Hawks are known for their sharp vision and keen observation skills. They have this incredible ability to spot even the tiniest details from up above. That said, a hawk logo implies that a company or organization is about having a keen eye for detail and being observant. They’re also known for their swift flight and precise movements, representing quick, agile, and responsive brands.

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Famous Hawk Logos

Two popular sports teams come to mind when talking about hawk logos. The first is the NBA team, Atlanta Hawks, while the other one is Seattle Seahawks. But are they the only organizations using hawks as mascots? According to this Twitter account, 37 college sports teams use hawks in their logo.

However, the use of hawks as mascots and logos isn’t limited to these sports organizations. Hawk Cars is one company using a hawk logo. And another is a bag manufacturer and company from the Philippines: Hawk.

But how else can you incorporate a hawk into your logo? Check out our logo selection below:

1. Hawk Metals

hawk logo design by Penji

The Hawk Metals logo is the first on our list, showing the hawk appearing to fly upwards, its wings spread wide. It could signify power or confidence.

One notable feature of this logo is the metallic logo style. If you envision a similar style, you can request a chrome finish or filter to give your logo an oomph. Additionally, the logo design looks geometric. It could signify the metals used by the shop before it’s fabricated.

Hawk logos perfect for your business

Show off your brand’s personality with professional hawk logos created by expert designers

2. Hawk Readers

hawk logo design by Penji

An open book is the best symbol for your logo if you own a bookstore. But you can reimagine that and give your logo a unique look like this one from Hawk Readers. It shows an open book; instead, pages of the book appear on the hawk’s flapping wings.

Another thing to note here is the color palette. The progression from white to black was a clever choice. It provides a contrast from what is the hawk’s wing to book pages.

3. HawKEY Locksmith

hawk logo design by Penji

Some design elements don’t need to be combined to create a unique look. After all, you don’t want to complicate your design and leave viewers puzzled. If you want a simple yet impactful logo, the HawKEY Locksmith logo should be an example.

Color is another striking feature of this logo. Blue and yellow is a great pairing since they contrast each other. This will surely catch the eyes of their target audience.

4. Hawkskoop Ice Cream Store

hawk logo design by Penji

Birds and ice cream are two elements that don’t go together. However, Hawkskoop Ice Cream Store combines those and creates one single image, to sum up its brand visually. It’s your typical ice cream logo. But what makes this stand out is the using the hawk’s wings as the ice cream cone. Plus, you’ll see a silhouette of the hawk to strengthen the brand’s identity. Additionally, yellow and brown work well together to create harmony and balance fun, and comfort.

5. Hawktalk Cafe

hawk logo design by Penji

Coffee shop logos usually have a brown or neutral motif since brands want to present the color of coffee in their imagery. Hawktalk Cafe follows the norm. But their logo is unique because of the emblem-style logo with the added hawk illustration. The hawk seems intimidating, but Hawktalk Cafe shows that they are one of the best cafes in the city. Plus, the brown motif will make you crave a cup of Joe from them.

6. HWK Clothing Line

hawk logo design by Penji

Many clothing logos are combination logos making their logo versatile and memorable. For combination logos, this could also mean you can take out a wordmark or monogram and leave the pictorial or abstract, and people can still recognize your brand. And that’s the case for HWK Clothing Line. The pictorial mark would be perfect as a small website icon and or added to a clothing tag.

Like the HawKEY Locksmith logo, they use a contrasting motif that will easily grab people’s attention.

7. Mohawk Barbershop

hawk logo design by Penji

Here’s another chrome hawk logo. Although this logo doesn’t have an actual hawk as its primary visual element, they honor the hawk by adding its ferocious wings at the sides of the open pair of scissors. In addition, you can also create balance and contrast through colors, font size, and weight. Plus, you can stand out from other barbershops in the area using a futuristic font instead of your typical and traditional sans serif and cursive fonts.

8. Sparrowhawk Boxing Gym

hawk logo design by Penji

If you want to show movement in a static logo, take a look at this hawk logo for Sparrowhawk Boxing Gym. You can add movement elements like a whoosh to demonstrate forward motion. Even the font is slanted to present movement.

The motif is also another notable feature of this logo. Since it’s a gym logo, red is the ideal color to establish that they provide excitement and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

9. Tiercel Gym

hawk logo design by Penji

Tiercel is a male hawk. Based on this imagery, you can expect Tiercel Gym to have a masculine brand identity. As a gym or fitness logo, they use a geometric but bold font. But to create contrast and variety, a sans serif can balance the logo design. Further, their logo incorporates small diamonds. Diamonds in logos signify reliability and stability, demonstrating they want to be a dependable fixture for health and wellness.

10. Tire-cel

hawk logo design by Penji

Here’s another company using Tiercel as its business name. However, theirs is a wordplay on tires and Tiercels, considering they’re an automotive repair company. Of course, the tire is a prominent feature. Plus, the hawk helps strengthen the company’s identity. 

Moreover, you can make a neutral logo brighter with a splash of color like the orange horizontal strip. Orange signifies passion and energy, which could be valuable traits to the company.

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