According to AdYouLike, the global native advertising market could be worth $400 billion by 2025, a massive increase of 372% from 2020 data. Native advertising is a concept developed more than ten years ago. It is a form of advertising designed to look like its surrounding content. Traditional ads are often in banners or pop-up format, while native ads are integrated into the platform. This online advertising method includes sponsored posts, branded content, in-feed ads, and promoted listings. Below are the ten best and most inspiring native advertising examples. 

1. UPS’s 2012 Change in the Supply Chain Survey on Fast Company Website 

native advertisement example

This infographic highlights UPS’s innovations in its supply chain management operations. It is an excellent example of native advertising that looks like a regular post on the website where it is posted. 

The ad includes a catchy headline and a colorful infographic highlighting some of the survey’s key findings. The infographic briefly summarizes the survey’s methodology and key takeaways. Additionally, there’s a CTA that encourages readers to learn more by downloading the full report or visiting UPS’s website.

2. Altran Engineering, Financial Times

The video ad above combines some of the best components of digital advertising. The “Hyperloop: designing the future of transport?” video relays the story of a group of students from the Technical University in Valencia, Spain competing in the 2018 Hyperloop Pod Competition organized by Musk’s SpaceX company. It is published in the Financial Times. 

This native video ad has an apparent human component — the students and the Altran staff of the tough competition. The ad offers the best and the brightest individuals working on designing the fastest transport pod that will transform the future of transportation. Surprisingly, the video is presented as a news story, not as an ad for Altran or the SpaceX competition

3. Land Rover Dragon Challenge

The Land Rover Dragon Challenge video ad showcases the Range Rover’s off-road capabilities and durability. , using the dramatic backdrop of the Tianmen Mountains in China. 

This native ad campaign perfectly captures the brand essence of Land Rover. The video is much more than an ad promoted via Land Rover’s social networks. It is a record-breaking event and a story of its own.

4. Eni Energy on CNN

This ad features the Green River Project in the Niger Delta. The Eni development program aims to improve local communities’ livestock and farming activities. The campaign was promoted with native ads on with a link back to the Green River Project. It is one of the awe-inspiring examples of a native ad campaign.

5. Mercedes Benz Ad in The Washington Post

This native ad by Mercedes is a smooth, highly interactive ad to pique the viewers’ interest. “The Rise of the Superhuman” focuses on various technologies that turn people into “superhumans,” given that the Mercedes Benz E-class car models integrate the new Intelligent Drive system.

6. “Should You Accept Your Employer’s Pension Buyout Offer” on Forbes

This is a perfect example of native advertising, as the post is branded and has a certain angle. The sponsored content is supported with data on inflation rates and the impact of employer pension buyout offers. More importantly, the ad offers real value to the reader while aligning with the publication’s editorial and stylistic guidelines.

7. Allbirds Sponsored Post on The New York Times

The post presents Allbirds’ environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials, highlighting the company’s mission and values. It may also showcase All Birds’ products, including popular wool sneakers, and highlight their comfort and style. The post’s tone may be informative and educational, focusing on sustainability and innovation in fashion.

8. Multi-Colored Corn on Business Insider

Here’s another colorful native ad content on Business Insider online newspaper. It tells about the Glass Gem Corn, a multi-colored corn variety. It was a public sensation way back in 2012. 

The sponsored article contains links to purchase the seeds online from Native/SEARCH, a non-profit conservation company that owns the product.

9. KPMG on Forbes

Forbes’ BrandVoice is an area for native advertising and sponsored content. Many brands establish their own BrandVoice content. It focuses on companies like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, SAP, Deloitte, etc. The KPMG company has taken its native content on Forbes to the next level with a campaign called “The Great Rewrite.” This native advertising campaign marries KPMG with the future of innovation while continuously adding new “chapters” about various sectors.

10. Dating Footnotes by Orbit Gum

It is best to know that videos are effective native ads. Its entertainment value makes it easier to blend into conventional advertising platforms. The  “Dating Footnotes,” presented by Orbit, was released near Valentine’s Day on the YouTube comedy site CollegeHumor. It is a short, funny video ad and capitalized on the holiday.

Orbit is known for fun and memorable commercials. A native ad like this fits perfectly into the branding strategy. This native ad also blended seamlessly into the channel’s theme where it’s hosted. The video promoted Orbit Gum’s products without feeling like a regular commercial.

Final Thoughts 

Native advertising is an effective marketing strategy that can assist brands to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness in a more subtle and non-intrusive way. Brands need to be transparent about their sponsored content. They should also ensure that it is clearly labeled as advertising. Additionally, native ads should be engaging, informative, and provide value to the reader to avoid appearing deceptive or misleading.

With that in mind, It is best to integrate native advertising into your marketing strategy. You must work with publishers and platforms to create high-quality, authentic, sponsored content that resonates with your target audience. And for even better results, develop native ads and other advertising designs that separate you from the competition. Watch Penji’s demo video to learn how excellent graphic design can help you make better ad campaigns.