Animals are reliable mascots for business logos. Not only do they hold a symbolic or significant meaning to the brand, but they can embody the animal’s characteristics. And if there’s a creature you want to represent your brand, you should consider the cow. Know what the cow symbolizes. Plus, look at these udder-ly fantastic cow logos created by our incredible Penji designers!

Brands Using Cow Logos + Cow Symbolism

The dairy industry uses cows as their mascot, considering cows provide them with milk and cheese. Hence, this creature is appropriate and ideal as their mascot. But which brands use cows on their logos?

  • Laughing Cow Cheese
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Blue Bell Creameries
  • YooMoo Frozen Yogurt
  • Cowhead
  • Horizon Organic
  • Happy Cow

As we can see above, your company doesn’t have to be in the dairy or meat industry to use the cow. Of course, if your business name has even the slightest hint of cattle in your branding, adding cow imagery is already befitting to your business. What if you just love cows and want to include them in your logo?

Here’s how you can use cattle as part of your branding through symbolism:

  • Motherhood
  • Fertility
  • Nourishment
  • Peace
  • Abundance

If your brand values any of these, then the cow is the ideal character for your business!

1. Almilk

cow logo design example by Penji

Play with texture like this logo from Almilk. The logo looks like it has a liquid appearance because of the font style. Additionally, it seems like a drop of milk is dripping on the i, further enhancing their branding. Moreover, you can get creative with the visual by combining your wordmark with your pictorial one. As you can see, the m has the cow’s snout. Then, it has horns and eyes to give it a cow look.

2. Beef to Go

cow logo design example by Penji

Food truck logos would have a truck and business name, and that’s it. But to make it more exciting and fun, check out this logo from Beef to Go. Like this one, you can integrate an ingredient or main dish. They use a meat slab with wheels on the bottom. Another thing to note here is the logo color. Since meat is brown and red before it’s cooked, they use that motif to strengthen their branding.

3. Calf Clothing Line

cow logo design example by Penji

Apparel companies face fierce competition from larger and well-known brands. It’s necessary for clothing brands to stand out from the crowd. But you don’t need a showy logo to make an impact. Check out this example from the Calf Clothing Line. It’s one of the simplest yet bold cow logos on this list.

Another element to note here is the hexagon for their combination monogram and abstract mark. Further, this logo can also be versatile since the logo can appear only as an abstract mark, and it would be recognizable.

4. Cattle Kids Apparel

cow logo design example by Penji

Kids’ apparel logos should appear playful and fun. And that’s what Cattle Kids Apparel shows us. The imagery uses a cute cow. It meshed with a shirt, making it a unique visual. Another feature to point out here is the font. Fonts can also evoke a feeling or energy in logos. It’s suited to the company’s brand and purpose.

5. Cow City Playhouse

cow logo design example by Penji

The Cow City Playhouse shows us another way to present a simple and modern image to symbolize your brand. You can present a chic or elegant brand based on font weights and illustration styles. But if you still want to appear approachable, you can make the mascot or visual look happy, like the cow in the image.

In addition, since playhouses are theaters, it deviates from the two-mask imagery associated with acting. 

6. Cowfluent Software Company

cow logo design example by Penji

Anyone owning a tech company knows a modern logo should represent their brand. The Cowfluent Software Company is no exception. 

One significant element of the logo is the imagery. Since Cowfluent is a wordplay on confluent, it makes sense that the illustration is a one-line style. Aside from that, they use visual hierarchy through a bolded weight for “Cowfluent” and used a regular one for “software company.”

7. Moo Film Production

cow logo design example by Penji

Film reels are the best visuals for any film production company. Since their name has “Moo” in it, they added eyes and horns, with the film reels acting as the nostrils of the cow’s snout. They also used whitespace effectively to give the brand a unique and creative look. Additionally, you can use this logo as an example if you want a simple black-and-white motif.

8. Moo-sic Studio

cow logo design example by Penji

Cows’ moos are distinct and have been known to vocalize. It’s fitting that the music studio’s name is Moo-sic Studio. Plus, they use suitable imagery, with the cow appearing to whistle or moo. The added notes are a nice touch to present their musical identity. Further, their music studio can attract attention because of the cartoon-style illustration. That’s a rarity in the music industry.

9. Moove

cow logo design example by Penji

If you’re a logistics company, check out this example from Moove. They use an adorable cow mascot as the imagery. It’s paired with a wordmark with their business name. But it has a slight modification; it’s slanted. That is relevant to the brand since they deliver items to consumers or businesses. An italic logo like that shows you want to move things forward. And that’s Moove’s message to their customers.

10. Yummoo Ice Cream Store

cow logo design example by Penji

You can add subtle imagery to your logo, like this one from Yummoo Ice Cream Store. Aside from the cow’s body, the bovine’s prominent features are its horns and tail. Even with those elements, it’s easy to identify a cow based on that. Aside from that, you can also mix and match fonts in your logo. You can use a stylish or modern font for your business name and a standard sans serif for the remaining part. Plus, the motif adds to the “chilliness” of their ice cream store.

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