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Web development is a tedious and time-consuming process. It involves writing lines of code, debugging, checking codes before launch, and documenting them. You don’t want to spend too much time doing these repetitive tasks or the guesswork on what your next line of code should be. Fortunately, AI can help web developers (devs) simplify workflows and reduce headaches from coding. But what are the best AI tools for devs? Here are our top picks!

What Are The Pros and Cons of AI Tools for Devs


  • Autocomplete code
  • Talk to an AI to get code suggestions
  • Translate codes from one language into another
  • Simplify workflows
  • Identify errors faster


  • Sometimes, the codes don’t make sense
  • Some models could be fine-tuned to generate high-quality codes
  • AI may generate existing codes that could lead to legal trouble

1. GitHub Copilot

One of the must-have AI tools for devs is Github Copilot. The developer platform has evolved to help fellow developers create code with AI’s help. You can converse with the AI and ask how to code features or debug. Gone are the days of searching for codes in your comprehensive codebase. GitHub Copilot will provide you with code depending on your needs. Are you stuck writing a code and can’t find it in your knowledge base? GitHub Copilot can find the answer instantly. Finally, GitHub can track your work and recommend suggestions!

Code safely with CoPilot, and you can integrate it into your preferred editor! Currently, over 50,000+ companies use GitHub Copilot to make their workflows more efficient.

2. AskCodi

Do you want to talk with an AI while you code? If it’s a yes, then AskCodi should be a tool you depend on for programming tasks! It can generate and finish your code. You can also integrate other apps into AskCodi, like Visual Studio Code. Plus, like other tools, you can translate your codes into different languages and programming languages. Finally, it provides quick suggestions on how to complete your code and make it work!

3. Figstack

Do you regularly work with programming languages you’re unfamiliar with? Figstack can help you interpret code from one language to another! 

First, it can help you understand lines of code. It will interpret the code in English or another language. However, if you want to translate one programming language into another, the Figstack AI will help you with it. Then, you can also get the docstring of a specific code to ease documentation writing. Finally, know how complex a code is with the Time Complexity feature. It uses the Big O notation to tell you how efficient your code is.

4. Docify

Documentation may not be your favorite part of being a web developer. However, Docify is one of the best AI tools for devs. Docify guarantees you’ll be more productive with their code comment generator and documentation features.

You can use popular formats or customize a format when generating docstrings. Go the extra mile by adding inline comments or explanations. Finally, you can use comments and translate them into another programming language. It can translate your comments into various languages, like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish. Plus, you can translate codes into languages like Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and more!

5. Codeium

Codeium is another alternative to CoPilot and AskCodi for all things coding. First, it will suggest code. Plus, you can teach the AI what code should be next by providing context. Additionally, it has a command feature that will generate code! Besides the autocomplete tool, you can chat with the AI. It can do the following:

  • Generate a code when you ask a question.
  • Explain a code.
  • Restructure or refactor your code.
  • Translate your code into another programming language.

Finally, Codeium boasts a context engine to help you search for anything in your codebase. Its chat feature also provides context as to which code generated its answer. Finally, it has a pinning tool to fine-tune the engine and learn more about context.

6. Phind

Here’s another generative AI tool for devs. Consider Phind as ChatGPT + a search engine to help you get answers to your complex coding problems. It uses four large language models:

  • Phind-34B
  • Phind-70B
  • GPT-4
  • Claude Opus

You can use Phind-34B for free, but you need to pay for a subscription to use the other language models. Additionally, Phind can help you finish your codes through chat.

7. Sourcegraph

Sourcegraph is another recommended AI tool for developers. You can write and fix code. Plus, they have a special tool named Cody that understands your database while you work on writing code to ship it! Cody will also suggest and autocomplete codes. It also has a context-aware engine. 

Additionally, you can automate workflows by using commands. Finally, it will help you identify errors as you write code. This way, you’ll know what to fix before shipping it!

8. Bugasura

Let Bugasura help you identify bugs before you ship your product to clients. It will point out buggy areas in your software. They also have reporting tools to help you understand what errors to fix. Other tools include:

  • Annotation
  • Session replay
  • Network logs

Last but not the least, you can foster collaboration with team members through integrations from Slack, Gmail, GitHub, and more!


Web developers may need to attend meetings regularly to discuss new website changes and bugs. Or, they can meet with clients to discuss feedback and other requirements to keep the website in tiptop shape. During these important meetings, you don’t want to miss out on anything that could affect your work. You need an AI transcription tool! is one of the most popular AI tools.

Before you meet with clients or stakeholders, you can already integrate into meeting apps like Zoom and Google Meet. Let do the hard work of taking notes and presentation screenshots. Plus, can identify key meeting notes, so you know what to prioritize after the meeting!

10. Uizard

Our last AI tool on this list is Uizard. You don’t need UX or web design experience to use this tool. It has a drag-and-drop editor to help you design your apps before launching. No design experience but know where to get your inspiration from? Don’t fret, you can upload a reference image for Uizard to use for your app. Finally, you can collaborate with your team members or clients by inviting them or getting their feedback in one place!