Advancements in technology have shown us many amazing tools that were once figments of our imagination. The year 2024 has seen an unprecedented surge in the development of AI and its disruption of how we interact with visual content. We can now convert images into text easily with these top 10 image-to-text AI generators of 2024, both free and paid options.

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How Do Image-to-Text AI Tools Work?

Image-to-text AI generators use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools to clean up an image and make it easier to read. It adjusts the contrast and deletes any noise or blurriness. Once the picture looks good, the OCR scans it to find where all the text is. 

The tool then matches the shapes of the letters and characters in your image to its database of known characters using smart pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms. The recognized characters are then assembled into words and sentences using contextual analysis to ensure the text’s accuracy and correct potential errors. 

Finally, it digitizes the output into an editable text version that you can edit, search, and use for whatever purpose.

1. Sider

Using advanced machine learning models, Sider is an image-to-text AI tool that interprets data and converts it into accurate, contextually rich written narratives. Simply put, it extracts text from images and sends them to ChatGPT to describe it. It uses advanced OCR tools to identify and extract text from images accurately.

Sider does more than convert images to text, it can also do more. It has features that detect and recognize objects, write content, draw and edit AI images, and many others. Pricing starts at $5 per month.

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Another advanced image-to-text AI tool, can convert images, scanned documents, and PDFs into editable and searchable text with high accuracy. It uses sophisticated OCR algorithms and machine learning models to provide precise text recognition. It can recognize and process text in multiple languages and has a user-friendly interface.

True to its name, is one of the best image-to-text AI generators as you can use it for free. It has no limit on how many pictures you can convert in a day, making it an excellent option for startups or individuals.

3. ChatGPT

Probably the most popular AI tool around, ChatGPT can also be an image-to-text AI generator tool. It supports image-to-text conversion for its Plus subscribers. It uses a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision technology to identify and extract text from images.

ChatGPT is a versatile and reliable option if you’re willing to pay $20 per month. Along with this subscription, you’ll get vision capabilities, enhanced text generation, and advanced image analysis, among others.


An innovative AI-powered tool, lets you convert scanned documents, images, and PDFs into easy-to-read text formats. It delivers accurate and efficient results to save you time and effort when you need to extract text from a picture or convert a scanned document into a digital format. has a free trial that lets you test it for as long as you need. For its paid subscription, pricing starts at $8 per month with 480 credits.

5. Nanonets’ Image to Text Converter

A revolutionary AI-driven tool, Nanonets’ Image to Text Converter lets you effortlessly convert images into editable text. It leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to extract text from images accurately. This includes scanned documents, photographs, and PDFs. It has an intuitive interface and lightning-fast processing speed.

Nanonets’ Image to Text Converter has three plans. The first is the Starter, where you pay as you go. You won’t pay a subscription fee but will be charged $0.3 per page. The other plans are the Pro and Enterprise, with monthly pricing that starts at $999 per workflow.


Offering a simplified conversion process, also uses the most advanced OCR technology. It can convert images, scanned documents, and PDFs with remarkable accuracy. Its intuitive interface and support for multiple file formats and languages make it a valuable tool for those without technical skills and those with images from different countries. will let you digitize, archive, and manage your documents efficiently without manual transcription. The best part is you can use this AI image-to-text tool for free.


A simple yet robust image-to-text AI generator, IMG2TXT offers URL-based image scanning services to convert your digital files and images into editable text. It can recognize text from various photos, such as infographics, ID cards, postcards, and many others.

IMG2TXT is free to use. You can enjoy its many features, including its support for over 35 languages for text recognition, data protection, user-friendly interface, and many others.


From PDF to Word, Excel, JPG, and many others, can easily convert your PDFs into editable text. It can also compress your PDF files and merge, edit, and split them. Its active OCR function lets you perform batch processing for your PDFs. has a free version that you can use to explore this AI tool and enjoy some of its features. To use its full potential, getting a subscription is highly recommended. Pricing starts at $9 per month.


An AI-powered image-to-text generator tool, is an easy-to-use website that transforms your images into editable text. It supports multiple image-uploading formats to make image-to-text conversions faster and easier. It also has a mobile-friendly interface for people who need to convert their photographs on the go. is a free online tool, but online donations are most welcome. 


Another online service,, is a powerful image-to-text AI tool that can convert scans or photographs of text documents into editable files. It can transform your physical documents into digital text, which you can then edit and store efficiently. It can also extract text from your PDF files, giving a reliable option for individuals and businesses alike.

What makes an excellent option for many individuals and small businesses is that it is free to use. It supports multiple languages and special characters, making it a reliable image-to-text AI generation tool.

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