One of the best ways to get the attention of prospects is animation. They’re dynamic, eye-catching, and truly engaging. If you want to upgrade your website design, here are ten of the best animation websites you can use as creative inspiration.

1. Cartoon Brew

best animation websites

An animation news website, Cartoon Brew, was launched in 2004. It publishes news articles, reviews, trends, and commentaries about the animation industry. It was created by award-winning author and historian Amid Amidi and animation historian Jerry Beck.

2. Animation World Network

animation website homepage

The world’s largest animation-related publishing group, Animation World Network, caters to animation professionals and enthusiasts from over 151 countries. It publishes articles about all things animation, from news and licensing to animator profiles and technologies and many others. It is the go-to animation website for every facet of the industry, including software, studios, TV, and films.

3. Animation Magazine

animation website homepage

As the name implies, Animation Magazine is a print and digital magazine that covers the animation industry. It was founded by Terry Thoren in 1987. The print edition is published in the United States ten times each year. Its digital version was created in 2006. It covers topics that range from 2D and 3D animation to visual effects, stop-motion animation, and many other mediums.

4. Animation Mentor

animation website homepage

An online school for animation, Animation Mentor teaches character animation to its students. Its headquarters in California offers animation courses with experienced animators acting as mentors. It also has distance learning courses that teach students in more than 105 countries.

5. School of Motion

animation website homepage

Another online learning platform for animators, School of Motion, was founded in 2013 by Joey Korenman. It offers guided courses from After Effects and Animation Bootcamp to Cinema 4D Basecamp and VFX for Motion, among others. Their over 20 in-depth courses are taught by industry pros. The site also offers free animation courses and other resources.

6. Blender Studio

animation website homepage

While not an animation website per se, Blender Studio is still worth checking out. It provides tutorials, resources, and assets for Blender, an open-source 3D creative suite most commonly used for animation. It also serves as a collaborative platform for open projects developed by the company.

7. AnimSquad

animation website homepage

A community for animation pros and wannabes, AnimSquad offers a wide range of resources. This includes articles, tutorials, and a forum where animators and aspiring animators can ask questions, gather feedback, and share their work. It also has a job board where you can find animators and animators can find work.

8. Behance

animation website homepage

Primarily a social media platform for creative professionals, Behance also houses the works of many talented animators. It features the work of animators on all levels of expertise shown in a dynamic and engaging way. One of the reasons for this platform’s popularity is its community of animators. This is an excellent site to find inspiration for your animated video projects.

9. Newgrounds 

animation website homepage

A long-standing hub for independent animators and creators, Newgrounds showcases the animated works of its members. It is mainly a platform for animation, games, and music. You’ll find a multitude of user-generated content here as it lets members share their animation, art, audio, and many more. It also boasts a huge community where you can find collaborative work, forums, and many other forms of interaction.

10. Disney Animation Studios

animation website homepage

The name synonymous with quality animated movies, Disney Animation Studios is a must on this list of the best. It is known to be the pioneer in many animation techniques, having produced many animation firsts. The website features historic moments in animation, groundbreaking technologies, and updates to new projects.

A Few Animated Website Examples

Below is a short list of websites that feature animation to illustrate how the medium makes your brand more impactful:

1. &Tea

animation website homepage

If you want to see an example of a truly classy and sophisticated animation website, &Tea is it. It has a trendy and retro style that focuses on showcasing its products and does so exquisitely well. As soon as you go to their homepage, you’ll be greeted by large images of their teas in all their scrumptious glory. 

2. Neon Door Lit

animation website homepage

If inspiration is what you need, the animated website Neon Door Lit won’t disappoint. It uses immersive animations for the literary exhibits listed on the site. The intro page builds excitement, and when you explore the website, you’ll be in awe of the imagery, typography, and animations. You need to see to appreciate.


animation website homepage

Swedish design studio has one of the most dynamic animated websites you’ll find. Just viewing it will suck you into a frenzy. Explore it, and you’ll be faced with geometric aesthetics, humongous fonts, and bright splashes of colors. 

4. Saplings

animation website homepage

One of the best animation websites we found is this highly interactive one from Saplings. It is home to NFT collections that also help fight the adverse effects of climate change. Its playful illustrations, bold typography, and stunning effects are engaging and entertaining. If you want inspiration for a website that keeps its viewers staying longer, this is an excellent example.

5. De Bijenkorf

animation website homepage

An e-commerce store that uses animation to make itself stand out, De Bijenkorf has a website that’s magical and otherworldly. A brightly shining bee takes viewers on a virtual journey to the brand’s collection of products. You’ll be taken through a dark forest, story-book style, as the bee shows you clothes, shoes, and other shop items.

6. Handwrytten

handwrytten homepage

An online handwritten notes service, Handwrytten leverages the power of AI to allow you to craft your messages. Its homepage features an image of a handwritten card and an animated robot hand that writes. This imagery instantly lets viewers know what the company is all about and does it beautifully.

Final Thoughts

This list of the best animation websites will inspire you to use animation for your brand. Animation has the power to make your website engaging, interactive, and truly memorable. It is a vast and diverse world that you need to explore to appreciate its impact and beauty.

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