Healthcare logos require careful planning as they should exude credibility, trust, and reliability, among many other strong characteristics. This assures patients they’re in good hands and will get the best care they deserve. To whip up the best logo for your hospital or clinic, here are Penji’s top designs you can get inspiration from:

1. Serve Medical

Healthcare logo example

Thinking out of the box, the designer used blue for the heart image in this logo for Serve Medical instead of red. Blue calls to mind calmness, peace, and serenity, making it perfect for the blue heart. As its name suggests, the company is ready to serve its customers’ medical needs.

Serve Medical has emphasized this on its logo with a hand silhouette showing care and concern. The color green adds a refreshing angle to the overall design.

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2. MedFirst Clinical Trading

medfirst healthcare logo

Using bright and vibrant colors always gets attention. This is precisely what the designer wanted MedFirst Clinical Trading to have in its logo design. The image is an excellent fusion of the cross and the number 1. 

Logos should show who you are as a brand and what your identity and personality are. This healthcare logo indicates an upscale, trendy, and innovative brand persona. It is eye-catching and highly scalable.

3. Lighthouse Healthcare

blue healthcare logo example

As expected, this healthcare logo designed for Lighthouse Healthcare would have an image of a lighthouse in it. Done beautifully, the logo consists of the lighthouse to show strength, hands to project concern, and light beams to illustrate the energy that radiates from this company.

The font pairing is superb, with a good combination of a serif type and a non-serif one. It adds clarity to the logo design. With the use of a single color with varying shades, the logo has class, professionalism, and a tranquil demeanor.

4. Lazarus Medical Corporation

human figure Healthcare logo

Lazarus, the biblical character restored to life after death, is depicted in this logo for a company with the same name. The company uses a scribbled drawing of a man with a cloak. But what seems to be a plain custom illustration is a line drawing of the letters L, M, and C, this company’s initials.

As mentioned earlier, blue is ideal for healthcare logos as it connotes many positive traits. This one shows reliability, stability, and dependability, characteristics we want to see in a healthcare company.

5. First Choice Health Society

red cube Healthcare logo

Ideally, a logo should tell a company’s story. This can be difficult to achieve, but in the case of Forst Choice Health Society, they have succeeded. This square logo has the letter F in it, a check mark, and a plus sign. All these tell that this organization is top-of-the-line and caters to the health and wellness industry.

The choice of red as its primary logo color is very fitting. It is universally accepted to symbolize good health, life, vigor, and many other traits.

6. Urgent Care Health Company

urgent care Healthcare logo example

To show urgency in providing services, the logo designer added speed lines to Urgent Care Health Company’s logo. As with most logos in the healthcare industry, it has a cross to signify its business nature. The color blue gives the logo a professional touch, and a part of it is black to place emphasis on the word Care.

Font choice is also noteworthy as the logo only used basic types. When you’re in the healthcare business, showing professionalism is of topmost concern. Using a detailed font can be distracting.

7. Alpha Healthcare

Healthcare logo example

This trendy logo design created for Alpha Healthcare shows that colors can help define a brand’s identity. The logo color combination of blue, violet, and green gives the logo design an air of mystery, innovation, and creativity. The triangle to symbolize the brand’s first letter has a little heart shape on the bottom part of the logo.

We will notice how the heart shape is common in these types of logos. And rightly so, it is a field where customers and patients look for care, protection, and love.

8. Faith Center Health Solutions

Healthcare logo example

Merging the medical cross symbol with the Christian cross, the Faith Center Health Solutions logo befits the brand perfectly. In the image, you’ll also find a pair of hands, a sphere, and some light rays coming from it. This logo suitably depicts hope, love, brotherhood, and many other spiritual attributes.

The color choice of violet, green, and yellow is also very suitable. Violet represents royalty, green is rebirth and growth, while yellow is happiness and joy.

9. Hope Health Industries

medical logo

Another healthcare logo that uses different shades of blue as its brand colors is Hope Health Industries. And for a good reason, light blue represents health and healing. Notice how the designer tweaked the font to add a unique touch to it.

The image also has a cross in it, just like the Faith Center Health Solutions logo. It has shapes reminiscent of leaves that are great for projecting rebirth and growth.

10. Beacon Medical Supplies

Healthcare logo example

This beautifully designed logo for Beacon Medical Supplies is one of the most unique on this list. On the center of the brand name is a lighthouse with rays of light changing the color of the name. It perfectly shows the beacon illuminating its surroundings. 

Again, another logo that uses blue as its primary color. It also uses a font pairing that’s a combination of bold and regular typefaces

What makes a good healthcare logo?

A good healthcare logo should communicate your brand’s personality. Below are a few more characteristics that describe what a good logo is, regardless of your business nature:

Clean and simple: Simplicity can make your logo more memorable and versatile. When you go for a clean and simple design, you’ll have a logo that’s easily recognizable, even when scaled down or reproduced using only black and white.

Relevant: Your logo should reflect the nature of the business you’re in so consumers can readily identify you. 

Professional: A good logo is one that showcases professionalism, credibility, and trustworthiness.

Distinctive: Your logo should make your business stand out from the competition.

Timeless: Get a logo design that can stand the test of time. Revisions are always welcome, but if you can, never follow trends that can be outdated in a short time.

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