You may not realize it but designers are natural problem-solvers. By nature, graphic designers can see the light at the end of the tunnel and develop the perfect product at the perfect time. Here are 10 problems in graphic design that graphic designers can solve for you—in a creative, beautiful way!

But before we jump into that, take note that not all graphic designers or teams are created equal. It’s easy to claim to be one but proving your worth is harder. So if you are going to hire a graphic design team, set high standards and look for their portfolio. Take for example, the Penji team. Over the years, we have already proven our professionalism by working with different clients and providing exemplary outputs every single time. The best part is, you can get unlimited graphic designs for a fixed price every month. Check out our affordable plans right now. 


Many companies make the mistake of not spending enough time or money on solid branding. This creates problems in graphic design in the future. You should invest in branding because professional graphic design will strike the right imagery for your company. After all, your brand is there to make your company memorable, so why not do it right?

First Impressions

First impressions definitely matter. Anyone who tells you they don’t is lying. Since that’s the case, you should let a graphic artist design your logo, your website and your marketing materials to avoid problems in graphic design that you’ll run into.

And to have the RIGHT first impressions, let Penji work on your visuals. They don’t just give you beautiful pieces of work, they make sure that the graphic design is effective for your market. You should take advantage of their plans where you can send them unlimited projects and unlimited revisions. If you’re not happy with their services, you can pause your membership – no questions asked! You can sign up right now. 

Lead Conversion

When graphic designs are good, then they convert leads. Design is more than just graphic. Design is also about being effective, and that means creating a website that entices visitors to take action, like clicking or submitting contact information.

Create smart, effective campaigns efficiently

Meet your conversion goals using visuals that stand out

I need this!


Graphic designs can tell your customers how something works or how they interact with a product you’re selling. When developing, visualize it like this, the graphic artist considers function first and aesthetics second.


A great logo and thoughtful design can tell the story about your business—about what you do or about your founding. A picture really is worth a thousand words, so people should be able to look at your graphic and immediately have a sense for what your business does. Take the example of two black and white logos. One might be done to evoke history and an older company founding, while the other might be clean and modern to evoke a tech company. Both are black and white, but the same color scheme can evoke entirely different impressions.

Multiple Solutions

There are many cases in business where you need to develop multiple solutions for a single problem. Sometimes the team is too close to it, so graphic designers can help you fill this role.  You don’t want to be left holding the bag with one design that you just knew the client would love, only to find out that he or she hates it!


Small businesses face stiff competition, so great graphic design can really distinguish and set you apart. Most small businesses have to have at least one differentiator in order to be competitive. It might be customer service, it might be your pricing, but it can easily be your graphic design. Make your business unique so you stand out!

Group Participation

Sometimes, you need collaboration from a group. Having graphics and imagery to help the group along can really get those creative juices flowing.

Starting Over

It happens to the best of us. We reach a point where we just have to scrap a project and start over.  However, your team may have been immersed in the old project and have trouble letting go. Detached graphic designers can come to your rescue to get you started again. Remember that sometimes the best designs were not ever part of your original plan.

Save Money

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Companies that don’t seriously integrate graphic design at the beginning of a process will more than likely end up paying for it at the end. Just remember that quality design has longevity. Yes, you might pay a bit more in the beginning, but it will be worth it in the end.

Work with Professional Graphic Designers with Penji

Penji is your answered prayer if you want to have professional graphic designers work for your team without spending too much. Just sign up, choose a plan perfect for your budget, and get access to our platform. Let’s give you an overview of how this works.

Send Request Through the Platform

We have our own app where you can send graphic design requests easily. Once you are already in the dashboard, find the ‘Click New Project’ button and supply all the necessary details. This will help our designer create the first draft. If they have questions about your request, they will send it through the same platform. There’s no need to open your email because all transactions are done on the Penji platform. 

Review and Revise the First Draft

In most cases, we send the first draft after 24 hours. But if your request entails complex elements, we have a lead time of 48 hours. After receiving the file, you can place your comments directly onto the image. Just click and point the areas where you want to change, add your feedback,  and the designer will handle the rest.  

Download and Use the Final Output  

The last step is easy as well since you can download the source files right away. Again, there’s no need to request these separately from the designer. These will be ready anytime you want. Start using it on your website, social media, or your marketing collaterals, and you are on your way to successfully promoting your brand. 

Save yourself from spending too much time and effort generating creative ideas. Leave the heavy lifting to our team. One of Penji’s core objectives is to deliver quality graphic design every single time. See some of their works and sign up to enjoy the benefits.