Is there anything artificial intelligence can’t do? There’s a surprising new technological breakthrough every month. The trending breakthrough is how AI can now take a sentence you type and turn it into a photo or painting. If you want to create AI photos from your text prompts, here are some of the best AI photo creator apps you can try in 2023. 

1. NightCafe

AI photo generator

NightCafe is one of the most straightforward web-based AI photo creators. It is s the perfect example of text-to-image applications to create mind-blowing artistic outputs. Just type any simple English sentence, and NightCafe AI turns it into a painting. To use it, you’ll have to log in to the website, which is entirely free.

2. Starry AI

AI photo generator

Starry AI turns sentences into photos, artworks, or images like the other apps on this compilation. However, unlike many others, it offers granular control over certain aspects, making the results much more personal. You’ll have to create an account to use it.

You’ll start by selecting the AI image type: Art or Photo. For generating Art, enter your prompt, choose the Styles, Canvas Size, and Runtime, and optionally add your Start Image as a base. The process is the same for generating a Photo, except there are no styles to choose from.

3. Dream by WOMBO

AI photo generator

Dream by WOMBO was created by a Canadian artificial intelligence startup WOMBO. It is considered by many to be the best all-around AI photo generator from the text. The process of using Dream by WOMBO is very similar to NightCafe. Write a sentence, choose an art style, and let Dream by WOMBO generate the image for you. One of the best parts of Dream by WOMBO is that it allows you to upload an image as a reference, so you can generate images that better match your vision.

4. DeepAI

AI photo generator

DeepAI offers an easy-to-use AI photo creator with decent results and correct prompts. Many image styles are on offer, and almost half of those are free. The free ones include basic text-to-image, cute creatures, fantasy worlds, cyberpunk, old, renaissance painting, and abstract, among a few others.

These styles produce images according to that theme, like the other tools on this list. However, among these styles, there is a logo generator as well that you can use to produce interesting logo ideas. It’s handy for artists looking for inspiration to build on or overcome a block.

5. DALL-E 2

AI photo generator

DALL-E 2 is a cutting-edge AI image generator developed by OpenAI, the same team that created GPT-3, the top natural language machine learning algorithm. It has become the most advanced AI image generator on the market that can generate a variety of digital art and illustrations from text.

Just input the text, and Dall-E 2 will create a series of pictures based on your text. You can use it to create illustrations, design products, and generate new ideas for business.

One of the best features DALL-E 2 offers is its paintbrush, which allows you to add details to your image, such as shadows, highlights, colors, textures, etc.

6. Photosonic

AI photo generator

Photosonic is a web-based AI photo creator that lets you create realistic or artistic images from any text description using an innovative text-to-image AI model. It lets you control the AI-generated images’ quality, diversity, and style by adjusting the description and rerunning the model.

7. MidJourney

AI photo generator

Midjourney is also one of the best AI image creators, with comprehensive capabilities and fast generation. Input a text prompt and let Midjourney do the rest. Many artists use Midjourney to generate the images they want as inspiration for their work.

But currently, Midjourney is hosted on a Discord server. To generate images with MidJourney, you have to join his server and employ Discord bot commands to create images. But that’s easy; you can quickly get started within minutes.

8. Craiyon

AI photo generator

If you don’t want to sign up, you can use Craiyon (formerly DALL-E Mini), an open-source version of the original AI model, for public use. Its team members were part of the DALL-E Mini project. The machine learns descriptions by reading captions of other images online and applying them to whatever phrase you type. You don’t need to register for an account, and you get unlimited tries for your images.

Type your sentence (and be as specific as possible), enter the Negative words (things you don’t want in your image), and hit Draw. It’ll take time, but Craiyon will soon give you nine images from your sentence. You can save any or all images to your hard drive.

9. Bing Image Creator

AI photo generator

When Microsoft brought AI to Bing, it went into an agreement with OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT and DALL-E. Soon after Bing Co-Pilot hit the scenes, Microsoft added Bing Image Creator to the equation, providing a comprehensive AI suite for free.

10. PixRay

AI photo generator

Pixray is a text-to-art generator you can run in a browser on your desktop or with an API for free. It has an intuitive interface. With its customizable AI features and extensive documentation for custom codes, geeks will truly enjoy using the app. 

Bing Image Creator works similarly to the other tools on this list—you enter the prompt and hit Create to generate images. The results are decent, and you can produce more specific art pieces by describing your images as comprehensively as possible.

The downside of Bing is that it requires you to use Microsoft Edge to work. However, you can ditch Edge and use Chrome to use Bing and its Image Creator.

Is AI Killing Artists?

The different AI photo creators in this article are all impressive. But just like AI writing tools, while the output seems “real” enough, it still misses some things. Artists can add creativity, emotion, and a self-defined style that makes an artwork personal and original. 

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