In the ever-evolving realm of creativity, a new force has emerged to redefine artistic expression — AI artists. As technology continues to advance, artificial intelligence has transcended its conventional boundaries, now capable of producing intricate artworks. These AI artists are harnessing algorithmic tools to fuse human ingenuity and machine learning – a fascinating synergy that challenges traditional notions of art. With the ability to generate stunning visuals, compose music, and even craft literature, AI is reshaping the landscape of creativity, prompting us to ponder philosophical questions about creativity.

Looking for the best AI creatives that have emerged thus far? We’ve curated these 12 top AI artists of 2023. 

1. Sougwen Chung

AI artist

Sougwen Chung is a Canadian contemporary AI artist who incorporates AI in her creative process. Chung’s work explores the intersection of technology, robotics, and the arts. Chung aims to explore human-machine relationships and the potential for creativity and collaboration between the two.

AI artist

Her art installations often involve interactive elements, allowing viewers to engage and interact with the artworks. She has also collaborated with companies and institutions, including Google, Facebook, and MIT, to explore the realms of AI and robotics.

2. Refik Anadol

AI artist

Refik Anadol is a renowned Turkish-born AI artist and designer specializing in immersive and interactive installations. He harnesses large data sets and utilizes advanced algorithms to transform them into mesmerizing visual and auditory experiences. Anadol’s installations often involve data visualization, where he translates complex data into dynamic visual representations using AI algorithms

AI artist

His works have been exhibited globally in museums, galleries, and public spaces. Anadol’s collaborations extend to various disciplines, including architecture, music, and dance. 

3. Mario Klingemann

AI artist

Mario Klingemann is a German artist and a pioneer in generative and AI-based art. He uses neural networks and algorithms to generate AI images, animations, and interactive installations. His artworks often involve manipulating and transforming existing imagery, such as photographs or video footage, using AI algorithms.

AI artist

He has also received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions to AI art. Additionally, Klingemann is an active researcher, sharing his knowledge and insights through talks, workshops, and open-source projects.

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4. Alexander Reben

AI artist

Alexander Reben is an AI artist, roboticist, and AI researcher known for his AI artworks. Reben’s most famous work is the “Blind Self-Portrait” series, where he trained an AI algorithm to generate self-portraits based on descriptions given by individuals who had never seen themselves. 

AI artist

He uses AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to develop systems that mimic or simulate human behaviors. He created the world’s first-ever TED talk written entirely by an AI and presented as a cyborg!

5. Scott Eaton

AI artist Scott Eaton

Scott Eaton is a multidisciplinary artist and designer with digital sculpture and anatomy expertise. Eaton’s work often involves creating hyper-realistic sculptures and figures, combining traditional artistic techniques with digital tools. 

AI artist

One notable project by Eaton is the “Artist+AI: Figures & Faces” series. He collaborated with AI algorithms to explore the possibilities of creating lifelike digital portraits. By training AI models on vast datasets of facial features, he generated new variations and interpretations of human faces. Eaton’s works have been exhibited internationally in galleries and art events.

6. Sofia Crespo

AI artist Crespo

Crespo’s artworks often use AI algorithms to generate images, animations, and installations. She utilizes machine learning techniques to create hybrid organisms and speculative life forms that blur the organic and artificial boundaries. Her creations reflect the possibilities and implications of AI and genetic algorithms in shaping and transforming life forms.


One of Crespo’s exemplary projects is the “Neurogenesis” series. She trained neural networks to generate complex and otherworldly organisms resembling sea creatures and plants. These ethereal beings exist only within the digital realm. They challenge our understanding of what constitutes life and push the boundaries of biological imagination.

7. Stephanie Dinkins

AI creator stephanie dinkins

Stephanie Dinkins is known for her work exploring AI and its impact on issues of race, gender, and identity. Her work involves conversational AI systems and virtual characters to engage in dialogues around race, bias, and the complexities of human experiences. 

AI artist

Dinkins’ “Not The Only One” series features conversations with an AI-driven virtual character named Bina48. Bina48 is based on a real person, Bina Rothblatt. The project explores consciousness, identity, and the relationship between humans and machines.

8. Ross Goodwin

AI artist Ross Goodwin

Ross Goodwin is an AI artist, creative technologist, and writer. He is also an active speaker and educator, sharing his insights and experiences with AI and creativity. Goodwin’s work spans various mediums, including writing, filmmaking, and visual art. He combines traditional storytelling techniques with computational creativity, blurring the boundaries between human and machine authorship.

AI artist

One of Goodwin’s memorable works is “Sunspring,” a short film written by an AI algorithm. By training the algorithm on a large dataset of science fiction scripts, he generated a screenplay that was then transformed into a live-action film. The result is an intriguing exploration of the capabilities and limitations of AI in storytelling.

9. Mimi Onuoha

AI artist

Mimi Onuoha is an AI creative, researcher, and educator who explores data and artificial intelligence’s social and cultural implications. While Onuoha is primarily known for her work as a data artist, her projects often intersect with AI and machine learning. Onuoha’s artistic practice investigates the biases and power dynamics embedded within data collection and AI systems. She critically examines how data is collected, categorized, and used. 

AI artist

A famous work by Onuoha is “The Library of Missing Datasets.” It’s a collection of empty bookshelves representing the gaps and omissions in publicly available data. By highlighting the missing data, she aims to raise awareness about the limitations and biases within data-driven technologies.

10. Mike Tyka

AI artist

Tyka’s work involves using AI algorithms to generate and manipulate visual art. He has trained neural networks to create unique and captivating images, often drawing inspiration from biological forms and natural phenomena. Tyka has been actively involved in AI research and development. 

AI artist

He has contributed to projects and initiatives focused on machine learning and deep learning, collaborating with renowned institutions and organizations. Tyka’s artworks have been exhibited internationally in galleries and art events. 

11. Jake Elwes

AI artist Jake Elwes

Elwes is known for training AI models on vast datasets, including images, texts, and other forms of data. He generates unique and often surreal visuals by utilizing generative adversarial networks (GANs) and other AI techniques. These visuals explore identity, perception, and human and machine relationships.

AI artist

Elwes’ project, “The Uncanny Archive,” generates portraits of individuals who have shaped our understanding of AI and technology. 

12. Taryn Southern

AI artist

Taryn Southern is a multi-talented artist, singer-songwriter, and filmmaker known for her music career. She uses AI technologies, algorithms, and machine learning techniques in her music compositions and performances. She has collaborated with AI systems to generate melodies, lyrics, and songs.

AI artist

It’s unbelievable that her album, “I AM AI,” is co-written and co-produced with AI algorithms. The album showcases the fusion of human creativity and AI, creating a unique blend of electronic and pop music.

The Evolution of AI Art

AI artists continue to push the boundaries in the creative field. While some prefer traditional art mediums, AI generative technology will open creative possibilities that will transform art, literature, and music. AI technology is here to provide assistance, generating more unique and unimaginable images that no ordinary artists have created. 

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