Every day, new technology emerges, adding to the myriad of tools to use in all industries. Marketing isn’t exempt, as there is always a new software, app, or trend that will make the process even more challenging and confusing than it is. Here is our compilation of the best branding tools to filter down your choices:

1. Sprout Social

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Creating effective branding means understanding your audience. Researching what your buyer persona wants and what resonates with them will determine the brand identity to craft. This is where a branding tool such as Social Sprout can be helpful.

A social media management platform, Social Sprout lets you compile insightful data about your customers. It will help you understand how your brand performs, your customers’ needs and behaviors, and other relevant information. This will allow you to create a brand identity that suits your business.

2. Hippo Video

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According to statistics, 64% of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos. If you don’t have it yet, now’s the best time to include videos in your marketing strategies. For this, you’ll need Hippo Video. 

This branding tool lets you create videos for email campaigns, customer support, sales, and many more. It also provides a hosting platform and other resources that can be helpful in your video marketing tasks. Pricing ranges from $15 up to $79 per month.

3. MailChimp

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to grow your business is through email marketing. However, sending emails that get read can be trying. To ensure that your emails get opened, use MailChimp. 

Its efficiency is what made MailChimp the most popular choice in its category. It offers email templates that get attention and results. It also has various tools to measure specific metrics, such as the effectiveness of your campaigns and other similar data. You can use it for free, but it also offers three feature-filled plans that are truly valuable.

4. BrandYourself

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We sometimes assume that branding is limited to visuals. Brand reputation is also something we need to take care of as it builds customer loyalty. A good reputation is what customers are looking for when they want reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness. This is why businesses would do well if they get a branding tool such as BrandYourself. 

This site will review your online reputation and find the negative ones that can damage your brand. Once it finds them, it will remove them for you. It can also help you eliminate bad links that may destroy your reputation without you knowing it. 

5. Font Pair

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Many of the most famous logos are those that use fonts. Disney, IBM, and FedEx are a few examples. However, choosing the right font type can be a tricky challenge. To help you come up with the best font pairing for your brand’s logo, there is Font Pair. 

This branding website has an extensive selection of fonts and pairings to give you ideas on what is best to use for your brand identity. They update their list weekly, so you’ll never run out of ideas. The best part, it is totally free to use!

6. Coolors

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Color is a crucial part of any logo, and many businesses find it challenging to get the most relevant for their brands. It’s because there’s psychology involved. If you need help choosing your brand’s colors, the branding tool website Coolors is the place to go. 

It has hundreds of color palettes you can browse through to find your exact brand colors. It has tutorials that will teach you and help you decide. You can also upload an image, and the site will give you its color scheme. Coolors is entirely free to use.

7. FontLab 8

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Logos require more when it comes to fonts. While there are thousands of font types to choose from, sometimes you need customization to make it uniquely yours. FontLab 8 is a premium font creation software that allows you to create, edit, or customize a font. This is a great branding tool if you need a one-of-a-kind font for your logo. 

FontLab 8 has a free, fully functional 10-day trial to get you started on your font personalization tasks. It supports all major font outline formats and works on Mac and Windows.

8. Canva

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If you don’t have any designing skills but still want to try your hand at logo designing, Canva is the branding tool you need. It has many unique features that help non-designers create professional-looking designs. From logos to newsletters, you can make them on this graphic design website.

While you can use Canva for free, some certain perks and features go with a paid plan. Pricing ranges from $12.99 to $119.99 per month for up to 5 users. It offers a free trial should you want to know if a premium plan suits your business.

9. Pablo

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If you want to establish your brand on social media, Pablo is the best branding tool for you. It can help you increase your company’s social media engagement through its appealing images. This is an excellent way to grab your target market’s attention and get them to share, like, or retweet your posts.

Pablo has a database of royalty-free images that you can use for free. It also has proverbs and captivating quotes that can resonate with your prospects. All these are fully customizable, which is another reason to use this branding tool.

10. Penji

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This list of the best branding tools wouldn’t be complete without Penji. Our unlimited graphic design service assures you of all the branding assets you’ll need in one place. Our talented designers can whip up logos, brand guidelines, color schemes, font pairings, and many more.

You can send requests for a wide array of designs for a fixed monthly rate, not only for branding purposes. Watch our demo video here to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

Why Your Business Needs a Branding Tool

Brand identity is crucial to any business’s success. This is why a branding tool is necessary, as it can help you achieve solid branding. Here are a few key reasons your business needs a branding tool:

Keeps your branding consistent: a branding tool maintains a unified brand image by creating, storing, and managing all your brand assets in one place. This ensures that your website, social media, and marketing materials use consistent logos, fonts, and colors.

Boosts brand awareness: A branding tool creates professional social media posts with its pre-made templates and brand assets. It also measures and analyzes the performance of your branding efforts.

Scalability: Branding tools can help with content creation with content libraries that align with your brand identity. These can also help you scale your branding by giving you the flexibility to produce new assets that align with your changing strategies.

Final Thoughts

Branding takes a lot of time, effort, and money. However, it’s a business necessity that you can’t go without. Fortunately, many branding tools can quickly help business owners create a great brand identity. These choices are all worth looking into, but if you want the better option, you can always count on Penji for all your branding needs. 

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