Social media ads are a must if you want to boost your marketing efforts. But remember that this is not a hit-or-miss type of strategy. It doesn’t mean that if you paid for an advertisement, you’ll get instant traction.

However, you can entice your target audience with compelling ad designs. Penji, an unlimited design service, can produce those for you. Request all the social media ads you need for your campaign. You don’t have to worry about hiring designers. Penji has a team of designers ready to tackle any project. Learn more about how you can request designs by watching this 10-minute video demo.

Before we share with you the best tactics on how you can improve your social media ads (on a tight budget), let’s share with you a number of quick facts. 

Facts About Social Media

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These statistics were lifted from Sprout Social. 

  • Those in the 25 to 30-year-old age range use Facebook more than other millennials on the site. 
  • Instagram has 1B active users every month. This is far from their 700 million users two years ago. 
  • Almost 80% of Twitter users are using the platform to discover something new. 
  • On LinkedIn, 90 million of its users are senior-level influencers and 63 million are decision-makers. 

A lot of newbies in social media ads think that creating general content for different platforms will suffice. They believe that it can win the market. But the reality is, you still need to understand the social media trends and behavior of the market in each platform.  

Remember, we are talking about working on a tight budget. It means you have to maximize every dollar that your company will spend. 

Best Strategies for Social Media Ads

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What are the most appropriate techniques for social media ads? Take note that you cannot use your strategy for Facebook on LinkedIn or vice versa. They have different demographics and online behavior. If you do that, it will eventually cost you a lot of money. 

The first step is to identify and understand the social media sites that your audiences use. You cannot just guess figures. And that is why we recommend that you take a lot of time to do your research or check out the current data and statistics. That way, you can allot your budget on platforms where the majority of your market can appreciate it. 


If you want to kickstart your social media ads, the best platform as of the moment is Facebook. This is due to its diverse demographics. Plus you can maximize its targeting features. It’s also a good avenue if you want to increase brand awareness, generate traffic to your website, and produce online and offline sales. 

You can take advantage of their photo ads where you can insert buttons like Send Message or Shop Now. It’s a straightforward call-to-action that can dramatically improve your sales. Just a quick note if you will use the photo ads. Show pictures of HOW to use the product instead of a plain photo of the item.  

Also, video ads are more ideal if your target market is using a desktop. It’s safe to say that this approach works well with professionals. Try to make your videos as short as possible. 

As for limited offers, discounts, and promos, you can use Stories ads. Make it simple and easy to grasp. 

Turn heads with Facebook ad designs that will make your audiences click on your CTA. Discover all the designs our team has created for clients.


We all know that Facebook owns Instagram so generally, you can use the platform for the same objectives listed above. If the majority of your market are millennials, this could be a great place to target them. 

When you create a photo ad on Instagram, always ensure that the style is similar to what your feed has. This is so your followers can easily identify your brand whenever they scroll. Now, if you want to improve and increase your engagement, you can use micro-animations in your photos. Companies have already proven that this technique has increased their leads. 

For those who are planning to use Carousel social media ads, make your photos uniform. For example, add similar headers. Photos with extremely different themes might not work well with your users. 


As we’ve already mentioned, Twitter users gravitate towards totally new points of discussion. They are always up for discovering interesting things. As for your social media ads, this could be a great place to introduce a new service or product. And just so you know, more than 65% of Twitter users are male. 

We recommend that you run different social media ads for Twitter. One is for mobile and one is for the desktop version. Plus, try to avoid putting mentions and hashtags on your ads. This might seem counterproductive but according to Twitter, your users might click these instead. That means, they will lose focus on your ads. 


Like Twitter, YouTube has more male users. Consider this when you are designing your campaign. And if you want to create ads, you need a Google Adwords account as well. 

Just in case you want to place a video ad, the best length is around half a minute or less. But of course, this depends on your content. If you have an amazing story to tell and if you believe your market will be hooked, then longer ones are good as well. 

In reality, most ads are skipped. We’re pretty sure you are guilty of that as well. But don’t get upset if that happens. According to studies, even skipped ads can improve the number of your views and your subscribers. 

Of course, you can use non-skippable YouTube ads. However, do not be complacent. This does not guarantee that your social media ads will be watched. Thus, create something that is of high quality. 


And lastly, let’s talk about LinkedIn. As most of us know, LinkedIn has a more professional market. If you will create a sponsored content, please make sure that your headline is brief yet powerful. Do not make long ones as these are less effective. Also, we recommend that you use large images. The ideal size is 1200 x 627 pixels.   

How to Request Social Media Ads on Penji

When you subscribe to Penji, everything will be a breeze. You’ll no longer have to waste time and resources in finding a graphic designer. Not to mention, Penji is also an all-in-one platform. This means you can request designs, leave feedback, and download everything on the platform. Here’s an exclusive step-by-step process on how you can request social media ads on Penji.

Step 1: Submit a Design Project

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On the dashboard, click +New Project. After this, you have to supply the Project title and select a Design category.

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Let’s say you need Instagram ads. In the categories section, choose Digital Ads. For this one, please select Custom and input the dimensions you require.

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After providing it, you will finally indicate design specifics on the Description field.

You can use the guidelines provided beside the Description box. This way, you can reduce the number of revisions. In turn, you can receive the designs within 24 to 48 hours.

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Once done, select the Level of customization, File deliverables, and Associated brand

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After that, click Create Project, and you’re all set! Congratulations, you finally have your first project on Penji.

Once created, a designer will be assigned to your project. You can expect the designs within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 2: Review Social Media Ad Design

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Within 24 to 48 hours, your designer will submit the first draft. Here, you can review the design and leave revisions or download it. If, in any case, it needs more improvement, you can use the built-in and handy revision tool. This allows you to specify the revisions.

Plus, anyone subscribed to a Penji plan has unlimited revisions. Other graphic design services would have a set number of revisions. Sometimes, you might have to pay for it too.

We want to make sure that you receive the best designs for your campaigns. Besides, you don’t even have to pay extra. It’s all part of your plan.

Step 3: Download the Social Media Ad Design

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When you’re 100% satisfied with the design you received, you can finally download it. All you have to do is click the blue Download button, and the files will be saved to your computer. That’s it!


Creating social media ads on a tight budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut down your budget for designs. In fact, you should never compromise quality if you want to be successful in the market. Instead, know which platforms your audiences are lurking and use the best techniques to engage them. 

One way to do that is to post captivating ad designs. And you need a reliable and dependable graphic design service to create social media ads for your campaign. Entrust Penji to produce those for you. For only $499/mo, you can request social media ads, illustrations, websites, and app designs! Sign up today and try the Penji platform 100% risk-free for 15 days.