Gobble up the attention!

As the leaves turn golden and the aroma of pumpkin pies fills the air, businesses everywhere are gearing up for one of the most heartfelt holidays of the year – Thanksgiving.

But how do you ensure your brand stands out in the bustling social media feast?

Dive in as we carve out the most effective Thanksgiving social media posts that will not only express gratitude but also boost your small business’s festive engagement.

Thanksgiving Social Media Post Ideas and Examples

Here are some ideas for social media posts this Thanksgiving. Take note of how these brands immersed their campaigns in all the best activities, emotions, scents, and flavors the season has to offer to make their business relatable to their target audience.

Fall Entertainment Ideas (The Baker Mama)

This post from The Baker Mama celebrates the first day of fall, which is closely associated with Thanksgiving. This timely relevance can resonate with the audience’s current mood and anticipation for the upcoming holiday season.

The post showcases a Fall Snack Board with a variety of flavors that are reminiscent of the fall season. The visual appeal of the snack board can attract viewers and make them stop scrolling to engage with the content.

It also offers value to the audience by providing a link to a detailed grocery list and board-building details. This actionable content can drive traffic to the business’s website and potentially increase sales or conversions.

Thanksgiving Meal (Walmart)

This Thanksgiving social media post from Walmart works well – it reminded customers that their store is just around the corner should there be a need for last-minute shopping. 

This strategy is an excellent one to use, especially if your small business offers products related to the holiday’s festivities, such as food and other essentials.

Reminding clients that your business is just there to serve them promotes your brand. More importantly, Instagram or Facebook Promotion Ideas like these reaffirm you as a reliable product or service provider that has their back no matter what season.

Thanksgiving Outfit (Law of Fashion Blog)

“What do I wear for Thanksgiving?” is a common question asked by many during this season. This Instagram post from Nina Lacher addresses exactly that consumer problem by showcasing Thanksgiving outfit ideas, particularly for those who prefer not to wear leggings. 

The post is timely and relevant, plus it’s also inclusive; since she threw in “a couple for my warm weather gals,” the post ensures that even those in warmer climates feel included and can find outfit inspiration from the post.

The caption encourages users to comment asking for a link to any outfit they like, and they will be DM’d a link. This not only drives engagement but also potentially drives sales.

Appreciation Post (Dove)

dove social media post for happy thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about expressing appreciation for people, events, and things that make us grateful the most. The holiday is an opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to your business and advocacy. 

As Dove’s advocacy is all about women and youth empowerment, the brand took the chance last year to appreciate everyone who helped move their cause forward. 

These people included Dove Self-Esteem Project volunteers who delivered self-esteem workshops in schools, as well as “people that challenge beauty standards all year round.” Their post featured the photo of a breast cancer survivor who shared her story through Dove.

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Humorous Posts (T.J.Maxx)

tjmaax thanksgiving marketing humor

Break away from all the turkey and pumpkin pie photos of the holiday and inject some humor into your Thanksgiving social media posts!

This post from T.J. Maxx, humorously reminding followers to enjoy the day without thinking of the additional holiday pounds, is a fresh way to catch prospects’ attention. Humor is also a great way to have your posts go viral. It expands the reach of your social media account and helps improve brand recall.

However, if you are to use humor in your social media posts, make sure to be sensitive. What could be fun for you might be offensive to others. And so we need to be careful if you are to take this approach. 

Seasonal Collectibles (Bath and Body Works)

If your business releases unique variants for the season or variants available all-year-round that work particularly well during fall, Thanksgiving is the best season to showcase them all and make them seem like parts of a set that’s fun to collect.

Bath and Body Works, for example, created a post featuring all their fall candle scents, ranging from Autumn Chai to Pumpkin Apple, and everything else in between.

The post threw in a call-to-action for followers to describe the fragrance they’re putting in the spotlight this season through emojis, and many were happy to oblige.

Black Friday Preview + Influencer Marketing (Macy’s)

Right after Thanksgiving festivities is the shopaholic’s favorite time of the year – Black Friday!

Have clients something exciting to look forward to after ravishing their Turkey dinner by posting a preview of the stuff you’ll have on sale for Black Friday. 

This pre-Black Friday video post from Macy’s gave followers a quick preview of bargain items. The brand also partnered with influencers for the campaign, including Paola Regalado who was featured on the video.

Seasonal Flavors (Philosophy)

Invite your audience to try your seasonal variants by highlighting them on social media. 

This post by Philosophy features their offerings for the season. Who could resist the scene of these sweet and spicy scents in chilly fall?

Philosophy made their products even more relevant by suggesting that their followers “update” their shower, thus appealing on the fear of missing out.

Family Love (Clorox)

clorox thanksgiving instagram post

Thanksgiving is all about family bonding over a mouth-watering dinner spread. However, it could also mean a lot of kitchen utensils to clean up after all the holiday cooking and eating. 

Clorox’s previous Instagram video post subtly acknowledges this but still manages to focus on the value of family. The lines used in the video incorporate their brand into the season’s festivities: “Clean is the beginning. What comes next is gratitude.” 

Friendsgiving (Shake Shack)

shake shack holiday content idea

Shake Shack knows that families celebrating Thanksgiving most likely wouldn’t pick up burgers or hotdogs for dinner. However, a group of friends probably would.

This reasoning is presumably why the fast-food chain decided to target people celebrating Friendsgiving or a large meal eaten with friends on or near Thanksgiving.

Their post featured a box of burgers. A delight that a group of buddies would plausibly get for a holiday get-together.

Simple Greetings (In-N-Out Burger) 

In-N-Out Burger thanksgiving social media post

Despite the melange of ideas on Thanksgiving social media posts available out there, sometimes, nothing beats an uncomplicated holiday greeting.

Simply expressing sincere holiday wishes from your business to your clients is a straightforward way to express celebration. This post from In-N-Out Burger is the perfect example. 

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penji platform

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penji platform

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penji platform

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