A huge chunk of the world’s population, or a whopping 3.24 billion gamers worldwide, is what made the gaming industry as big as it is today. With the fierce competition they are facing, gaming companies are doing everything to get players on their side. Logos are a great start if you want to leave a lasting impression and hook gamers. Below are ten gaming logo examples you should be learning from.

1. JA Systems

gaming logo example

This gaming logo design features images of what looks like a circuit, an apt way to represent the gaming world. The initials JA is also incorporated in the icon in a white outline, which is an excellent way to pair with the black wires. Also, the brand name is in black and white colors, similar to the icon above. This is an example of consistency in logo design

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2. Ultro Corporation

gaming logo example

Ultro Corporation’s logo is quite manly, which appeals to male gamers in the industry. This font choice is suitable for a game that excites the male demographic. It’s a sans serif typeface in bold and black color, with purple outlines. The word “Corporation” also complements the text at the top, keeping the color choice relevant. 

3. Specialized Entertainment

gaming logo example

One look at the Specialized Entertainment logo, and you’ll instantly think about criminal-chasing police officers in exciting car chases. This gun shooting game chooses a shield and wings for its logo design. However, the icon looks like a badge of some sort, with the initials “SE” plastered in the middle of both wings. The overall symbol reminds you of police forces, especially the suitable silver color. Plus, the stylized font is a great way to engage gamers in this type of game. 

4. Zaibatsu Industries

gaming logo example

When creating gaming logos, you must ensure the design elements, including the fonts and illustrations, are relevant. Moreover, your gaming logo must also show a bit of history and storytelling. In this case, the Zaibatsu Industries logo chose a unique geometric symbol with three semi-circles on each side. These symbolize the three missions of the entire game that players can expect. 

5. Fox

gaming logo example

Choosing a mascot or character to represent your company is the best way to appeal to your target audience. This logo is one of the most straightforward designs on this list. Additionally, this gaming company features a fox as its primary character, the best way to depict the game and its name. 

6. Big Kong’s Controller

gaming logo example

Nothing can get more clear-cut than this Big Kong’s Controller logo design. You’ll get why players would love to play this game, especially if they were fans of the Donkey Kong game in the 1980s. It features two gorilla hands seemingly holding a controller. This icon shows that players will choose a gorilla as their main character and will have complete control of the animal throughout the game. 

7. Outer Heaven

gaming logo example

The gaming name may sound a bit like it’s a feminine game. However, once you look at the icon, you’ll know it’s one of those games that involve shooting and chasing. The icon looks like a robotic symbol of a powerful special character. The font choice is also unique, which reminds you of a Wild Wild West setting. Although the two design components may look contradicting, these elements complement each other in one way or another

8. Icarus

gaming logo example

Icarus is part of Greek mythology, which reminds us of a tragic story. Icarus’s wings melted by flying too close to the sun, leading to his untimely death. This tragic death is an excellent way to hook players to try out this game. Additionally, gamers will have an idea of the game, making an excellent first impression at first glance. And you can’t help but notice the fiery red color and hues that signify energy, passion, and power

9. Dragon Symbol

gaming logo example

The dominant and powerful dragon is the game’s primary character. And what better way to showcase this than to display a dragon front and center. When creating any logo, featuring your products and services is a given. This way, your target audience will understand what your brand offers. In this case, this gaming logo shows one of the main protagonists in the game. 

10. Vault-Tech Corp

gaming logo example

The Vault-Tech Corp game is different from the other action-packed games on this list. It dwells more on problem-solving stages where players choose from a bunch of answers to solve puzzles in a timed setting. And this is clearly shown in the image of a human head, with circuits connected to its brain. The purple color is apt, invoking feelings of individuality and creativity

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