Best Ways To Promote Amazon Merch T-shirts

by Jie Kuang, 08/09/18

You have your Amazon Merch account set up with t-shirts ready to go, but sales aren’t coming in the way you expected. So, what now? There are lots of ways to promote Amazon Merch t-shirts without violating their terms and conditions. They may not be traditional ways of marketing like banner ads and Amazon ads, so it’ll require a bit of creativity. Here are a few ways that you can promote your Amazon Merch t-shirts and get the sales you want.


If you’re looking for shoppers, Pinterest is the best place to go. Pinterest users are there to browse and are ready to spend money, which is exactly what you want! Promote your Amazon Merch t-shirts by creating a pin and linking it to the appropriate URL.


To make it look better than all the other Merch shirts on Pinterest, put your design on a mockup. If you use Penji or have your own t-shirt graphic designer, you can request for them to create mockups for every design, so you can easily upload it into Pinterest.

t-shirt design

Facebook Groups

One of the best places to look for people who might be interested in your shirt is on the biggest social media platform. There are billions of people on Facebook. Go into the Groups tab and type in the niche you are looking for. If you’re curious, hit Discover and see what’s available. You may even find new t-shirt design ideas this way.

Facebook Groups

Join as many groups as you can. Some will have questions for you to answer before you’re allowed in. Remember to follow the rules and be respectful in these groups. Don’t just start spamming the pages with your Merch shirts. Contribute to the discussions. If you aren’t sure if you can post your link, DM the admin to ask for permission.

Facebook Groups are great for finding an audience. By engaging with them, they will help you design better, come up with new ideas, and even become paying customers. You have to stay on their good side and be a trustworthy contributor, so stay active and have fun with it!


Speaking of trust, if you’re going to engage in forums like Reddit, you need to gather some brownie points (karma) so you don’t look like you’re just trying to sell something. There’s nothing worse than going into a forum to talk to random people on the internet and see someone try to push you to buy something.



But, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get sales! Engage with subreddits often and build up a history of conversation. When the moment presents itself, post your shirt in appropriate subreddits. If you purchase the shirt yourself, consider putting it on and taking a picture instead of just using the one that Amazon provides. This will give people an idea of what it looks like in real life and how they can style it themselves.


Slack is a messaging platform usually used for professional purposes. But, there are channels that serve niches like entrepreneurship, women in tech, and more. With a simple Google search, you can find them and request to join. Just like with Facebook Groups, engage in the conversation and stay active in the channels. The members of the channels are there to learn and share knowledge.


Discord is similar to Slack, but it’s built for gamers. It only makes sense to join Discord if you’re a part of the gaming community. The users are of all ages. So you could be talking to teenagers or grandpas. Their common ground is the game they’re playing. This is a great place to promote your Amazon Merch t-shirts, especially if your niche is in gaming, anime, comics, memes, and nerd culture.



If you’re into live streaming, Twitch is perfect for you! The majority of the audience on Twitch are gamers and creatives, so keep that in mind when you’re streaming. If you’re a gamer or graphic designer yourself, Twitch is perfect for you to promote your Amazon Merch t-shirts! You have to understand the culture on Twitch, because the people watching are really picky about the content and you want to maintain a good reputation.

twitch tv

Another way to promote your Amazon Merch t-shirts on Twitch is to gift a shirt to a popular streamer. Followers and subscribers of Twitch streamers are fiercely loyal. This is a great option if you’re not a streamer yourself. You’ll save hours out of your week and won’t have to spend months trying to gather an audience.


It’s easier to promote your Amazon Merch t-shirts on Instagram if you already have a following, but if you’re starting from scratch, it’s difficult but still possible. The thing about Instagram is that you won’t be able to post a link to specific t-shirts in the caption. The only place you can post is in the bio. Instagram is meant to be a source of inspiration and a peek into someone’s life, so keep that in mind when posting.


Pictures where someone is wearing the actual product will do better than just using the picture that Amazon provides. And as always, be social. Engage with people who you think may become paying customers. Like, comment, follow, and DM. Your message has to come across as genuine and not salesy or you will instantly be blocked. Messaging those who already follow you will be ideal because they already like your content.

Groups and Teams

Are you in a softball team? Or perhaps you have kids and they are in Little League.This is the perfect place to promote your Amazon Merch t-shirts. Teams usually purchase bulk orders so your sales will skyrocket in a matter of days. The shirts will have to be relevant to the team so make sure you’re promoting the right designs.

geek tshirt design

Groups can include support groups, religious groups, political groups, and groups for hobbies. They’re great potential clients for promoting Amazon Merch t-shirts to. They place bulk orders and are probably well connected with other groups in their niche. This results in a free referral as well as a big sale. If you get your designs right for their niche, it could snowball into something much more.