Virtual assistants make it easy for people to instantly find the information they need. The first virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri, took the world by storm. Nowadays, brands are utilizing AI chatbots to enhance customer experiences. This is why entrepreneurs and marketers integrate an AI chatbot into websites or automate email or SMS messages

Due to the continuous innovation of AI chatbots, brands leverage AI assistants for faster and more accessible communication with customers. AI chatbots are primarily based on natural language processing (NLP) to automate human-like responses. And with so many AI chatbot tools available online, choosing one that fits your business’s needs is challenging. But don’t fret. We’ve highlighted the 10 best AI chatbots and why you should use them.

1. ChatGPT

AI chatbot interface

ChatGPT is the most popular AI chatbot from OpenAI, a brainchild of the business juggernaut Elon Musk. It’s one of the most advanced language models capable of answering questions, text generation, and human conversations. ChatGPT is valuable for your business, especially for language translation and content creation. The platform also offers high accuracy levels, making it a reliable virtual assistant for your business. It’s trained on a massive dataset, understanding the human language, with over 95 language translations. 

2. HuggingChat

AI chatbot interface

Like ChatGPT, HuggingChat is also another application based on machine learning. It’s based on LLaMa (Large Language Model Meta AI), with over 65 billion parameters. This platform is one of ChatGPT’s closest competitors, but the only difference is that it’s an open-source AI chatbot. Since anyone can modify the software, it might be relatively unreliable compared to ChatGPT. However, if you’re looking for a free AI chatbot application that can write essays, emails, lyrics, code, etc, HuggingChat is highly recommended.

3. Zapier AI

AI chatbot interface

A company website with an integrated AI chatbot will instantly boost customer engagement and user experience. And if you want to custom-build your AI chatbot, Zapier AI is the tool you can rely on. Its easy, no-code app builder lets you create your custom chatbot in minutes. You can align the chatbot with your brand’s personality and share it through a direct link or website embed. Easily create your custom chatbot by naming it and writing a custom greeting. Moreover, you can also tailor your responses by connecting the chatbot with your knowledge sources. Zapier AI constantly enhances its platform, allowing users to collect chatbot feedback. 

4. ZenoChat

AI chatbot interface

For all your content writing needs, ZenoChat is the AI chatbot assistant for your brand. It lets you update its responses once corrected. Additionally, it offers information accuracy since ZenoChat has up-to-date knowledge, just like ChatGPT. You can enjoy a fully-personalized AI experience by adding your own AI personas when using the AI software. It’s based on powerful GPT-4 technology, making it a robust and reliable AI chatbot tool for your business. Finally, ZenoChat also integrates with over 2,000 platforms, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Notion, and more.

5. Bing

AI chatbot interface

Created by Microsoft, Bing is another ChatGPT alternative that’s better and more reliable. Unlike ChatGPT, Bing knows about current events and links to the retrieved sources. Using Bing’s AI chatbot boosts your brand’s credibility by offering users up-to-date results and complete answers. Get summarized answers, refine your search, and compose texts using this robust AI-assisted chatbot software. Plus, using Bing on the go is quick and accessible through the Microsoft Edge browser. 

6. Bard

AI chatbot interface

Powered by Google’s PaLM 2 model, Bard offers more potential for conversational AI. Google launched the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). This AI technology provides multi-turn and fluid dialogue, allowing Bard to create human-like responses based on text prompts. Use Bard to supercharge your creative collaborations and boost productivity. This AI chatbot software is another ChatGPT alternative that will get your content creation, emails, and copywriting in place. Unlike ChatGPT, Bard is only available in more than 40 languages and is still in its infancy. That said, providing feedback will help improve its interfaces and functions better. 

7. Drift

AI chatbot interface

If you’re looking for a live chat feature for your website, Drift is the tool you can rely on. It offers intelligent conversations, increasing 40 percent of customer conversations. Drift is the best AI chatbot for customer support, replicating your sales department representatives at a scale. Your sales team can also use the information shared in AI conversations to ensure meetings with prospects. Drift accelerates the customer’s buying journey, opening more revenue for your business. 

8. Zendesk

AI chatbot interface

Another AI chatbot for customer support is Zendesk. This platform is powered by robust AI technology with many Suite offerings. It’s an excellent assistant for sales agents, offering intelligent triage, macro suggestions, and more AI capabilities. Since Zendesk is based on billions of real customer service conversations and interactions, it offers your brand personalized customer support. Zendesk recently announced its collaboration with OpenAI, augmenting the software’s language processing capabilities.

9. YouChat

AI chatbot interface

YouChat gives responses based on comprehensive questions. It allows you to ask follow-up questions for more information about a topic. Unlike other AI chatbots, YouChat provides citations, real-time information, and multimodal searches. Moreover, YouChat also browses codes, graphs, tables, photos, and interactive components to offer quick and accurate responses. One of the best features of YouChat is finding people on social media and verifying their accounts through LinkedIn. 

10. Socratic

AI chatbot interface

Loved by students and teachers worldwide, Socratic is the best AI chatbot app for high school and university students. Created by Google, this platform uses the powerful search engine’s AI and search technologies to generate relevant educational resources. Whether you need help with Math, Science, Social Studies, or Literature, Socratic works for all subjects. Socratic also caters to all types of learners as it responds with visual explanations. 


These top AI chatbots are what you need to ensure seamless customer journeys. Automating customer service responses bolsters business operations, letting representatives focus on more sales-targeted interactions. Try a handful of these excellent AI chatbot platforms to increase website visitors, customer engagement, and the company’s bottom line!

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