If you’ve ever scrambled to make a presentation at the last minute, you’ll understand the immense value of AI presentation tools. What if you could use your precious time elsewhere while AI does the heavy lifting for you? If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Advancements in AI have picked up recently, as we’ve seen with things like AI character generators. Fortunately for you, there are several platforms that do AI presentations reasonably well.

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What makes a good AI presentation tool?

Here are the features to look out for:

  1. An Intuitive Interface: A good AI presentation tool should have a user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily navigate and use its features without a ton of training or expertise.
  2. Media Integration: The ability to seamlessly incorporate various multimedia elements such as images, videos, and animations enhances engagement and helps convey complex ideas to your audience.
  3. Customization: The more, the better. This includes templates, layouts, fonts, and colors so users can create presentations that align with their branding and messaging.
  4. Collaboration Features: Things like real-time editing, comments, and version history streamline teamwork, especially for remote teams with deadlines.
  5. AI Enhancements: Things like like smart suggestions for content organization, automated design suggestions, and speech-to-text capabilities can significantly boost productivity – not to mention the quality of presentations.

AI Presentation tools that make it easy

1. Beautiful.AI

ai presentation website example

First on the list is Beautiful.AI. You can reduce the number of minutes or hours you spend creating a presentation. You don’t have to edit or adjust elements manually. Their AI is intuitive in helping you predict your next move. Plus, their AI can make your data look more presentable and clear when shown to your audience or stakeholders.

In addition to those, Beautiful.AI is collaborative, allowing team members to comment on slides without the need for back and forth on chat apps or emails. 


Pro – $12/mo (billed annually)
Team – $40/user/mo (billed annually)
Enterprise – Schedule a Demo

Design a Presentation with Beautiful.AI

beautiful ai ui

Beautiful.AI has two ways to get AI-assisted presentations. The first method involves choosing a smart template. You can add and edit the content while Beautiful.AI helps you stay on brand and makes engaging content. Its intuitive controls will beautify your presentation as you add content.

beautiful ai prompt ui

The second method is entering a prompt. Then, you choose a template and edit! Plus, make it visual with charts and images!

2. Designs.AI

ai presentation website from designs.ai

Designs.AI is more than just AI graphic design software. They can also help users create videos, speeches, and presentations. Users can use their AI-powered presentations with their Designmaker feature. They have various templates for your marketing, pitch presentations, and webinars, and so much more!


Basic – $29/mo
Pro – $69/mo
Enterprise – Customized

How Can You Design a Presentation with Designs.AI?

Designs.AI is similar to Canva, where you can select from a template or create one from scratch. However, Designs.AI has an AI assistant helping you with your presentations and making them look captivating!

designs ai ui

You can start by clicking “DesignMaker” from the dashboard.

designs ai ui

Then, search “Presentation.”

designs ai presentation template ui

From there, Designs.AI lets you choose a template.

designs ai editor ui

Or, you can load a blank presentation by clicking “Generate” and selecting “Blank Presentation”. Then, edit the presentation as needed! The AI-powered template should help you with designing better presentations.


Get quick presentation designs customized to your brand.

ai presentation design example by Penji
Penji presentation example

If testing out various AI presentation apps sounds like a drag, you can get custom presentations by pro designers. We create crisp presentation designs tailored to your unique needs. Just open a project and submit a design request in just 2 minutes. In as little as 24 hours, you’ll have a design draft ready to review and download. Revisions are unlimited.

Using Penji for Expert-level Presentation Designs

penji ui

Once subscribed to Penji, you get access to the dashboard where you can submit requests. Fill out a title and choose a category. Usually, the Penji AI will suggest categories. But you can search your preferred category.

penji ui

Afterwards, select the number of designs or slides you’ll need.

penji ui

Then, click the presentation size.

penji ui

After that, supply details about your pitch deck. Make sure that it’s detailed but it will allow designers to be flexible. Click Next and choose your preferred file type.

penji ui

Once done, click “Create Project” and let our Penji designers work their magic.

penji ui

Once the designer submits a draft, you can tell them to move on to the next slide designs.

penji ui

Or, use the handy revision tool if there are necessary changes.

penji ui

However, if the designer already fulfilled your design request, you can click “Download.”

penji ui

Then, click “Mark as Complete” to move on to another design request!

ai presentation slidebean

Want to learn more? Check out a demo and see how Penji can work for you.

3. Presentations.AI

ai presentation website example

If you want an alternative collaborative tool, Presentations.AI is one of the best AI presentation tools out there. You can expect well-designed presentation templates and their AI to aid you when adding various elements to your slides. 

Presentations.AI is ideal for those who have a lot of presentations. Although their Starter Plan has the basics down, such as collaborative features, integrations, and unlimited presentations, their Pro Plan will give you more, such as:

  • Access to premium templates
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Revision history and export tools
  • Video collaboration


Starter – $10/mo
Pro – $25/mo
Gold – Talk to Sales

How Can You Design a Presentation with Presentations.AI?

presentation ai onboarding ui

This depends on what you choose for the onboarding.

presentation ai ui

Then, you select the template you want and input the Company Name and Product Type.

presentation ai ui

Once added, you can customize various fields, such as company name, sub-industry, product name, and more!

presentation ai editor ui

Wait for the AI to load. Then, you can edit the presentation before downloading it.

4. Kroma.AI

ai presentation website kroma

Kroma.AI is much more expensive than the other AI presentation tools on this list, but they do offer a free option, ideal if you want to do a test run before committing to their subscription plan. 

Their AI specializes in pitch deck designs that will make investors say YES. If you’re a startup founder needing funding, you can definitely use Kroma.AI to give you a presentation in minutes. One of their main features is helping you organize data neatly with their charts and graphs. Aside from that, you will have access to their high-resolution library packed with images, icons, and videos to make your presentation pop. Plus, you can even add your startup logo to give it a professional look.


Explorer – Free
Premium – $49.99/mo
Enterprise – $1699/yr

How Can You Design a Presentation with Kroma.AI?

kroma dashboard ui

Kroma.AI lets you choose which presentation type you’ll need.

kroma template ui

From there, select the appropriate presentation template.

kroma download presentation ui

Then, you can download your chosen presentation. They ensure that their slides are AI-powered, making editing fast and easy!

6. Slidebean

Slidebean is another AI presentation tool ideal for those who need better-looking pitch decks and other business presentations. Although you can build your own presentation or use their presentation design service, Slidebean has an “Arrange with AI” option to give you different design alternatives.


Basic – Free
All Access – $29/mo

How Can You Design a Presentation with Slidebean?

slidebean dashboard ui

Slidebean lets you choose a template or create one from scratch. 

slidebean template ui

When choosing a template, you can click your preferred design.

slidebean template ui

From there, select “Use this Template” and edit as necessary.

slidebean auto design

But their AI works its magic when you click “Auto Design” or “Next Option.”

slidebean editor ui

This allows the AI to rearrange your current presentation into a more compelling one. 

slidebean blank

If you want to make a presentation from scratch, select a Blank Template. From there, Slidebean lets you choose how to edit the page by selecting a slide option. As you edit, you can let the AI help you redesign it by referring to the steps above!

Alternatively, you can ask for help from their designers by selecting: Start a Project.

7. Pitch

ai presentation website from pitch

Pitch is one of the most popular presentation tools out there on the market. You can build presentations from scratch here or use one of their well-designed templates for your new presentation. Their AI feature is limited to editing and cropping, giving the user full control over most of the functions in the presentation maker.


Starter – Free
Pro – $8/mo
Enterprise – Contact Sales

Design a Presentation with Pitch

pitch dashboard ui

When you’re in the dashboard, you can choose from a template or create a blank presentation.

pitch template dashboard ui

If you choose a template, the AI will help you change the background without any fuss.

pitch editor ui

You can select that by clicking “background image.”

pitch editor ui

Then, choose your preferred background image.

pitch editor ui

Additionally, you can change the style of the whole presentation by choosing “Slide Style” and the design you prefer!

What’s the Best AI for PowerPoint Presentation?

Most AI presentation software apps don’t have a PowerPoint presentation feature yet. However, some AI presentation apps can help you save a PPT file, allowing you to edit it on Microsoft software. Here are the best AI presentation apps to save a PPT file:

  • Presentations.AI
  • Kroma AI
  • Slidesgo

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