birds in logos often symbolize freedom and agility. Think about it: birds can soar through the sky, reaching great heights and exploring vast distances. This idea of freedom and mobility is often associated with businesses that want to convey a sense of liberation, adventure, or progress. So if you’re looking to create your next logo, bird logos are an excellent way to represent your brand.

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Meanwhile, check out these 15 bird logos from Penji’s fantastic designers!

1. Beak4U

bird logo design by Penji

The BEAK4U logo features a hilarious bird with a vibrant mix of maroon and light red colors. The bird is looking cheekily at the viewer, seemingly chirping. Against a backdrop of white frosting, the bird’s colorful plumage creates an eye-catching contrast that’s hard to miss. The number 4 in the brand name is prominent and stands out in a contrasting color. With its quirky bird mascot and bold color scheme, the BEAK4U logo will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. It perfectly captures the bakery’s playful and fun-loving personality while conveying a sense of professionalism and reliability.

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2. Beard Barbershop

bird logo design by Penji

Beard Barbershop showcases one of the most interesting bird logos on this list. The logo depicts two brown bird silhouettes facing each other. The birds are positioned in a way that suggests they are kissing, conveying a message of love and togetherness. The vintage-like fonts and color scheme add a retro feel to the design. Suggesting a sense of nostalgia and timelessness, this logo exudes warmth, affection, and a classic aesthetic that resonates with audiences. It’s a simple yet powerful design that captures the essence of the brand’s values and identity.

3. Bird & Butter

bird logo design by Penji

The Bird & Butter logo features a charming teal and yellow bird perched on a human palm. The hand is cupped in a loving and affectionate gesture. It suggests a caring and nurturing relationship between the bird and its owner. The soft, pastel color scheme conveys a gentle and welcoming vibe. Meanwhile, the light-faced and playful font adds a touch of fun and whimsy. This logo effectively captures the brand’s essence as a bird supply store. It’s where bird lovers can find everything they need to care for their feathered friends. 

4. Blurred Eye Opticals

bird logo design by Penji

The company logo features a striking piercing bird’s eye in a deep shade of blue that immediately draws attention. The eye is set against a unique circular design, which has been crafted in a soft, sky-blue hue. Surrounding the eye like a halo, the circle creates a sense of protection and safety. The circular design has been carefully created to showcase a modern, stylish aesthetic with clean lines and a minimalist approach. Overall, this logo symbolizes a keen focus and sharp vision that represents the company’s values of trust and leadership.

5. E! Girl Cosmetics

bird logo design by Penji

E! Girl Cosmetics dons an attractive bird logo design unmatched in this list. It features an elegant bird with its wings seemingly flapping, ready for takeoff. The white bird icon plays with negative space to showcase a girl’s face with a white flower on her invisible ear. The beautiful typography with a simple serif font and punctuation mark depicts a certain liveliness and energy fit for a cosmetics company. It is paired with a light-faced font curved underneath, creating a contrasting appeal.

6. Endless Dove Funeral Service

bird logo design by Penji

The Endless Dove Funeral Service logo features a simple yet powerful design that captures the essence of the company’s purpose. The logo’s centerpiece is all-white birds in flight, symbolizing peace, purity, and freedom. Two birds flanking the central figure represent companionship and unity. Meanwhile, the mountain, sun, and cross in the middle convey the idea of life’s journey, death, and interment. Combining these elements creates a sense of harmony and tranquility, comforting those who have lost loved ones.

7. Far-Route Airlines

bird logo design by Penji

The Far-Route Airlines logo is a striking representation of the company’s commitment to exploration and adventure. At first glance, the logo features a sleek and modern airplane icon soaring high over a mountain range. It’s also basking in the glow of a bright yellow sun. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that the airplane icon is a stylized blue bird. This clever design element speaks to Far-Route Airlines’ ability to seamlessly blend innovation and creativity with practicality and reliability.  

8. Nest Solutions

bird logo design by Penji

Abstract bird logos are unique and captivating if used in the right industry. And Nest Solutions cleverly features a bird sitting on its nest. The design resembles a network, apt for an IT company like this one. The eye-catching dark and light hues of blue and teal keep this bird logo image lighthearted and innovative. Overall, the logo design captures an IT company’s brand image.

9. Quick Beak Delivery Service

bird logo design by Penji

The Quick Beak Delivery Service logo features a bird carrying a package in its beak soaring through the air. The bird’s energetic and enthusiastic pose conveys a sense of urgency and reliability. It clarifies that Quick Beak Delivery is the fastest and most efficient courier service. The logo’s unique and bold font is perfectly paired with a thinner font style. It creates a modern, dynamic look that captures the brand’s fast-paced and innovative spirit.

10. Yummy Birdger

bird logo design by Penji

Bird logos depict a sense of fun and amiability, perfect for casual brands with a playful brand personality and image. This Yummy Birdger logo design showcases a jovial bird that resembles a burger. The top bun serves as the bird’s head, seemingly smiling, looking happy to be a “birdger.” Two white wings indicate it’s a fast-food restaurant, while the white steam shows they serve fresh, hot, and delicious burgers.

11. Cardinal

bird logos

The logo for the publishing company showcases a majestic bird in fiery red hues, exuding elegance and strength in a semi-formal style. The bird, adorned with subtle black and orange accents, stands tall and graceful. Its vibrant plumage symbolizes creativity and passion. The accompanying sans-serif text carries a serious, professional tone, aligning with the publishing industry’s sophistication. This bold yet refined design encapsulates the company’s commitment to delivering impactful and compelling written works, making a lasting impression on its audience with a blend of fervor and sophistication.

12. The Bird

bird logo by Penji

The logo for The Bird, a gourmet restaurant, exudes sophistication with a sleek, white line art depiction of a bird. The avian symbol, rendered with elegant wings in motion, imparts a sense of grace and dynamism. The refined simplicity of the design fosters symmetry between the meticulously crafted text and the bird imagery. This harmonious interplay not only communicates the restaurant’s avian theme but also conveys a visual language of sophistication, aligning seamlessly with the gourmet dining experience offered at The Bird.

13. Bird Care

bird logo by Penji

The Bird Care logo features a bold sans-serif font, projecting modernity and credibility. The vibrant, big letters evoke professionalism. A cute, cheerful baby bird, symbolizing vitality and happiness, forms an integral part of the design. Its joyful expression and healthy appearance convey the brand’s commitment to bird well-being. The inclusion of a small heart subtly emphasizes the slogan, “Bird Lives Matter,” reinforcing the clinic’s compassion. This visually appealing logo encapsulates expertise, care, and a modern approach, making it both trustworthy and endearing for a bird veterinary clinic.

14. Bird Talk

bird logo by Penji

The Bird Talk bakery logo features a whimsical caricature of a bird’s head with vibrant red eyes, exuding a friendly charm. Set against a warm yellow background, the bird’s playful expression embodies the bakery’s inviting atmosphere. The script text, executed in a welcoming fashion, complements the avian imagery, creating a delightful and memorable visual identity. This lively combination of a charismatic bird illustration, vibrant color scheme, and inviting script captures the essence of Bird Talk, promising a welcoming and enjoyable experience for patrons.

15. Bird Studio

bird logo by Penji

The Bird Studio’s logo features a stylized bird in army green, symbolizing subtlety and reliability. The bird, composed of clean lines, embodies grace and precision, mirroring the studio’s commitment to quality sound. Set against a minimalist backdrop, the authoritative serif font reinforces the brand’s professional identity. The army green palette adds a touch of sophistication, emphasizing the studio’s dependable and subtle approach to recording. The overall design exudes a harmonious blend of elegance and reliability, aligning perfectly with The Bird Studio’s commitment to delivering high-quality audio production services.

Create Bird Logos that Make an Impact

Bird logos are excellent for retail, hospitality, food and beverage, customer service, and more industries. Birds symbolize strength, agility, versatility, and speed, which are suitable for these industries’ fast-paced operations. However, using birds on company logos is tricky and requires the expertise of professional graphic designers. 

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