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25 Infographic Design Examples and How You Can Request Your Own

June 24, 2020, by

25 Infographic Design Examples and How You Can Request Your Own cover image

Did you know that people read infographics 30 times more than text-based content? That’s because 65 percent of people are visual learners, according to Pearson. But creating an infographic design that grabs attention isn’t smooth sailing. Even prominent companies hire experts to design effective ones that cut through the clutter. 

And if you need graphic designers for your infographic materials, hire the experts from Penji. They know the way to a digestible, organized, and creative infographic that gets attention for your brand. 

In the meantime, check out why people use infographics, how to request one, and 25 beautiful infographic design examples.

Ways You Can Use Infographics

Brands are repurposing some of their content into infographics and for a good reason. Some of the good ones are too catchy compared to dull, long-form articles. Plus, infographics are easily shared and excellent methods to explain complex topics. Other than that, here are different ways brands and individuals can use infographics: 

  • Event invitations
  • Recruiting method
  • Product and service features and benefits
  • Display survey results
  • Explaining how something works
  • Business proposals
  • Comparisons
  • Report cards
  • Recipes
  • Tips, Listicles, How-to content

These are just some of the ways you can leverage infographics to deviate from the typical text-based content.

5 Steps to Request an Infographic Design

Once you work with Penji’s infographic designers, ensure that you know the steps when you want one made: 

  • Outline your infographic’s goal.
  • Collate the essential information for your infographic.
  • Visualize your infographic through storytelling. 
  • Select the icons, symbols, or images you want your designer to include.
  • Incorporate your branding on the infographic (colors, icons, mascots, logos, etc.).

25 Beautiful Infographic Design Examples

These well-designed infographic examples will make you drool with envy. Learn a thing or two from each infographic’s design element.

1. History of Life

infographic example

Here’s a simple infographic on the History of Life. It’s easy to understand the timeline from the beginning until the present because each era is represented by various colors. Furthermore, the legends on the lower right also make it easy to track. 

2. Beatles Songs

infographic design example

The way data is presented on this Beatles infographic is unique. From the branches, you can immediately tell who of the five stars wrote most of their songs. 

3. Rules for Startups

infographic example

Muted colors are in when creating infographics, and this is the perfect example from Entrepreneur. What this infographic lacks in images, it makes up for in colors. 

4. Avengers

infographic design example

Even kids can quickly dissect information on this infographic. Lemonly did a great job comparing both Avengers’ heroes through cartoon figures, colors, and icons. 

5. Exercising Entrepreneurs

infographic design example

Creating a balance between texts and graphics is vital for cohesion. Here’s an example from Virgin Media Group on exercising entrepreneurs. 

6. Human Storage

infographic example

One rule in infographic design is to avoid neon and dark, solid colors like black. However, Guinness’ infographic works well with bright contrasts and colorful symbols. 

7. The ABC of Design 

infographic example

The ABC of Design is like a periodic table of elements but with a more creative touch. The letters A to Z lead your eyes in a methodical order. Lastly, neutral colors separated by bright oranges also keep it from being dull. 

8. Universe 

infographic example

Simplifying complicated topics is easy with an infographic, and this example from Creative Market is one you should follow. Although it may seem like a lot is going on here, there’s perfect proximity between each category, making it easy to scan. 

9. The Visual Web

infographic example

The rule of infographic design is to visualize your data or statistics to make it more appealing. And Bandwagon did just that. The way statistics and figures are presented is creative and not boring at all. 

10. Data Scientists 

infographic design example

The infographic title is one factor that encourages users to read, despite the graphics. In this example, the title stands out. Plus, the use of a red line is an excellent strategy to lead readers through all steps chronologically. 

11. Best Countries in the World

infographic design example

Sticking to just three primary colors is recommended for an infographic. However, if you need more, pick other shades of the colors, just like this example from MNoriega.

12. Online Dating Tips

infographic example

While the title is the most critical part of an infographic, the subheadings also break up information effectively. Check out how this ADT infographic is easy to scan even with various subtopics. 

13. Selfie Method

infographic example

One essential ingredient in infographic design is to show, not tell. Create a storyline that makes the topic more exciting. This example presents the different selfie methods with accompanying caricature images that depict the method. 

14. Steps to Onboard Employees

infographic example

This six-step guide to onboard employees infographic has a clean and straightforward design. The primary heading is the main star of the show, and each step is displayed in an organized way. 

15. Learning Out of Poverty 

infographic example

One way to lead to eyes to the direction you want is to use road-like concepts. Using lines and paths is useful in creatively visualizing data. 

16. US Education vs. the World 

infographic example

This infographic design from USC Rossier banks on shapes, borders, and colors to break up information. 

17. The Bitcoin Beat

infographic example

Relying on typography too much isn’t recommended. Moreover, if you have to gear towards a text-oriented infographic, balance it out with icons and symbols. This infographic presents each sentence with an icon and the main statistical takeaways with face icons. 

18. Solid ABM Team

infographic example

Always give more visual weight on the most crucial information, just like this Marketo infographic. This is in GIF form, and the musicians invite the eyes to read info underneath them. 

19. Startup Statistics

infographic example

Using graphs and charts to present statistics and data is also sufficient. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to dress it up a bit. Take a look at this 99designs infographic. 

20. Impact of Visual Content

infographic example

Here is also another way of showing stats and data without having to use quantity. In this example, it’s easy to digest information because of scale. The grid-like approach segregates various info, and the different candy colors make it attractive. 

21. World Debt

infographic example

Compressing all countries’ debt into one infographic might seem like a daunting task. However, Visual Capitalist did a stellar job with this. It shows the mere shape of the world, and a geometrical figure represents each country, making it easy to process. 

22. The Health Vault 

infographic example

This is one of the most graphical infographic designs on the list. Microsoft highlighted how the healthcare industry collects, stores, and shares data through a series of networks. Ultimately, although it’s heavy on the visuals, it doesn’t take the focal points away from the end-to-end providers and consumers. 

23. Top Jobs in the US

infographic example

Simplicity is also key in making a killer infographic design. Venngage relies on typography and various shades of green to compare five jobs in the US. The title has the heaviest font, the subheading has the second heaviest font, and the job details have the least. Even the size of the circles is indicative of which one has the highest and lowest salaries.

24. Adobe Pawtraits

infographic design example

Contrast and strong typography are what make this Adobe infographic stand out. Plus, it plays with texture through the crumpled effect on the graphics. The alternating presentation of the dog photos and texts is a smart design approach. 

25. Graphic Design Trends

infographic design example

This infographic design has a little bit of everything – vivid colors, geometrical shapes, visuals, and typographic focal points. Moreover, although vertical infographics are typical, this one is different from the rest. It’s extremely easy to process and everything about this example is eye-candy. 

About the author

Karen is a Content Writer and successful Entrepreneur. She has helped various startups increase their search engine rankings through valuable content. Her ultimate passion in life is surfing, and she gets her writing inspiration from the ocean.

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