Stock images have become a valuable resource for many businesses because it saves time and money from doing their own photoshoots. Plus, they can edit and upload those images to their website or use it for printed materials. However, before any business can use any stock photo, they should know copyright and licensing options. And if you’re looking for stock photos without adding attributions, we have listed the ten best websites below.

Are Stock Images Copyright Free?

No, they’re not. Even if you don’t attribute the photographer when using the image for whatever project, the copyright still goes to the photographer. That said, you might wonder, should I pay for stock photos instead of getting into any possible legal trouble?

Fortunately, there are sites where you can download stock photos without attributing the creator. But, if you can, try to give them credit as much as possible. Plus, we’ve also provided you options where you can buy a license to use stock images so you can use them legally for your marketing campaigns and merchandise.

Best Sites to Find Free and Paid Stock Images

1. Pixabay

stock image website

Price: Free

One of the best places to get stock photos for your projects is Pixabay. They ensure that you can use uploaded content without attribution. You can give credit to the photographer when you use their images for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Plus, you can edit or modify the images as necessary. So far, they have over 2.7 million stock images available for download.

However, even if the stock image site says anyone can use their stock images, some elements inside the images might still be protected by copyright and other rights.

2. Jay Mantri

stock image website

Price: Free

If you need high-quality stock photos for your websites or blogs, you can find them on Jay Mantri’s site. He doesn’t have a vast collection, unlike most stock photo sites. But you can download pictures of landscapes and beaches. His site has the CC0 license, meaning you can use the images however you like.

3. Pikwizard

stock image website

Price: Free

Similar to the two sites above, PikWizard is another place to download stock photos without attribution. They have over one million stock images available for download, these include wallpapers, animals, and abstract photos. Plus, if you want to edit your images immediately, PikWizard connects to Design Wizard, a graphic design software

4. Unsplash

stock image website

Price: Free

Unsplash is a well-known stock image site. With Unsplash, you can find stock images for everything. Plus, they have also ventured out to offer 3D renders as well. 

As for licensing, they guarantee you can use the images posted to their site freely, without any attribution. But if you want to get more out of Unsplash and get more licenses or permissions, they have Unsplash+, which is $12/mo.

5. Gratisography

stock image website

Price: Free

If you want quirky free stock photos for your websites, blogs, or social media posts, you can head over to Gratisography. Like other stock image sites, you can also modify and edit the photos and vectors you’ll use for your projects. Plus, you can add any of their photos to your advertising or marketing campaigns and even printed materials. However, they explicitly say you cannot redistribute their photos and use them for nefarious purposes.

6. Shutterstock

stock image website

You must have seen or heard about Shutterstock while looking for stock images for your projects. With Shutterstock, paying for a license to use their images means you can use it for whichever purpose you need. 

However, you need to understand they have two license options, which are Standard Image and Enhanced Image. The Standard Image license has restrictions when using it on digital and print, while the Enhanced option allows you to use their images without worry.


  • On-Demand – starts at 5 downloads ($49)
  • Mix and Match – 25 credits/month ($69/mo)
  • Best Value – starts at 10 downloads/month ($49/mo)
  • Team – 750 downloads/month ($479/mo)
  • Enterprise – Contact sales

7. iStock

stock image website

Another place to pay for stock images is at iStock. You can buy a license when you download an image, video, illustration, or video! Similar to Shutterstock, they have two licensing options: Standard and Extended. 

With iStock, you can find any stock image for any occasion or purpose. They have various categories which you can browse, and they’ll have a stock image for whatever you need.

Plus, if you’re working with a team of designers or other creatives who need to share files on Dropbox and edit them on Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, they have two cool plugins to ensure seamless use of stock photos on those applications.

Pricing: They have credits-based pricing. Pricing starts at 1 credit for $12. However, you can buy up to 300 credits, which costs $2,400.

8. Photocase

stock image website

Photocase aims to provide businesses and individuals with high-quality and unique stock photos. You won’t see your typical stock photos, and Photocase ensures that every download is worth it. They encourage users to pay for photographs and other visual assets to ensure that creativity continues to thrive in the industry. In terms of payment options, they have different plans, such as photo sizes, credits, and extras.


Photo sizes:

S – $15 (5 credits)

M – $30 (10 credits)

L – $45 (15 credits)

Credit bundles: Pricing starts at $61 for 25 credits, and you can purchase up to 1000 credits ($1,690). However, they offer the option to buy more than 1000.

9. Adobe Stock

stock image website

If you need more image options for your design projects, Adobe Stock is one of the best places to get stock photos, vectors, and illustrations. You can expect premium images, considering many creatives are part of the Adobe community. Even though they have paid options, you can download some stock photos, vectors, backgrounds, and illustrations for free. Like Photocase, you have different options when downloading images on the site. On their site, it’s through credits or a subscription.


Credits: Starts at 5 credits for $49.95


10 assets a month – $49.99/mo

25 standard assets – $69.99/mo

750 standard assets – $249.99/mo

10. Creative Market

stock image website

Creative Market is one of the best places to buy graphics, fonts, templates, and even stock photos for your creative projects. They have various stock photos available for download, such as animals, humans, landscapes, and things. On the site, you can find up to six million stock photos, and you can buy a stock image for as low as $2.

Final Thoughts

Many businesses and individuals benefit from using free stock image sites for small or big projects. However, it’s important to note that most stock photos need attribution, and a small number of sites allow their users to do whatever they want with the images. An option to ensure you can legally use images is by buying a license. With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about attribution. Plus, a license makes sure that you can use the photo freely for any purpose legally.