Sekinah Brodie

Sekinah Brodie is the Director of Partnerships at Penji. She enjoys writing and constantly learning about technology, entrepreneurship, and diversity in startups. She strives to empower women and minorities with job opportunities, career development, and positive representation. She recently launched an interview based podcast called “Shades of Success” that highlights individuals who champion diversity and positive community impact.

Articles written by Sekinah Brodie:

Master Class

Design Thinking: The future of branding

It’s no secret that the way companies brand themselves to better market to customers is...


How to Build A Diverse And Inclusive Team

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace have become an increasingly urgent discussion in the past...


Using Graphic Design to Add Brand Value

We all know that having good visuals is a great way to attract people to...


Dan Rhoton: The Secret Behind His Passion For The Youth Of Camden

In episode #1 of Shades of Success I got the opportunity to interview Dan Rhoton...


10 Unusual Benefits Of Having Graphic Designers On Your Team

You may not realize it but designers are natural problem-solvers. By nature, graphic designers can...


Why You Need To Promote Your Personal Brand

Building your own brand is a great way to stand out in any field. Whether...

Small businesses

How To Create Brand Loyalty

In business, it is great to have a large number of customers, but even better...

Small businesses

Get Referrals For Your Startup

There are many effective ways to sell a product or to market a startup but...

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