Distinguishing AI-written content from human text can be a challenge. For businesses and individuals not keen on AI-written posts, an AI checker is an essential tool. The idea of providing inaccurate information or publishing content that lacks creative flair is reason enough to get one. Here are 5 AI detector tools you can check out now.

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What are AI detectors?

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It’s impossible to scroll through search engines without thinking if the posts are written by AI. While AI writers are convenient, these tools don’t have emotional human capabilities that make the content more relatable and natural. However, with constant innovation, AI writers are becoming harder to detect. And this is where AI checkers come into play.

AI content detectors check whether AI (artificial intelligence) entirely or partially generates a text. Using AI content checkers will determine if the content is up to par with human writing standards. 

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Why do people use AI checkers?

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Content is king and widely used online these days. Digital marketing, social media, journalism, academia, law, you name it. While AI writers can help double content production, the outcome won’t have the same human insight and creativity. And most brands or professionals prefer a more natural and well-researched piece of content. 

Here are a few reasons why people and brands use AI checkers:

  • Educators. University facilitators and teachers can check if their students’ work is original.
  • Students. Students also take advantage of AI checkers by checking source credibility before submission.
  • Content writers/marketers. SEO may not approve of AI-written content. Content writers/managers must check if writers are doing the content themselves. 
  • Publishers. Publishers would prefer to publish human-written content to prevent misinformation and inaccuracy. 
  • Social media managers. Social media marketers prefer posts that have an emotional impact on users. AI checkers will help them identify which ones aren’t written by humans. 

How do AI content detectors work? 

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The only thing that differentiates AI- from human-written work is creativity. AI writing platforms are trained on large datasets and are primarily based on billions of data and information online. An AI writing tool formulates text based on this data

The first factor an AI checker identifies is predictive text. The AI algorithm breaks down text and determines familiar patterns. Since AI writing tools put together words and phrases based on resources online, the outcome is mostly predictive. Human-written content is mainly based on creativity that is often hard to replicate. On the other hand, AI content mainly contains repetitive words and phrases. 

If a pattern within the text is easy to identify, there’s a considerable chance AI wrote the content. In a nutshell, an AI detector determines two things. First is the linguistic analysis or semantic meaning of the text, broken down into repetition. The second factor is comparative analysis or similarities of the content with other resources online. 

Are AI writing detectors reliable?

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Two of the telltale signs of AI-written content are perplexity and burstiness. If the text has higher perplexity, the higher chance a human wrote it. AI detectors check for lower perplexity to identify an AI output

On the other hand, burstiness refers to the complexity and variation of sentences. Most human-written content offers more variation in sentence length and context complexity. If the paragraph has a robot-sounding tone lacking flair and tempo, it could be AI content. If the paragraph has low variety in structure, rhythm, and length, it’s potentially AI-generated content. 

Here’s an example:

  • Human-written

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking because it’s fun and therapeutic. I love the feeling of prepping food with my loved ones, savoring the bond spent in the process. Cooking allows me to unwind and unleash my creativity through fresh ingredients from our bountiful garden.

  • AI-written

I love cooking. I cook with my loved ones. The bond with them is enjoyable. I get fresh ingredients from our garden. Cooking lets me be creative in the kitchen. 

Although some AI writing software tools can generate more human-like content, some patterns are arguably apparent. 

So are AI detectors reliable? 

The straightforward answer is NO. AI checkers are efficient with longer texts. However, if a human writer edited the sentences, it could be hard to detect predictable patterns. Mistaking human-written content is easy if the writer’s style lacks creativity, too.

That said, it’s essential to take every content with a grain of salt continuously. Read through texts and find repetition, lack of length and structure variety, monotonous tempo, and predictive patterns. 

5 Examples of the best AI detectors

While there is no perfect AI checker tool online, these five are the closest you can get to accurate AI content check.

1. ZeroGPT

AI writing checker tool

ZeroGPT analyzed 10 million AI-generated articles, and its accuracy reached 98 percent. The platform is based on DeepAnalyse technology, ensuring errors are lower than two percent. 

2. Content at Scale

AI writing checker tool

This free AI tool checks up to 25,000 characters at once. This AI checker is trained on billions of data and texts across various language models, making it highly accurate. Content at Scale provides more transparent scoring to ensure accuracy in results. 

3. CopyLeaks

AI writing checker tool

This AI checker tool detects content in 12 languages, offering faster results. CopyLeaks’s best feature is highlighting human-written versus AI-written elements. Plus, it offers military-grade security and GDPR compliance. 

4. Crossplag

AI writing checker tool

Crossplag is another must-try AI checker that is easy to use and flags AI-generated content fast. You only have to sign up, paste the text, get results, and identify the confidence percentage. The plan starts at $9.99 for 5,000 words and up to $149.99 for 100,000 words. 

5. Smodin

AI writing checker tool

This multi-lingual AI content detection tool can measure content with up to 95 percent accuracy. Smodin is one of the most advanced AI checkers that determines text uniqueness and generates reports on improving texts.

What is the future of AI checker tools?

While the internet offers many resources, only a certain percentage are credible. As more brands, professionals, and individuals leverage AI writing tools for faster content creation, misinformation could become prevalent. Tech companies must continue to revolutionize artificial intelligence to counter threats of false information. With the increasing demand for AI in all societal aspects, the future of AI checkers is bright. It’s wise to use AI writing detectors to assess content authenticity. However, keeping an eye on the telltale signs of AI content is one way to ensure your content is valuable.

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