When it comes to logo design, incorporating a snake can add an element of intrigue, sophistication, and versatility. Get ready to be mesmerized by the symbolism of these snake logo designs that leaves a lasting impression on your target audience. Here are ten examples created by our talented graphic designers here at Penji. 

1. Vermin Security Agency

snake logo design by Penji

Vermin Security Agency’s logo is creatively designed and powerful enough to capture the audience’s attention. It features a cobra coiled around an orange-colored badge, representing both agility and readiness to defend. The snake’s body also shows a slanted letter V design, bearing the initials of the brand name. 

The color palette for the security agency’s snake logo revolves around deep and powerful hues. Black conveys a sense of authority, reliability, and sophistication. Adding some touches of bright orange symbolizes urgency and warning.

2. Brille Optical

snake logo design by Penji

From security, let’s move on to a medical field snake logo. Brille Optical’s logo incorporates the elements that represent the optical clinic while adding some amount of bravery and alertness. 

It is designed to represent the clinic’s commitment to eye care, expertise in vision correction, and a sense of refined aesthetics.

The logo showcases a combination of eye and snake icons. The snake has long been a symbol of medicine and the medical profession. It started with the story of Asclepius, known as a god of healing in Greek religion and mythology.

This kind of logo often features a blend of soothing and professional tones. Shades of blue, teal, and green are commonly used. It represents calmness, trust, and the healing nature of the environment. 

3. Echidna Salon

snake logo design by Penji

The snake-inspired salon logo is depicted elegantly and gracefully. The fusion of a mysterious serpent and a must-have hairstyling tool – the scissor, relays the art of transformation. Additionally, the gradient lettering makes the logo visually appealing and versatile. You can use it as an attractive shop sign for salon staff uniform design and other materials to promote your brand. 

4. Glycon Pet Store

snake logo design by Penji

This logo encapsulates the love, care, and joy pets bring to our lives. It showcases two animals in the logo design. The letter “G” in the store’s name features the snake logo, while the Letter “o” shows a paw print. These symbols instantly convey the focus on the store’s pet-related products and services. The white and green color combination is another remarkable element of Glocon Pet Store’s logo. 

5. Infinity Software

snake logo design by Penji

Infinity Software logo represents a perfect blend of innovation and quality. Its contemporary design features a snake creating an infinity shape as it coils around the globe. The illustration conveys how technology navigates complex systems effortlessly. In addition, the dynamic pose of the snake symbolizes the company’s adaptability and ability to solve complex challenges.

The color palette is more modern and professional quality. The designer chose white and light blue for this logo to represent cutting-edge technology. 

6. Serpent Film Production

snake logo design by Penji

To show how versatile the snake logo is, here’s how it promotes a film production company. Despite the simple layout, the overall design exudes quality and craftsmanship. It captures the essence of storytelling, drama, and the transformative power of film.

The snake with a film reel that splits its body into two creates a letter S logo. These elements serve as visual cues that connect the logo to the art of filmmaking and production.

7. Snaca Clothing Line 

snake logo design by Penji

The following logo is an excellent inspiration if you’re into the fashion or garments business. It features a snake with a crown in the brand name initials. Snaca Clothing Line logo’s straightforward design became visually appealing because of the correct color choice. The brand name lettering illuminates against the black background, which can capture the audience’s attention instantly.

8. SNK Clothing Line

snake logo design by Penji

Here is another version of a clothing line logo. While the color palette appears similar, the significant difference is that the snake icon passes along the SNK lettering instead of only one letter. The logo features a sleek and modern interpretation of a snake, exuding a sense of confidence and allure. Likewise, the snake’s position creates movement and energy. Overall, the design captures the snake’s mesmerizing charm influencing the buyer’s decisions. 

So, when looking for an animal-inspired logo, this logo design is a good option. It would be best to go for layouts that capture the essence of style, sophistication, and fashion-forward thinking.

9. Swindler Tattoo Shop

snake logo design by Penji

This circular logo uses the snake design accurately. It is simple, memorable, and versatile. You can use a logo like this in all of your branding assets because of its flexibility. Don’t be too discouraged by the shop’s name, though. 

The color palette revolves around a range of bold and eye-catching colors. The vibrant shades such as red, gold, and yellow represent the shop’s penchant for standing out and making a statement. These colors evoke a sense of confidence and individuality,

10. Traitor Game (Application Game)

snake logo design by Penji

The snake-inspired gaming app logo exudes an air of excitement, adventure, and strategic gameplay. Gaming enthusiasts and investors will surely love his fierce animal logo design. Likewise, the color palette is apt for the business it represents. The intense red color evokes a sense of excitement, dynamism, and high energy. These colors heighten the visual impact of the logo and convey a sense of immersion in the gaming experience.

What makes a good snake logo?

A good snake logo has several vital elements contributing to its effectiveness and appeal. By incorporating these qualities, the logo can effectively capture the brand’s essence and create a solid visual identity. Here are some qualities that make a snake logo stand out:

  • Simplicity
  • Uniqueness 
  • Symbolism
  • Balance
  • Versatility
  • Appropriate Colors
  • Relevance
  • Timelessness

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