Selling Merch on Amazon, Redbubble, or Printful can be a rewarding side hustle. Getting started is easy, but getting designs that sell is where the challenge begins. I’m a graphic designer for Penji and I’ve designed easily over 1000+ shirts myself. I’ve had the privilege of designing for some of the most successful Merch sellers (people making easily over $3k/m on commission) and have seen all sorts of whacky and tacky designs. It’s not always obvious why a design sells. Sometimes the simplest designs without any graphics end up being your cash cow for the month. Other times, it’s the ambiguous design with subtle humor that only a small niche audience would understand that sells out (talking to you Area-51 Raid T-shirts).

I decided to put together an Ebook covering 47+ of the strangest designs I’ve done that actually sold pretty well. Needless to say, please don’t copy or mimic any of these designs, as they’re probably already online and being sold. If you are interested in having me (or one of my colleagues) help with designing, give Penj a try and use promo code: SAMUEL to get 25% off your 1st month. I know I know, shameless plug. I work for the company, what do you expect?

1. Strong Man

2. CBD Makes You Healthy Not High

3. Keeping It Old School

4. Chest On Fire

5. Power To The Lifter

6. Public Land Owner

7. Save The Ocean

8. Hot Sloth Yoga

9. SpecialTEA

10. Bacon Butter & Coffee

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11. I was Mukbang Before It Was Cool

12. The Ocean Calling

13. There’s Too Much Bacon My My Plate

14. Totally Rad

15. Queen Of The Camper

16. I’m Doing Grate

17. Don’t Stop Retrievin’

18. Best Friends For Life

19. Do More Of What Makes You Happy

20. Donut Crew

21. Next Time Wear Sunscreen

22. I’m Really Into Spirits

23. Beach Bum For Life

24. Melanin Poppin

25. A One Of A Kind Legend

26. I’m On A Juice Cleanse #Mimosa

27. Cubist

28. Unicorn Squad

29. New York City Graffiti Art 

30. San Diego California


31. Beach Life


32. Vega AF


33. I’m Sexy And I Mow It


34. Let’s Get Quackin


35. Breast Cancer Awareness


36. Tequila Lime & Sunshine


37. The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go


38. Ginjas


39. I’m Really A Shrimp


40. Mug Life


41. Heart Crusher


42. Squeeze The Day


43. Mardi Gras


44. Earth Day Everyday


45. Jolly AF


46. It’s Complicated


47. Unicorn Love


48. Chicks Dig Me