Katrina Pascual

Katrina is a content writer with five years of experience as a Content and SEO writer. She is interested in and covers topics such as social media, digital marketing, tech, and unlimited graphic design.

Articles written by Katrina Pascual:


Top 12 Websites to Hire Online Creatives

Content, video, and visuals are key to enhancing brand awareness and consistency and promoting your...


7 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Photoshop Designer

The rise of DIY graphic design tools has made it easy for anyone to create...

Logo design

25 Award-Winning Logos in History

Your logo helps form the first and lasting impression on your brand. Using DIY services...


Why Sustainable Branding is Important in 2021

The growing discussion of climate change and working conditions has accelerated the need to integrate...

Social media marketers

20 YouTube Banner Ideas and How to Create One

YouTube banners are no longer channel art to promote your Youtube channel; they have become...


Nonprofit and Charity Logos Designed with Purpose

Every logo tells a story, especially nonprofits and charities that have a mission to change...


How do I market my fitness business?

It remains unclear when the fitness industry will be back on its feet. But it...


Design Packaging Inserts to Increase Brand Loyalty

Your package should no longer just contain the product itself. Sure, you may have a...


Online Product Designer: Create Custom Products for Ecommerce

Ecommerce platforms have made it easier for businesses to sell products and give customers access...

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