Thanksgiving is just around the corner and marketers are scrambling to create campaigns that rake in more sales. Brands think of the best Thanksgiving promotions to lure more customers, and these are the top 20 campaigns you must check out.

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1. Kellogg’s 

kelloggs limited edition package

Kellogg’s Daily Poptarts offers a myriad of flavors regularly. But they made Thanksgiving season extra special by making this limited-edition frosted pumpkin pie flavor. Their packaging is a rare sight for Poptarts lovers too. Instead of the usual blue, they opted with a pumpkin orange just to ride with the Thanksgiving tide.

2. Old Navy

old navy marketing

Old Navy’s giveaway dons a two-tone contrast. The bright red tone against the sky blue background really makes the texts pop. I admit, the moment I saw this ad, the words “One Million Dollars” was the first thing I saw. Aside from the captivating colors, the campaign itself is too tempting to resist. 

3. Walmart

walmart in store campaign

Walmart sure knows how to pump up the store’s vibe. They did two major in-store events during Thanksgiving week — Light Up Your Thanksgiving and Light Up Black Friday. The former gives customers some tips and tricks to host holiday parties, and the latter offers tasty treats and a cup of coffee. 

4. Kohl’s

kohls marketing

While some businesses offer exclusive Black Friday deals on the day itself, Kohl’s gave customers a sneak peek of what’s to come after Thanksgiving. Not only that, they made some Black Friday deals available on Thanksgiving day! They also had an early bird special for the first 400 customers. All these done in an eye-catching array of bright colors. This is where expert graphic designers come in. They know which design elements (including colors) to use to persuade the market. The Penji team knows this and they apply the principle in all their works

5. Choctaw Casinos

choctaw casinos marketing

Stress is inevitable during turkey season. That’s why these Thanksgiving promotions are good stress-relievers. And Choctaw Casinos thought of something extra special for one lucky winner by delivering a Thanksgiving meal. The enticing graphics on their ad would prompt hungry gobblers to join.

6. Target

target marketing

This one is Target’s magazine ad promotion. The layout is uncomplicated even though there are a lot of things going on in this page. But this ad didn’t lose focus on the main ad attraction — the turkey. 

7. Starbucks

starbucks marketing

Starbucks couldn’t have advertised their limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Latte better. The raw pumpkin plus the coffee cup on the grass with what seems like sunlight in the background, and the words, “Spice up your life” all look like a motivational postcard. But you realize it’s not the moment you see the word, “HURRY.” 

8. AliExpress

aliexpress marketing

If you’re doing a four-day discount frenzy, what better way to create a sense of urgency than to add a countdown? And that’s what AliExpress did on their homepage. Thanksgiving countdown promotions will make your customers look forward to the red-letter days. 

9. Amazon

amazon marketing

Another one of those Thanksgiving countdown promotions, this ad from Amazon is creatively done with simple but significant elements. Overall, the various boxes surrounding the advertising texts with a logo in the middle and several logos imprinted on the boxes are tasteful.

10. Subway

subway marketing

When you’re in the food industry, graphic design is essential in your holiday promotions. You have to present your food in a way that makes customers salivate just by looking at the image. And this limited-edition autumn carved turkey ad from Subway is the perfect example. 

11. Burger King

bk marketing

Thanksgiving social media promotions increase audience engagement. You don’t even have to go all-out. Sometimes, a simple question like this Burger King post can ignite conversations. Although I would want a nice BK burger image to go with it, a cleverly well-thought-out question could be just as effective. 

12. Taco Bell

taco bell marketing

Taco Bell releases an annual Friendsgiving menu using a variety of their sauces and ingredients. This example has all the right elements — colors, layout, creativity, visuals, and quality. 

13. H&M

h&m marketing

H&M knows how to use minimalism to their advantage. Their Thanksgiving campaign for their Black Friday Collection is straightforward yet alluring. The white typeface against a bright red background is well-played and versatile. H&M can put this on any marketing medium, and it’d still look exquisite. 

14. Loft

loft marketing

This is a GIF ad with different fruits that intermittently disappear and appear. This Thanksgiving marketing idea from Loft is playful and exquisite at the same time. 

15. Forever 21

f21 marketing

Forever 21 always thinks of the most clever Thanksgiving promotions using an element of surprise. This newsletter from the fast-fashion company reveals two other discount offers in a GIF format. 

16. The Body Shop

the body shop marketing

Brands can also take this time to thank their customers for their patronage all those years. By sending them a simple greeting, coupled with a beautiful design and seasonal elements, customers can surely appreciate the gesture. 

17. Farm Radio International 

farm radio org reminder

Farm Radio is a nonprofit organization for small-time African farmers. They thought it’d be nice to show a little gratitude before devouring a huge Thanksgiving feast. This campaign has a caricature feel to it and a simple reminder to thank a farmer this Thanksgiving. 

18. J.Crew

jcrew marketing

Witty catchphrases will undoubtedly catch anyone’s attention. And J.Crew knows how to play it smart in the marketing division. The montage of various autumn leaves and the witty line were enough to make me an official J.Crew fan. 

19. Nasty Gal

nasty gal marketing

Nasty Gal’s greeting didn’t fall short on chicness. The beautiful pastel colors and the unique “Happy Thanksgiving” typography, together with the different “girly” elements, could genuinely make a gal smile. The little motivational boost, “Thanks for being the most amazing gal we could ever dream of,” can truly make any girl’s day. 

20. Casper

casper marketing

When creating Thanksgiving newsletter promotions, always ensure that you affiliate your products with the message or design. Take this example from Casper, a company that sells mattresses. This particular ad reminds everyone to be thankful for simple things like sleep, especially after a huge Thanksgiving feast. But we have to commend the mattress company on how they presented this campaign. From the pumpkin pie crescent moon to the “Head to bed” call-to-action button, everything is akin to their branding. 

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penji platform

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penji platform

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penji platform

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